Custom Training


Custom Training

As-Is or Tailored to Fit

At the VBA, we know flexibility is an important quality to possess in the business world. Depending on your bank’s specific needs, the wide array of programs we offer may fit you perfectly. But, if that’s not the case, any of our programs can be adjusted so that they’re exactly what you’re looking for. Our instructors are flexible; if the content, format, dates, hours or even location of course needs to change, just say so. That’s all part of the business of being in business.

Our Place or Yours?

We’ve all heard the doctrine: location, location, location. In keeping with that sentiment, all of our programs can be taught at the VBA Training Center in Richmond, or any other location; whatever is most convenient and comfortable for you and your employees.

Access to More

Making cost-effective decisions is essential to any company’s success. That’s why if you have a group of fifteen or more employees attending a program, it’s more cost effective to run the program in-house. The cost of attending a program also drops significantly when the number of participants rises above 15. All of our programs can accommodate up to 40. Of course, the more people who get the training, the better for your company.

Call for a Needs Assessment

Contact Courtney Fleming, Vice President, Education & Training/Communications, today to explore designing a program to meet your bank’s needs.