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Since 1946, the VBA has offered a number of employee benefit programs for member banks. All benefits are provided through contracts issued by insurance carriers and other providers to the VBA Insurance and Pension Trusts. Daily operation of the benefit programs is the responsibility of the VBA Benefits Corporation.

VBA Employee Benefit Programs are monitored by the VBA Benefits Corporation Board of Directors. Selected from participating VBA members, the Board of Directors meets quarterly to review performance goals and to oversee program operations. The Board’s purpose is to guarantee that our programs, coverage provisions, and costs are the best programs for their fellow association members, thereby shifting the focus from the seller’s interest to the VBA membership’s interest. Contact VBA Benefits at 1-800-643-5599 or [email protected].


Health and Welfare

Learn more about plan summaries, wellness and health and welfare compliance.


The VBA offers the following retirement plans:

Qualified Retirement Plans
• Defined Contribution (profit sharing to 401(k)), and Defined Benefit (pension and cash balance)
LifeStyles Portfolios and self-directed investment options
• Documents and design services

Non-Qualified Plans
• Available for Directors and Executives
LifeStyles Portfolios and self-directed investment options



For a contact list of VBA Benefits Providers, please follow the “Learn More” link below. For questions regarding your benefits or for additional information, please call VBA Benefits Corporation at 1-800-643-5599 or locally 804-643-8060.

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2019 Open Enrollment

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