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VBA publications and e-newsletters are a vital source of information for members of the Virginia Bankers Association.

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ELEVATE is a quarterly publication for women in banking and those who support them. Features include news articles, quotations, stories and profiles about and for women in banking.

Past ELEVATE Issues:

Emerging Bank Leaders Newsletter

The Emerging Bank Leaders (EBL) is a group that connects Virginia’s emerging bank leaders to engage them in the future of the banking industry. More than 500 bankers are members of the EBL, which is split into six regions within the state. It is free to join the group, and there are no age or participation requirements. You must be an employee of a VBA member bank to join. Each of the six regions of the EBL holds at least two events per year, which are focused on education or networking with your peers. The EBL newsletter is sent bimonthly and contains EBL event recaps and other upcoming engagement opportunities, details on the annual VBA Leadership Conference and EBL member news.

Executive Brief

The Executive Brief is emailed biweekly on Mondays. It includes information on the headline issues relevant to the banking industry such as progress on regulatory reform legislation, highlights and photos from VBA events, upcoming event information, compliance questions and answers, and endorsed provider spotlights.

For Your Benefit

For Your Benefit is a monthly newsletter distributed by the VBA Benefits Corporation, providing tips, articles and information on wellness and the benefits plans the VBA Benefits Corporation offers participants. This newsletter is perfect for HR administrators, CFOs and other individuals who handle VBA employee benefits plans for their bank.

Legislative Bulletin

This bulletin is a communication sent frequently during the General Assembly Session, distributed to members to keep them updated on pending legislation that would impact banking. Special Legislative Bulletins are also distributed throughout the year to keep members up-to-date on other government relations and advocacy events and initiatives.

Regulatory Bulletin

This monthly bulletin identifies recent regulatory proposals by federal government agencies that impact the banking industry.

The Kit: Financial Literacy Newsletter

The VBA uses this monthly publication to communicate news and updates on financial literacy related topics. We will update you on upcoming financial literacy events, spotlight bankers making a difference in your communities, and showcase different resources available to assist in your financial literacy efforts.

VBA Virtual

The VBA partners with leading webinar providers to address topics important to bankers. This weekly email includes a list of upcoming webinars from our partners. It will also occasionally highlight a training opportunity on a hot industry topic.

Virginia Banking Monthly

Virginia Banking is the official publication of the Virginia Bankers Association. Newly reformatted, Virginia Banking monthly is now published digitally and is circulated to more than 9,000 recipients, including CEOs, presidents, directors and other senior managers. It combines everything you enjoyed about our Virginia Banking magazine and its eNewsletter supplement. The new Virginia Banking monthly is devoted to legal, legislative and informational articles related to the state banking industry, banker profiles and personnel updates. Virginia Banking also features articles compiled from top industry experts and organizations, containing industry knowledge via current trends data and insights into topics and challenges that affect banks such as fintech, talent retention and recruitment, risk management, compliance, cybersecurity and more.

Additional Communications

We can also send you training emails based on your functional area within banking, or whether you’re interested in government relations events and activities. Fill out the Subscribe to VBA Publications form below, and check “Education & Training” or “Government Relations” emails accordingly. Looking for our call-to-action alerts information? Click here to sign up.