About the VBA


About the VBA

The Virginia Bankers Association has served as the organized voice for the Commonwealth’s banking industry since 1893 providing solutions to aid in resolving differences, unifying efforts, and accomplishing objectives otherwise not achievable.


Enhance banks’ ability to serve their customers and communities.

Guiding Principles

  • Industry Unity
  • Strong Advocacy
  • Quality/Meaningful Solutions for Member Banks 
  • Proactive Posture 
  • Unparalleled Relationships with Member Banks and Associate Members
  • Financial Strength and Revenue Diversification 

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Committees & Peer Groups

The purpose of VBA committees is to provide input to the VBA on matters affecting the banking industry and the committee’s functional area of banking, provide input to VBA’s professional development division on training needs of their functional area, provide a forum for exchange of ideas and for networking that will benefit each committee member and his/her bank, and identify possible legislative and/or regulatory issues on which the VBA should focus as the banking industry’s advocate.

Overview Chandler Owdom

Retired Banking Executives

The VBA encourages retired banking executives to remain connected and engaged in the banking industry. The experience and expertise retired Virginia bankers bring to the Association allows for a meaningful way to serve the Association as well as providing a venue to network with other retirees and current members.