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Marketing Retail Training HR
March 9
Keys to Marketing Success
March 11
Leadership’s Influence on Employee Engagement
March 23
Evolving Strategies for Banker Training
March 29
COVID Legal Issues
April 12
Creating a Brand Driven Culture
April 14
Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities of Blockchain and Digital Assets
April 20
Finding the Right Formula When Mixing Training Tools and Training Delivery Methods

April 26
Your (Gas)Mask First: Toxin Handling in HR

May 10
Crossing the Sonic Color Line: Strategies for Sonic Diversity
May 12
Changing Culture for Digital Transformation
May 18
Varied Voices and Viewpoints Enrich Training Design
May 24
Burnout in the Workplace
May 31
Bridging the Customer Experience Gap Between Account Opening and a Fully Engaged Customer
June 2
Detecting the Proceeds of Human Trafficking
June 8
Learning Transfer: The Two Critical Questions that Determine Training’s Success
June 15
2022 Labor & Employment Law Update
Ops & Tech Security ERM Compliance
March 10
Securing Office 365 – A Roadmap
March 22
The State of Fraud
March 24
Cryptocurrency Adoption Opportunities for Financial Institutions
March 30
The Compliance and Scrutiny of Overdraft Programs: Is Your Bank Prepared?
April 13
Faster Payments – Episode IV – A New Hope
April 19
Today’s Successful Security Professional – The Non-Traditional Skills
April 21
Environmental Social Governance (ESG)
April 27
Legal Update
May 11 (Operations)
The Road to Innovation – How Market Disruptions are Forcing Community Banks to Rethink their Vendor Strategy

May 13 (Technology)
The Next Digital Frontier: The Digital Bank of the Future
May 17
Ransomeware, Cybersecurity Insurance, and MFA
May 19
Strategic Plans, Capital Plans & Risk Appetites – How They Fit Together
May 25
Fair Lending
June 23 (Operations)
The Ever Changing World of Bank Fees

June 24 (Technology)
The Cloud – Is Banking Ready?
June 9
Security Awareness Training – Best Practices for Keeping Your Employees Engaged
June 14
Cybersecurity Risk & BCP – What Your Need to Know
June 16
AML at the Intersections of Banks and Cryptoncurrency


March 9: Keys to Marketing Success
Jim Perry, Market Insights

The social and economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic is a jarring example of how one crisis, one new trend or one new technology can turn your marketing, and your financial institution, upside down. Only the creative, agile marketer will be able to help their institution stay competitive and connected. This session explores emerging consumer behaviors and marketing trends and sets out three ways to keep your marketing less susceptible to emerging threats in the future. This session is designed to inspire innovative thinking and help bank marketers:

  • Identify the consumer behaviors that have changed as a result of the crisis
  • Modify their approach to marketing technology and messaging to align with new consumer behaviors

Reimagine the role of marketing in the next normal.

April 12: Creating a Brand Driven Culture
Shelly Loftin, CFMP, ABA

Branding and marketing within an organization is everyone’s job. Within every bank, big or small, brand and culture must unite to create a solid foundation for a lasting, successful business. Individually these concepts serve a different purpose, but when properly aligned and combined, they become a driving force that enables long-term growth. Creating a brand driven culture isn’t easy, especially in today’s ever changing environment. It takes hard-work, patience and time to build a strong brand employees can connect with and be proud of. Join us to discuss actionable steps to help you start building a brand driven culture and help turn your team members in every department into brand ambassadors.

May 10: Crossing the Sonic Color Line: Strategies for Sonic Diversity
Steve Keller, SiriusXM

Diversity in digital marketing shouldn’t be limited to what consumers see. It should be represented in what they hear, too. In a world where screenless devices are growing exponentially, audio-only and audio-first communications are becoming an increasingly prominent form of digital advertising. While brands and advertisers work to avoid visual symbols and language that can perpetuate racism, there are sonic markers that are just as powerful in defining how we hear (and represent) the world around us. These are sonic color lines: invisible but pervasive barriers that can impact our marketing and messaging decisions, particularly when it comes to the voices we hear representing our brands. In this thought-provoking presentation, Steve Keller (Sonic Strategy Director | Studio Resonate | SXM Media) makes the case that practicing sonic diversity isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s sound business practice, too. He’ll share best practices, based on ground breaking new research, that can help you cross the sonic color line, improve your ad favorability and effectiveness, and strengthen your brand connections with diverse audiences.

May 31: Bridging the Experience Gap Between Account Opening and a Fully Engaged Customer
Tricia Hrotko, Digital Onboarding

Banks spend a LOT of money trying to acquire new customers. It’s been an integral part of growth strategies forever. If you’re lucky, you wind up with a new account holder. But that “win” should never be confused with establishing a relationship, nor a profitable one at that.

Why? Because switching banks is perceived to be difficult. And statistics show that if a customer doesn’t start using their new account within a 60 day time period, they likely never will. What you do to engage that new account holder has a direct impact on profitability, both short and long term. Yet financial institutions still struggle with creating effective onboarding programs. We’ll dig into what works, and what doesn’t.


March 11: Leadership’s Influence on Employee Engagement
Chris DiLorenzo, James Paul Group

Today, most banking organizations experience change that comes too often and too fast, and growth that comes too slow. As a leader, you are working hard to ensure you communicate exciting strategies to help propel your team forward.

The dilemma for many of you as leaders is that your employees have been through—and continue to go through—so much change and upheaval that they are questioning whether they have the energy and motivation to engage in helping to drive the organization forward. To be successful, it’s imperative that leaders create a culture of new energy and excitement—engagement—within the organization

Join this 1-hour interactive seminar and learn how to keep teams with different needs connected, motivated, engaged and productive while further developing your own leadership skills.

April 14: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities of Blockchain and Digital Assets
Stephen Gannon, McGonigle, P.C.

This presentation will discuss how blockchain, digital assets and cryptocurrencies can impact current bank product offerings and how banks can use these tools to secure customer advantages. The presentation will touch on custody considerations; how crypto products can resemble high-yield deposit; issues in connection with accepting digital assets as collateral; how decentralized finance protocols provide small business and high net worth lending; and how to understand and mitigate the risks of blockchain and digital asset products and services.

May 12: Changing Culture for Digital Transformation
Joe Sullivan, Market Insights

In banking, one of the biggest roadblocks to successful digital transformation is culture. The best strategies and newest technologies will fail if they conflict with how individuals or groups already believe or behave. Culture change requires intense effort and is often the most challenging part of digital transformation; but successful companies are meeting the challenge by enhancing cultural characteristics that support success in digital space. This session will share a framework for creating and cultivating a culture that both understands and advances digital transformation. With examples from throughout the financial services industry, participants will learn:

  • Five ways to assess and evaluate your current culture
  • Steps to remove cultural aspects that inhibit digital transformation
  • Four digital culture characteristics, and practical ways to build and sustain them
  • The role of effective internal communication in creating one unified culture

June 2: Detecting the Proceeds of Human Trafficking

Noel Thomas outlines how the financial industry can disrupt human trafficking using real world examples of criminal organizations. Noel gives tips and tricks on utilizing data to identify traffickers and the flow of illicit funds. Noel’s company, Zero Trafficking, is bringing innovative solutions to the frontlines of the anti-trafficking fight with digital intelligence. As a nexus crime, human trafficking is inextricably linked to other criminal organizations from drug trafficking to terrorists and money launderers. With this intelligence commercial banks can save their organization from fines and increase goodwill with customers.


March 23: Evolving Strategies for Banker Training
Clare Marsch, American Bankers Association

As we emerge from the pandemic into a fundamentally transformed world of work, a focus on talent – attracting, retaining, and developing the workforce – has emerged as a critical focus for CEOs in all industries including banking.  The need for learning and development has never been more urgent as banks look for ways to upskill & reskill their workforce to meet changing job requirements and as technologies transform the way banks serve their customers.  Worker expectations for employee-sponsored learning have also changed with heightened expectations for mobile accessible, on-demand and personalized training.  These changes require new training strategies and new ways of thinking about both content development and how training is delivered across the organization.  This presentation will highlight the post-pandemic changes that are likely here to stay, and how banks must evolve their training strategies and practices to successfully meet the professional development needs of their staff.

April 20: Finding the Right Formula When Mixing Training Tools and Training Delivery Methods Brian Washburn, Endurance Learning

Do you ever feel like your training programs can grow stale after a while? As a training professional, who also needs to juggle other duties as assigned and who rarely has enough time during the day to do everything as creatively and as effectively as possible, it’s often easier to do things like they’ve usually been done. In this session you’ll have an opportunity to take a look at 10 different tools – some use cool technologies, some are analog – that you can bring into an upcoming training presentation that could offer a fresh way to deliver engaging training. Beyond the tools, you’ll also have an opportunity to explore several training delivery methods that you can combine with these tools to take your training program to the next level.

May 18: Varied Voices and Viewpoints Enrich Training Design
David Paredes, Purdue University

In our design, development, and delivery of instruction we act as gatekeepers of information by deciding which perspectives will be represented in our curricula. We look at the learning goals, analyze audiences, organize instruction, design activities, determine delivery methods, and create assessments. However, even the most systematic process is filtered through our personal lens. Consequently, we must be mindful of our own biases so we don’t unwittingly silence a diverse chorus of voices both inside and outside of the learning environment.

June 8: Learning Transfer: The Two Critical Questions that Determine Training’s Success
Andrew Jefferson, The 6Ds Company

It doesn’t matter how great your training is. It doesn’t matter how much people learn.  If learning doesn’t get transferred and used to improve performance, then, from the business’s perspective, the training failed.

In this fast-paced and interactive session, you will learn the only two questions that really matter when it comes to transfer of training:  “Can I?” and “Will I.”  Unless your trainees answer both of these questions in the affirmative when they are back on the job, then your training will not deliver on its promise.

In this session, you will learn the factors that influence the answers to these two critical questions and, more importantly, what you can do to influence them. We will show that the answers—and therefore learning transfer—are influenced by much more than the teaching methods and medium and that the influence starts long before class and continues long afterward. 


March 29: COVID Legal Issues
Susan Wiltsie, Hunton Andrews Kurth

The COVID-19 pandemic has lasted longer than anyone expected and it is unlikely to end soon.  Both the disease and the world’s response have continued to evolve.   Though employers weathered the initial, dramatic changes to business operations, challenges persist.  This session will cover the current status of safety and health legal requirements and guidance, in Virginia and in jurisdictions under federal OSHA jurisdiction.   It also will cover return to work issues and the complexity added into these issues by the Great Resignation.  Join us in this session to discuss these and other legal issues that the coronavirus presents to employers and Human Resources today.  Our experienced presenter, OSHA and employment attorney Susan Wiltsie of Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP, will answer these questions and more, and share best practice suggestions for strategic compliance and workforce management.

April 26: Your (Gas)Mask First: Toxin Handling in HR
Dr. Allessandria Polizzi, PhD, SHRM

As Peter Frost, author of Toxic Emotions at Work, has said “there is a lot of suffering in the workplace and it shows little sign of letting up.” Frost shares the concept of “toxin handlers,” those in the organization who have the emotional intelligence to read and interpret the emotional needs of others and help absorb negativity. Frost further states that toxin handlers ” are often careless with their own well-being in dangerous toxic situations. They … tend to override messages of self-protection or to ignore them and as a result, over time, the toxins they keep dealing with tend to spill into their own space and they can get emotionally or physically sick.”

In a 2021 study, 80% of the participants exhibited signs of toxin handling. They were all HR managers. 

In this session, we will cover the concept of toxin handling, the specific toxins HR teams handle, and 10 tips for HR professionals to manage toxins and still provide the empathy and support the business needs.

May 24: Burnout in the Workplace
Stephen Hoy, Paycor 

This will be a dive into the today’s current work environment and how burnout is happening in the remote world and not being able separate work from home, as well as we those in a hybrid work world. We will look at these growing realities as well as what companies can do to counter burnout in the workplace.

June 15: 2022 Labor & Employment Law Update
Steve Brown, Isler Dare

We will cover a number of labor and employment law issues that impact employers in Virginia. 

Ops & Tech

March 10 (Operations & Technology): Securing Office 365 – A Roadmap
Dylan Kreutzfeldt, SBS Cyber 

Office 365 is now utilized by over 650,000 companies and boasts more than 258 million users globally. 61% of Office 365 organizations are small businesses. Microsoft Office has long been a staple of the business world, but as we shift from hosting our data on-premise to the cloud, both the risks and rewards have changed.

One thing is for sure, your software is only as good as the security controls you implement to protect your organization. While Office 365 introduces new and unique threats, new and innovative controls are also a strong benefit of this cloud-based productivity suite.

This presentation will cover:

  • An overview of Office 365 and components
  • Threats to Office 365 and your organization
  • Security Controls to consider deploying in Office 365, including Securing User Accounts, Logging/Monitoring, Threat Management, Alert Policies, Conditional Access, and more
  • Testing your Office 365 implementation

April 13 (Operations & Technology): Faster Payments - Episode IV – A New Hope
DJ Seeterlin, Chesapeake Bank

It is a period of rapid change in the Payments Galaxy.  The Clearing House striking a blow with RTP, have won their first victory with Faster Payments.  FedNow announces plans to launch. Zelle, Venmo, CashApp, CHUCK, all in the mix. Only Virginia Banker’s Payments professionals stand a chance as they learn what’s coming. Join us as the Payments Force Awakens…

May 11 (Operations): The Road to Innovation | How Market Disruptors Are Forcing Community Banks to Rethink Their Vendor Strategies
David Saylor, Genesys

As community bankers, we have spent the last two decades reacting to market conditions that dictated the need for cost compression, vendor consolidation, and outsourcing.  Innovation is a must in the new era of community banking.  How can community banks reverse decades of strategic initiatives that stifled innovation?  David Saylor with Genesys Technology Group will provide a core vendor market update while looking back to see how we got here.  David will also share actionable insights that will help set your institution on the road to innovation.

May 13 (Technology): The Next Digital Frontier: The Digital Bank of the Future
Ryan Canin, DocFox

Digital banking is the latest buzz: fintechs, neo-banks and digital bank offerings are everywhere you look. Tech giants have entered the banking world and financial services has seen total disruption over the past 5 years. In order to best serve clients, business bankers need to tap into what is happening on the cutting edge, discern what is real and harness that to inform strategy over the next few years. In this presentation we will unpack, in an accessible way, technology, risks and opportunities that lie ahead through sharing the big ideas transforming financial services. We’ll dive into the latest tech and trends in digital banking, and how they influence what our clients will expect from us as digital transformation impacts every area of our lives, growing at breakneck pace. We will demystify daunting topics like cryptocurrency, APIs and digital onboarding and help to frame what these technologies are, how they are being used and how banking leaders should evaluate their utility in each of their organizations. 

June 23 (Operations): The Everchanging World of Bank Fees
John Meyer, Cornerstone Advisors

June 24 (Technology): The Cloud - Is Banking Ready? 
Patrick Tredway, tbl networks


March 22: The State of Fraud
Jim Hitchcock, American Bankers Association

April 19: Today’s Successful Security Professional – The Non-Traditional Skills
Terry Choate & Joseph Hileman, Blue U Defense

Today, achieving organizational safety and security requires new expertise, knowledge, and understanding in those responsible for creating and maintaining it; and tomorrow’s will be different than today’s as threats, technology, mental health systems, and other solutions evolve, change and/or improve.

What needs to happen? Traditional safety and security topics require a completely new understanding and perspective of what they really mean and how they need to be approached, and therefore, we need a new way of effectively teaching, and learning, these traditional topics. Secondly, there are numerous “non-traditional” things that are required for success in today’s safety and security professionals. These are the things that are rarely associated with safety and security but are far more critical skills than what has been traditionally associated with successful security management or “traditional skills”.

This course has been designed to provide a thorough understanding of what toady’s safety and security management is vs what it was; what needs to change to remain successful in safety and security management; and how to get to, and remain at, the top of your profession.

May 17: Ransomware, Cybersecurity Insurance, and MFA
Brendan McGowan, SafeSystems

In 2022, everyone is talking about ransomware, cybersecurity insurance, and multifactor authentication. You can’t talk about one without the others! Let’s explore how these topics are intertwined and have been changing how our industry thinks about security. We’ll explore: How this industry is faring in the face of the ransomware scourge How new influencers are having a bigger impact than regulators How MFA should fit into your short-term and long-term security strategy What your relationship should be like with your cybersecurity insurance vendor The proven, basic recipe to prevent ransomware This is intended for all types of audiences from IT to Ops to Executive.

June 9: Security Awareness Training – Best Practices for Keeping Your Employees Engaged
Shane Daniel, SBS Cyber

It’s time to shift our thinking when it comes to security awareness training. Yearly education and testing just doesn’t cut it in today’s cyber world. Security awareness is a topic we should have in front of our people on a much more consistent basis.

However, as we all know, creating an engaging Security Awareness Training program is more than words or flipping a switch – it involves thoughtful and deliberate action across the organization, as well as accountability for building a culture of cybersecurity. Culture changes and engagement also has to start at the TOP of the organization, or it will be meaningless downstream.

Join us for this session on creating a Security Awareness Program that keeps people engaged, including:

  • Cyber Threat’s New Normal
  • People, Process, and Technology – which is the weakest link?
  • Compliance-based vs. Proactive Security Awareness Training
  • Building an Effective Security Awareness Training Program (for all areas of your organization)
  • Topical Training Ideas
  • Why Accountability Matters Most


March 24: What Banks Should Know about Cryptocurrencies in 2021 | Paving the Way for Blockchain
Strategic Resource Management

This session will review the year in crypto in 2021, highlighting the developments that matter the most to financial institutions. SRM will look ahead to this year, including the latest market trends and predictions for speed of adoption and new solutions. 

April 21: Environmental Social Governance (ESG)
Elizabeth Wilson, Atlantic Union Bank

May 19: Strategic Plans, Capital Plans & Risk Appetites – How They Fit Together
Heather Eastep, Hunton Andrews Kurth

Strategic plans have multiple audiences. These documents should enhance shareholder value, provide management with roadmaps and address regulatory expectations. Recent supervisory thinking is that such plans should work together with capital plans and risk assessments. Those three documents create the framework for compliance management systems and enterprise risk management as well as meeting regulatory expectations for board oversight.

June 14: Cybersecurity Risk & BCP – What You Need to Know
Monica Bolin, nContracts

Business continuity planning is about more than natural disasters. Cyberattacks and breaches pose huge risks to operations, and most business applications are dependent on IT. That makes cybersecurity risk an important consideration in any business continuity plan.

In this program you’ll learn about:

  • Best practices in handling departmental interdependencies for business continuity planning and cybersecurity
  • Managing business impact analysis in light of cybersecurity issues
  • Regulatory mandates that hold executives and board members responsible with cyber risks
  • How the FFIEC’s Cybersecurity Assessment Tool is impacted by business continuity planning
  • Third-party vendor contract management to decrease risk
  • Compliance


March 30: Overdraft Programs
Compliance Alliance

April 27: Legal Update
DeMarion Johnston, Virginia Bankers Association

May 25: Fair Lending
Margaret Dollinger & Steve Houchens, TCA

June 16:  AML at the Intersections of Banks and Cryptocurrency
Pamela Clegg, CipherTrace

Banks have by and large avoided cryptocurrency over the past decade. But as crypto
becomes mainstream, ignoring it becomes a costly position—both because of the risk of fines and penalties for banks that have illicit transactions happening on their payment rails, and because of the failure to provide banking services to lucrative crypto accounts. It’s a double-edged sword: regulators are pressuring banks to identify cases of money laundering and sanctions evasion tied to cryptocurrency, and customers are clamoring to be able to invest in crypto through the financial institutions they already know and trust. CipherTrace’s VP of Financial Investigations, Pamela Clegg, will share a comprehensive overview of the relationship between traditional finance and the crypto economy. Join us to learn:

  • Where the intersections between the traditional and crypto economies lie
  • What role banks play in the conversion of fiat and cryptocurrencies
  • How undetected crypto transactions can implicate banks in sanctions violations and funding of terrorists
  • How are Stablecoins being used by banks
  • What is required to provide crypto-related services, including custody

*Session topics & speakers are subject to change.

2022  Virtual Session Speakers

Monica Bolin
Monica Bolin is a risk management professional who knows how to ask—and answer—the hard questions. Whether it’s assessing compliance and operational risk or determining the best way to measure and monitor risk, she leverages nearly 30 years of industry experience to help financial institutions overcome their challenges.

Ms. Bolin has a track record of assisting a wide range of financial  institutions—from large regional banks and credit unions to smaller community institutions. Before joining Ncontracts, she was a director with professional services and accounting firm CliftonLarsonAllen where she performed hundreds of operational reviews of enterprise-wide bank operations in areas including compliance, risk vendor management, disaster recovery, governance, credit risk management, loan review, staffing and due diligence. She was also the Chief Risk Officer at a publicly-traded institution where she was responsible for ERM, reporting, internal audit and assessing the adequacy of internal controls.

Ms. Bolin is a graduate of the University of Central Missouri where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in finance.

Steve Brown
Isler Dare, P.C.
Steven D. Brown is a the founding partner of the Richmond office of Isler Dare. Steve is a member of the Virginia Bar Association’s Board of Governors and he is the past Chair of the Virginia Bar Association’s Labor and Employment Law Section. Steve understands the business operations of the private and public employers he represents and he provides creative strategies to manage labor, employment and business issues. He has over thirty one years of experience in defending employers in a variety of industries in cases under various federal and state labor and employment laws before administrative agencies, state and federal courts, and before arbitration panels all over the United States. With cases either decided favorably at the summary judgment stage before trial or obtaining a favorable verdict after a jury or bench trial, Steve is an experienced and effective trial lawyer. He also provides daily legal and strategic advice related to all labor and employment issues, including, but not limited to, hiring, employment agreements, wage and hour, progressive discipline, performance evaluations, investigations, leave issues under the FMLA and ADA, workplace safety issues, termination of employment, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, trade secrets, non-competition, non-solicitation, and confidentiality covenants, severance and release agreements, employment and business related tort claims, workplace violence issues, labor and employment law audits, and labor and employment due diligence. Steve has written numerous articles and lectured on a local, regional and national level on a variety of labor and employment law subjects. Steve is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Richmond and the Chancellor for the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church.

In the community, Steve provides mentoring to the James Madison Athletics Department on a number of strategic issues. He is a member of the Dean’s Ambassadors Circle for the School of Professional and Continuing Studies at the University of Richmond. Steve resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife, Alice, and he has two adult children.

Ryan Canin
Ryan Canin is co-founder and CEO of DocFox, a fintech that empowers over 250 financial institutions to rapidly onboard any type of business client. In 2009, Ryan co-founded consultancy Gladi8, which grew to build technology for some of the largest banks in the world. Here, Ryan spotted the need for an improved application to onboard complex clients. He pivoted his focus to serve smaller commercial financial institutions, supporting innovation where it was most needed. The first prototype of digitized business onboarding was built shortly thereafter, and DocFox was founded in 2016.

Pamela Clegg
CipherTrace, a Mastercard Company
Pamela Clegg works with governments, law enforcement officials, regulators, law firms and financial institutions around the world to conduct cryptocurrency financial investigations and to train and educate officials and employees to understand and investigate financial crimes, money laundering and other criminal activity within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Prior to joining CipherTrace, Pamela was the Assistant Vice President – BSA and Information Security for First State Bank. She also has over 10 years of international experience with investigations, due diligence and operations mostly in Latin America with the U.S. Government. Pamela has her Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). She obtained her B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and her MBA from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She has conducted trainings and workshops, and spoken about cryptocurrency and financial crimes globally, to include speaking engagements at INTERPOL, UN, EUROPOL, Basel Governance, ACAMS, ACFCS and other international and federal agencies and organizations. Her opinions and advice have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and on the TV program News Nation. Pam is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Chris DiLorenzo
The James Paul Group
Chris DiLorenzo is the President and Co-Founder of The James Paul Group, a training, assessment, and advising company that provides solutions to the most critical challenges facing banks today in staying competitive in these ever changing times.

For over 20 years Chris has helped his bank clients develop world class talent by identifying gaps in vision vs. reality, then providing the customer service, sales, coaching, product knowledge, and leadership solutions that result in a highly engaged workforce and a remarkable internal and external customer experience.

Chris has been a speaker/instructor for many state and national bank associations, is a graduate of the University of Georgia, and was a former pitcher in the Kansas City Royals organization.

Margaret Dolinger
Thomas Compliance Associates
A veteran Virginia banker whose compliance focus centers on the loan side and the many components of Fair Lending, Margaret Dolinger’s ability to analyze credit data, operational processes, branch performance and support fraud investigation research positions her strategically well in the TCA compliance support spectrum. Assigned to TCA’s East Coast regional in Virginia and operating from Charlottesville, VA, Dolinger primarily assists TCA client banks in the Mid‐Atlantic states, although her extensive banking credentials have led to TCA compliance assignments throughout the country. Subject matter expert in Fair Lending laws and Community Reinvestment Act, Ms. Dolinger enjoys assisting banks in seeking opportunities in outreach efforts to fulfill community credit needs. Ms. Dolinger also has held credit analyst, mortgage quality control and escrow positions – all with a Fair Lending overtone – at banks, mortgage companies and title companies in Virginia. Ms. Dolinger received her CRCM (Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager) certification in 2014.

Heather Eastep
Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP
Heather’s practice focuses on corporate and regulatory representation of small to large regional and national financial institution franchises. She has counseled institutions on M&A transactions, as well as provided representation on securities offerings, capital planning, and corporate restructuring. She also advises financial institutions and financial service providers on emerging regulatory and compliance issues, mostly recently related to high-risk customers and Fintech opportunities.

Julia Gutierrez
Compliance Alliance
Julia A. Gutierrez serves as the Director of Education; developing curriculums and presentations, as well as presenting at various schools and seminars; both live and in a livestream/hybrid format. Julia brings over 20 years of financial industry experience to the Compliance Alliance team. She began her career in banking in 2000 while receiving her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance from the University of Alabama. Her compliance knowledge and understanding derive from her combined experience in community banks and consulting. Ms. Gutierrez served as a Risk Management and BSA Officer, assisted in the development of an enterprise wide risk management and compliance program for a de novo institution, assisted in the compliance remediation efforts for an institution who was referred to the DOJ, held positions in retail and branch management, and was a Senior Compliance Advisor for a large regulatory compliance consulting firm.

In addition, Julia also joins the Hotline from time-to-time where her experience is invaluable as a resource. She also is one of our featured authors for both the monthly Bankers Alliance Access magazine and for articles published by state bankers associations across the nation.

Joseph Hileman
Blue U Defense, LLC
Joe Hileman is a Co-Founder and Training Specialist for Blue-U Defense. He served as the Assistant Team Commander of the Monadnock Regional Special Response (SWAT) Team and for 17 years as a Detective with the Jaffrey (NH) Police Department. Prior to his career in Law Enforcement, he served as Security Supervisor at the corporate management level of a Fortune 500 company. Mr. Hileman holds two A.A. degrees in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Corrections, Probation, and Parole. His extensive tactical training includes: • SWAT 1 and 2 Certification, Tactical Officers and LEADS Consulting • SWAT Team Leader/Commander • Use of Force, Active Shooter Instructor • Narcotics – Covert Surveillance • OC Instructor • Taser Instructor • Domestic Violence Lethality Assessment Coordinator • Field Training Officer • Sexual Assault Investigator specializing in the Child Forensic Interview • Suspicious Death/Homicide Investigations • Threat Assessment Team Development • Threat Assessment

Jim Hitchcock
American Bankers Association
Jim serves as the association’s primary expert on fraud mitigation activities and programs. In this role, he identifies and tracks key fraud topics and trends, develops fraud prevention strategies, and finds opportunities to develop capabilities and partnerships that provide products and services to banks.

Prior to joining ABA during June 2021, Jim was a Director in the Capital One Anti-Money Laundering Department serving in a Fraud Advisory role. Jim began his banking journey during February 2016 after a career in Federal law enforcement with the U.S. Department of Defense Inspector General (Investigations) and U.S. Secret Service.

Stephen Hoy
Stephen has spent the last 12 years consulting with businesses across the State of Virginia in a variety of areas from Talent & Human Resources, safety and compliance, Benefit Administration and Workforce Management. Born & Raised in Charlottesville, Virginia. Stephen graduated from Christopher Newport University. Stephen has presented to many different organizations including the local SHRM chapters, Virginia Maritime Association, Virginia Manufacturers Association and Legacy Foodservice Alliance.

Tricia Hrotko
Digital Onboarding
Tricia is a senior marketing, sales and retail banking professional, with 18+ years experience driving strategic innovation and transformation. She most recently served as EVP and Chief Revenue Officer at CSBK (Clifton Savings Bank) in NJ. Prior experience includes leadership roles at Sterling National Bank in NYC and The Provident Bank (via First Morris Bank) of NJ. 
In her current role, Tricia demonstrates how to increase revenue and deliver an outstanding customer/member experience by instituting a strategic onboarding and marketing program to banks and credit unions across the U.S.

Andrew Jefferson
The 6DS Company, Inc.
Andy Jefferson, J.D., is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of The 6Ds® Company in Wilmington, Delaware.

Andy is an author and frequent and popular global speaker on the subject of turning talent development into competitive advantage. Andy is an accomplished entrepreneur with a career spanning executive, operational and legal roles.

Andy is a co-creator of The 6Ds model and author of the bestselling books The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: How to Turn Training and Development into Business Results (San Francisco: Pfeiffer, 2006, Second Edition Pfeiffer 2010, Third Edition Wiley 2015) Getting Your Money’s Worth from Training and Development (San Francisco: Pfeiffer, 2009) and The Field Guide to the 6Ds (Wiley 2014), among others.

Prior to founding the 6Ds Company, Andy served as the Chief Executive Officer of Fort Hill Company, Raven Systems, Inc., and of Vital Home Services, L.L.C. Andy is admitted to the Bar of the State of Delaware. He serves on several corporate and non-profit boards including The Unidel Foundation. He is a graduate of the University of Delaware and graduated with honors from the Widener University School of Law, where he served for many years on the school’s Board of Overseers.

DeMarion Johnston
Virginia Bankers Association
DeMarion is the General Counsel of the Virginia Bankers Association where she provides legal representation to the Association and its subsidiaries. She possesses expertise in banking, non-depository financial services, and insurance. Prior to joining the VBA, DeMarion served as Associate General Counsel in the Office of General Counsel of the Virginia State Corporation Commission advising and representing the Commission and its divisions, primarily the Bureau of Financial Institutions, Bureau of Insurance, and Office of the Clerk. Additionally, she has worked in the private practice of law and served as a bank regulator with the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

Dylan Kruetzfeldt
SBS CyberSecurity
Dylan Kreutzfeldt is an Information Security Consultant at SBS CyberSecurity (SBS), a company dedicated to helping organizations identify and understand cybersecurity risks to make more informed and proactive decisions. He is also an instructor for the SBS Institute, leading the Certified Banking Security Technology Professional (CBSTP) course and hosting educational webinars, security awareness training, and additional speaking engagements.

Dylan maintains Certified Banking Security Manager (CBSM), Certified Banking Security Technology Professional (CBSTP), and Certified Banking Cybersecurity Manager (CBCM) certifications. He received his Bachelor of Science in Network Security and Administration from Dakota State University.

Dylan joined the SBS team in 2015, holding IT audit and network security roles before transitioning into consulting. He specializes in the implementation and governance of internal cyber controls. His technical background and skill set was a driving force in championing the creation of the company’s Office 365 testing program.

Dylan is passionate about supporting his clients as they continually strive for increased cyber maturity and growing the relationships he builds along the way.

Clare Marsch
American Bankers Association
Clare manages ABA’s training business, leading the team’s program strategy, content development, operations, technology infrastructure, and client support. ABA training programs serve bankers at all levels, ranging from onboarding to executive development, delivering expertise in banking compliance, risk management, wealth management and trust administration, retail bank management, marketing, consumer and commercial lending and more. ABA programs currently reach well over 200,000 bankers annually.

Brendan McGowan
Safe Systems, Inc.
Brendan has twenty years of experience dedicated to helping community financial institutions navigate their compliance, security and technology strategies. He oversees product development and engineering operations at Safe Systems.

John Meyer
Cornerstone Advisors
As a senior director with Cornerstone Advisors, John Meyer leads the firm’s Business Intelligence and Data Analytics practice. In this role, he helps community banks and credit unions better use the data they have to make smarter decisions with risk and opportunities.

Prior to joining Cornerstone, John was chief strategy officer and chief product officer at Abrigo (formerly Banker’s Toolbox). His experience includes developing product strategy for anti-money laundering and fraud detection for over 1,000 U.S. financial institutions and ALLL solutions for over 1,200 institutions. Before Abrigo, John was with Harland Financial Solutions, where he held several senior positions including general manager over the branch automation and internet banking team. In this role, his group served over 2,500 community financial institutions with teller, new account origination, internet banking, mobile banking and CRM systems.

John has a master’s degree with a concentration in management and marketing of high technology from the University of Washington, Seattle, and bachelor’s degrees in Latin American studies and system engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point, N.Y.

David Paredes
Purdue University
Dr. David Paredes is an Adjunct Lecturer in Purdue University’s Learning Design and Technology graduate program. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of corporate learning and development.

Jim Perry
Market Insights, Inc.
Jim Perry is Senior Strategist at Market Insights, a consulting firm with expertise in market assessments, delivery optimization, strategic planning, branding, marketing and culture.

Jim has consulted with clients throughout the United States since 2005. The majority of his work is concentrated on strategy development, marketing, branding, culture and leadership. He has been included on Onalytica’s list of “Top 100 #Fintech Influencers” and has shared his insights at state, regional, national and international conferences. Thousands of community banks and credit unions follow his daily Twitter feed for industry trends and the latest news on mergers, fintech, marketing and much more.

As a consultant, trainer and public speaker, Jim is known for making complex concepts easy to understand and simple to apply.

Allessandria Polizzi
Verdant Consulting
Dr. Allessandria Polizzi is a 2020 top 100 HR Professional with a history of creating clarity from chaos for a variety of companies. Following her own struggles finding a burnout recovery solution, Dr. Polizzi pivoted her HR executive career to tackle the growing need for resiliency and emotional agility skills in the workplace. Combining extensive academic research and her 30 years of award-winning leadership development experience, “Dr. Al” has created a best-in-class program that provides teams and leaders with practical, simple skills that will help them flourish. Her company, Verdant Consulting, offers training and coaching on the resiliency, emotional agility, and psychological safety skills needed to overcome challenges, drive innovation, and accelerate collaboration and will help companies fund this work through training grants, where possible. She is also the co-Founder of the Kite HR wellbeing app for HR professionals, HR Wellbeing Week, and shares of-the-moment discoveries on all of these topics via the Be Verdant podcast.

David Saylor
Genesys Technology Group, LLC
David Saylor is the founder of Genesys Technology Group, LLC. David manages day-to-day operations at Genesys while assisting the Genesys team in business development, strategy, and negotiations. David started his career in technology in 1992 selling software to Fortune 1000 corporations and transitioned to selling core processing and ancillary related systems to community banks in 1997 with InterCept. In 2007 David left Fidelity Information Services (acquired InterCept in 2004) to start Genesys Technology Group, LLC. David enjoys hunting, mountain biking and most of all spending time with his family. David has been married for 27 years to his wife Denise and has a son (25) and daughter (21). David and his family live in Peachtree Corners, GA.

DJ Seeterlin
Chesapeake Bank
DJ Seeterlin is Chief Information Officer for Chesapeake Bank, a community bank based in Kilmarnock, Virginia, which also operates national merchant acquiring and national accounts receivable lending lines of business. Chesapeake Bank is a founding member of the CHUCK payments network, and one of the first 25 banks to adopt RTP. In his role DJ is responsible for technology, operations, and digital strategy. He leads teams managing in-house and cloud technologies, card issuing, payments processing, and digital platforms. DJ is actively engaged in the industry as chair of the ABA’s Core Platforms Admin Committee, as Vice Chair of the ABA’s Payments Systems Administrative Committee, and as a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s Payment Advisory Committee, the Jack Henry Payments Advisory Board, and serves on the Board of the Jack Henry SilverLake National Users Group. DJ is a Board Member of Alloy Founders, a partnership of community banks working to build innovative technology and payment solutions for all financial institutions.

Noel Thomas
Zero Trafficking
In 2007, Noel was touring internationally with his rock band when someone passed him a flyer raising awareness about human trafficking. The reality of people in bondage and modern-day slavery had a profound impact on Noel. This moment became the genesis of Noel’s fight against human trafficking. While Noel was in India, researching trafficking brothels he witnessed law enforcement facilitate the sale of a little girl. That moment solidified Noel’s journey to fight human trafficking. While he is still an avid bass guitarist, Noel went on to found a non-profit raising awareness about human trafficking in the United States. His work in the community led to his appointment as the Statewide Anti-Trafficking Coordinator for Florida’s Department of Children and Families. 

After working with several state and federal task forces in Florida, Noel saw a lack of technology and analytics to support the dismantling of Human traffickers. Zero Trafficking seeks to fill that gap in the counter trafficking fight. Noel founded Zero Trafficking out of his personal faith and conviction that led him to have a heart for the oppressed and marginalized. 

In 2015, Noel was appointed chairman of the human trafficking task force in Orlando and in 2021 he was appointed to the Blockchain Cryptocurrency Committee in Arizona. 

Noel’s career has consisted of researching, educating on, coordinating, and managing the development of unique counter-trafficking solutions. His roles in Florida’s anti-trafficking work included gathering human trafficking intelligence from the deep and clear web and compiling detailed analysis briefs; coordinating that intelligence for raids, which included interfacing with federal law enforcement; and working with state and federal legislators to develop better counter-trafficking policies. His more recent work has included educating specialists on terror and trafficking networks, training technical fields for identification, and developing pilot programs as he works to manage the development of counter-trafficking technology and data solutions.

Patrick Tredway
tbl networks

Elizabeth Wilson
Atlantic Union Bank
Elisabeth A. Wilson has worked for over 14 years in the financial industry. She was recruited to Atlantic Union Bank’s Enterprise Risk Management Department in 2016 to support development of the company’s then-burgeoning risk management framework. Recently charged with crafting the Bank’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Risk Framework, Elisabeth continues to build, implement, and manage key risk programs, driving regulatory alignment and promoting bank-wide engagement while simultaneously supporting business line risk oversight. She has contributed to the ABA Banking Journal, The RMA Journal, and Risk Management Magazine. Elisabeth is based in Richmond, Virginia.

Patti Wubbels
Strategic Resource Management
Patti has over 20 years of business development experience and over 16 in the banking industry. She is a Certified Cryptocurrency Expert via the
Blockchain Council. Before joining SRM, she spent three years helping financial institutions across the US with their vendor oversight programs and three years at Jack Henry & Associates. Patti helped launch SRM’s crypto advisory, delivering education and strategic planning services for financial institutions integrating cryptocurrency and blockchain concepts and technology.

Virtual Session Materials & Zoom Recordings

  • Keys to Marketing Success
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: $XPNRE61)
  • Creating a Brand Driven Culture
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: 6%od@9L9)
  • Crossing the Sonic Color Line: Strategies for Sonic Diversity
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: 3*wG*rH2)
  • Bridging the Experience Gap Between Account Opening and a Fully Engaged Customer
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: SWiK5mZ^)
  • Leadership’s Influence on Employee Engagement Materials & Recording
  • Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities of Blockchain and Digital Assets
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: $RU.2STU)
  • Changing Culture for Digital Transformation
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: R?02&um%)
  • Detecting the Proceeds of Human Trafficking
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: $ri@AWR0)
Operations & Technology
  • Securing Office 365 – A Roadmap
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: 8=8n&99t)
  • ​Faster Payments – Episode IV – A New Hope
    • ​Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: dY?gCB#1)
  • The Road to Innovation | How Market Disruptors are Forcing Community Banks to Rethink their Vendor Strategies
    • ​Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: wGNG9!b9)
  • The Next Digital Frontier: The Digital Bank of the Future
    • ​Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: 0V&K8Bfy)
  • State of Competitive Overdraft
  • The Cloud – Is Banking Ready?
    • ​Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: %U@fwY2@)
  • The State of Fraud
  • Today’s Successful Security Professional – The Non-Traditional Skills
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: 72T8@#MU)
  • Ransomeware, Cybersecurity Insurance, and MFA
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: Vh9V8H#6)
  • Security Awareness Training – Best Practices for Keeping Your Employees Engaged
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: 5h&jl%hD)
  • Evolving Strategies for Banker Training
  • Finding the Right Formula When Mixing Training Tools and Training Delivery Methods
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: 5Vi8!f*M)
  • Varied Voices and Viewpoints Enrich Training Design
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: krc5U&py)
  • Learning Transfer: The Two Critical Questions that Determine Training’s Success
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: &qT+3AcF)
Enterprise Risk Management

Human Resources

  • COVID-19 Legal Issues
  • Your (Gas) Mask First: Toxin Handling in HR
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: feAV6Em.)
  • Burnout in the Workplace
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: *DPD0F8%)
  • 2022 Labor & Employment Law Update
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: 0zp^EXb&)


  • The Compliance and Scrutiny of Overdraft Programs
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: @SzT%MU9)
  • Legal Update
  • Fair Lending
  • AML at the Intersections of Banks and Cryptocurrency
    • Recording can be accessed here (Passcode: Y$pnmB1c)


ABA Professional Certifications



CPEs are available for all sessions attended (note – virtual sessions must be attended live and CPEs will not be granted for watching the recording).

Thank You to our Sponsors

Kenneth Proctor, CPA, CBA, CERP, Director | (512) 842-7481, ext. 129

360factors empowers organizations to accelerate profitability, innovation and productivity by predicting risks and streamlining compliance. Predict360, its flagship software solution, is a Risk and Compliance Intelligence Platform augmented with Artificial Intelligence technology to predict and mitigate operational risks while streamlining regulatory compliance. 


Darren Smith, VP of Bank ATM Management | (919) 534-3232

One of the most trusted U.S. ATM providers, ATM USA’s outsourcing and managed services solutions allows banks to return the focus to their core business by removing the burden of managing ATMs, while reducing capital and operational costs and improving service. Gain a competitive advantage by partnering with them.  


Jake Finlinson | (214) 417-9426

Banzai is an education platform with a focus on financial literacy. They serve communities by providing unparalleled financial literacy education to schools, and they serve their partners by providing access to invaluable marketing insights and meaningful CRA opportunities. 
Banzai is a VBA Endorsed Provider.


Brown Edwards & Company
Brown Edwards 
Norman Yoder, Partner | (434) 948-9000

Brown Edwards is a full-service regional accounting firm with offices in Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee, and is included in Inside Public Accounting’s list as one of the top 100 firms in the United States. Their financial institution’s team is dedicated to helping their clients improve procedures, reduce risk exposure, and improve earnings. 


College Ave Student Loans
Lexy Spikes, Partnership Account Manager | (214) 232-5272

The College Ave Student Loan Referral Program allows bank partners to refer customers with private student loan needs to College Ave for lending, disbursement and servicing.  In return, partners receive a referral fee. College Ave has multiple student loan products that provide a better student loan experience for your bank and customers.


Compliance Alliance
Membership Development Team, Bankers Alliance | (888) 353-3933

An expertly-staffed hotline, federal regulatory tools, policies and procedures, and unlimited reviews for small-to-medium community banks across the U.S. — the only all-inclusive banking compliance advisory. Its nearly 1700 products/tools support 48 separate bank compliance areas –an unlimited-access Bank Compliance Library – conforms to the most recently published federal banking rules and regulations. Co-owned by the VBA and 28 other state bankers associations across the country.
Compliance Alliance is a VBA Endorsed Provider.


Jeff Trimble, Account Executive | (804) 564-1372

Convergint, formerly BranchServ, is a leader in security and automation equipment for banks nationwide through unparalleled service excellence. At Convergint, their top priority is service in every way — service to customers, colleagues, and community.


CRA Partners
CRA Partners
Shea Gabrielleschi, Vice President – Southeast Region | (901) 529-4773

CRA Partners helps your bank protect local seniors against the growing problem of elder financial abuse. They pair your bank with low-income nursing homes in your footprint. Through a CRA-qualified donation to their foundation, residents of a local nursing home receive the protection of our Senior Crimestoppers program at no cost.
CRA Partners is a VBA Endorsed Provider.


CSR Data
CSR Data
Alwyn Staley, Partner | (800) 374-7488 x-150

For over 30 years, CRS Data has been dedicated to delivering powerful, accurate property data backed by superior customer service. Their Financial Suite product is tailored made for financial institutions. Offering public tax records, sales and mortgage histories, property comparables, warranty deeds, interactive GIS plat maps, area demographics. CRS helps banks manage their commercial loan portfolio and generate non-interest income. They offer the power of clear and current property information to help you make sound decisions. 


Global Payments
Global Payments
Joanne Tyrrell, Vice President, Financial Institutions | (813) 853-3593

Global Payments® is a technology and software company, providing the world’s leading complete commerce ecosystem to businesses of every size. This unique, connected infrastructure serves every dimension of commerce, carrying billions of transactions every year—safely and seamlessly. They have the strategic expertise to meet the needs of you and your customers. They help financial institutions maximize their revenue and help their customers run their businesses better. 
Global Payments is a VBA Endorsed Provider.


GSB Wisconsin
Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin
Kathleen Berman, VP, Marketing & Communications | (608) 243-1945

Since 1945, the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been educating professionals and creating leaders in the banking industry. Using feedback from its alumni, Banker Advisory Board, and sponsoring state bankers’ associations, GSB continuously updates program offerings to meet the professional development needs in the banking industry. GSB currently offers its flagship Graduate School of Banking, which leads to a GSB diploma in bank leadership as well as a certificate in executive leadership from the Wisconsin School of Business. Specialty schools include the Human Resource Management School, Bank Technology Management School, Bank Technology Security School, Financial Managers School, Sales and Marketing School and Digital Banking School – plus an array of programs in the GSB Online Seminar Series. More than 23,000 alumni have benefited personally and professionally from attending one of GSB’s programs. 


Harland Clarke
Harland Clarke, a Vericast Business
Billy Hicks, Account Executive | (540) 315-0087

Harland Clarke is a leading provider of customer engagement solutions that help connect businesses and people how, when, and where it matters. The company offers payment tools such as checks and cards and marketing services such as deposit and loan acquisition programs, digital marketing, performance analytics and promotional products for businesses. It deploys these solutions holistically, across print, phone, and digital channels, ensuring that the customers of its world-class client base enjoy a consistently superior experience. Harland Clarke is a Vericast business ( For more information, visit the Harland Clarke website or follow Harland Clarke on LinkedIn and on Twitter @HarlandClarke.
Harland Clarke is a VBA Endorsed Provider.


Jeffrey Reeves, Senior Business Development Manager | (205) 504-0068

HC3 connects financial institutions to their customers. By outsourcing bank statements
with HC3, financial institutions leverage document design, digital delivery, and print
delivery. Through these solutions, banks can make a statement that reflects their brand.


Stephen Hoy, Major Market Sales Executive I Virginia | (757) 618-3422

More than 40,000 small and mid-sized businesses trust Paycor to manage their most valuable asset – people.  Paycor delivers intuitive technology but is legendary for their singular focus on helping professionals make a real difference in their organizations. Paycor’s personalized support and scalable technology streamlines every aspect of people management, allowing their clients to focus on their business and mission. Paycor is recommended by today’s most innovative brokers, bankers, and CPAs. 
Paycor is a VBA Endorsed Provider.


Paylocity  logo
Jared Senator, Account Executive |  (240) 271-3323

At Paylocity, they deliver more than their awesome product suite with crazy good reviews. They prioritize your success by covering you with a deep support system to back up their easy-to-use, innovative solutions. Providers will merely sell you a product. But a partner actually cares about you and your business. A partner takes the time to get to know you and understand your needs. They work with you to identify the best solutions that will benefit your business today, while paving the way to a better tomorrow. And tomorrow is all about your team. Everything they do is designed to support you in reaching your goals. Together, they tackle your day-to-day work so you can spend more time building the culture you and your employees crave. For professionals who crave true partnership, Paylocity is the HR & Payroll company that frees you from the tasks of today, so together, they can spend more time focused on the promise of tomorrow. Let’s go forward together. NASDAQ: PCTY  
#pcty #teampcty #pctypartners #HCM #HRIS #HRM


Chris Carlton, VP Banking | (804) 302-8510

Paymerang provides a streamlined invoice and payment automation platform that bring Accounts Payable (AP) departments into the modern age. Paymerang’s platform saves AP departments hundreds of hours annually, enhances visibility, increases accuracy, improves efficiency, and earns rebates while reducing paper, fraud risks, and operating costs.


Pearl Meyer
Pearl Meyer
Tim O’Rourke, Managing Director | (919) 732-2716

Pearl Meyer is the leading advisor to boards and senior management on the alignment of executive compensation with business and leadership strategy, making pay programs a powerful catalyst for value creation. Their industry experts focused exclusively on the banking sector have helped hundreds of financial institutions achieve their objectives.  


Erin Campbell | (412) 963-0100

PWCampbell, widely respected in the financial services industry, is a family-owned retail services and design-build firm.  Founded in 1910, they provide retail branding, merchandising, technology solutions, planning, design and construction expertise to optimize branching efforts.  They have the knowledge and expertise to develop and implement engaging, impactful and scalable solutions for every sized project.
PWCampbell is a VBA Endorsed Provider.


Sandy Edwards, Sales & Marketing | (502) 350-7839

QSI provides turnkey delivery of NCR ATM and ITM solutions and is NCR’s largest financial partner in the U.S. They offer remote access services for patch management, anti-virus, and more. Titan Armored offers branch cash and ATM/ITM cash replenishment, among other services. QSI is a full-service bank equipment company (video, alarm, drive-up, safes).  No long-term service contracts. Outsourcing available. 


SBS CyberSecurity
SBS CyberSecurity
Cole Schlumbohm, Account Executive | (605) 923-8722 x110

Cybersecurity company that helps community banks proactively manage Information Security. 


TBL Networks
TBL Networks
Gary Woods , Account Executive | (804) 822-3652

TBL Networks provides advanced technology solutions with a focus on collaboration, enterprise networking, cyber security, data center, disaster recovery, and data insights – all available as subscription services. Located in Richmond, TBL Networks understands the Virginia banking community, their needs, how business evolves, and the audit process.
TBL Network is a VBA Endorsed Provider.


Margaret Dolinger, Compliance Consultant & Fair Lending Specialist | (312) 877-1542

TCA brings you compliance support and A Better Way to control your compliance risks in Bank Secrecy/AMS, Consumer Compliance, Fair Lending and more. They deliver compliance services from experts with direct compliance experience who think strategically and can help you manage risk, adapt to change and make informed decisions.  
TCA is a VBA Endorsed Provider. 


Verint Systems Inc.
Mike Levin, Account Executive | (410) 279-5816

Verint® (Nasdaq: VRNT) helps the world’s most iconic brands – including over 85 of the Fortune 100 companies – build enduring customer relationships by connecting work, data and experiences across the enterprise. The Verint Customer Engagement portfolio draws on the latest advancements in AI and analytics, an open cloud architecture, and The Science of Customer Engagement™ to help customers close the engagement capacity gap. Verint. The Customer Engagement Company™. 


Tyné Brannan, Account Manager | (804) 292-5402

Since 1974, Wittenbach has delivered innovative cash handling and security solutions to more than 15,500 bank branches. Based in Sparks, Maryland, they serve clients throughout the Midwest and East Coast. With a team of over 175 highly trained service professionals, they can ensure rapid response to your service needs. Their Regional Distribution Centers provide over 70,000 square feet of climate-controlled warehouse space and allow for prompt emergency replacement of mission critical cash handling and security equipment. Their Solution Center offers clients an up-close look at the solutions they stand behind. They partner with the best in the business, including Hyosung, Glory, Verint, DMP, Hamilton Safe, to offer only the most innovative and reliable equipment that will take your business to the next level.


Philip Edwards, Territory Manager | (919) 422-7232

Works24 specializes in digital media marketing solutions, primarily to financial institutions. The array of products they offer focus on internal marketing to maximize communications to existing customers and prospects while on hold, waiting in a lobby or at the drive thru. Their products include OnHold messaging, Video Cross-Production (VXP), touchscreen applications, website video and overhead music.


Bryan Newlin, Principal | (540) 662-3417

YHB is all about you. At YHB, they are passionate about finding custom solutions to help you thrive. As a leading CPA firm, they work with some of the most innovative and passionate leaders and organizations across the region. YHB’s Risk Advisory team is at the core of their client solutions. The foundation of the team is their expertise in information technology, security, and business continuity. They provide a number of solutions for financial institutions to help management know that their systems are secure and will be available when needed.

March Launch Event Agenda

VBA Connect|Protect Experience Launch Event Agenda

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

5:30-6:30 pm | Dutch Treat Reception at the Marriott Hotel Bar

6:30 pm | Dinner on your own!

Thursday, March 3, 2022

9:00 am | Registration Opens

9:30-10:45 am | Why Projects Fail at the Start, Not the End
Esther Bogin, Atlantic Union Bank

10:45-11:00 am | Break

11:00 am-12:15 pm | Well-Being Trends and Management Support
Laura Moore, Marsh McLennan Agency LLC

Join Laura Moore as she explores well-being and mental health trends. During this session, she will dive into the six realities of 2022 with a focus on mental health and how managers can best support their branch locations and their teams. 

12:15-1:00 pm | Lunch (for those attending optional sessions)

1:00 pm | Launch Event Kick-off & Welcome

1:10-2:10 pm | “A Goal Without a Plan Is Just a Wish” – How to Create a Great Action Plan That Will Make All Your Wishes Come True
Joe Micallef, GrowUP Sales

Bankers and bank leaders will learn how to create a simple action P.L.A.N. that will help them more effectively achieve both their bank and personal goals while also further developing their skills and confidence.

2:10-2:30 pm | Break

2:30-3:30 pm | FinTech and Disruption in Financial Services
Hunter Young, HIFI Agency

There has been no shortage of changes in the financial services industry over the last decade. 2022 continues to see the rise of more advanced consumer and business fintech offerings, cryptocurrency protocols, Banking-as-a-Service, and decentralized finance. It’s a whirlwind of change, risk, and opportunity.  

What do these technology advancements mean for banking in the next five to ten years? We’ll discuss how we got here, what consumers want in a financial partner amidst this disruption, and what trends have staying power. 

3:30-3:50 pm | Break

3:50-4:50 pm | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – A Discussion Worth Having in Order to Embrace a New Mindset
Richard Harvey, Beneficial  State Bank

This session will include simple definitions to assist with a general understanding of what Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) really mean. We will discuss why these concepts are important to the overall health and profitability of organizations and will engage in an open and honest discussion of some of the impediments to organization’s adoption of DEI.

4:50-6:30 pm | Networking Reception in the Exhibit Hall
Sponsored by Harland Clarke, a Vericast business

Dinner on your own!

Friday, March 4, 2022

7:30-8:30 am | Continental Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall

8:30 am | Welcome

8:35-9:05 am | Industry Update
Bruce Whitehurst, Virginia Bankers Association

9:05-10:05 am | Building Resilient Cultures and Winning Bank Teams
Dave Martin, Bankmechanics

Leaders are always “on stage” within their organizations. They display the behaviors, demeanor, and values their teams inevitably copy. Building resilient cultures and winning teams requires more than charismatic personalities. Effective bank leaders must focus on communicating, modeling, and enforcing values that make a place of business one that good people want to remain a part of.

Bank technology gets better and more ubiquitous over time. In the long run, however, it is table stakes. It will not differentiate.  Companies who attract, develop, and retain the best people will win. Always.

Dave Martin will give his unique perspectives on the current state of banking and share clear and actionable practices to build resilient cultures and lead winning teams for the future.

10:05-10:25 am | Break

10:25-10:40 am | Sponsor Drawings

10:40-11:40 am | Engineering Success by Engineering a New Mindset
Nikki Dixon-Foley, FutureSYNC International

The world of how we work is in a constant state of change and uncertainty. How we manage change comes down to our chosen state of mind. This interactive workshop will prepare you with new tools and practices to manage yourself while leading others and your organizations through change. Discover how embracing a new state of mind that focuses on solutions, collaboration, creativity, and communication will help drive yourself and others to successful results. During this session, participants will:

  • Discover how to create new patterns of thinking during challenging times.
  • Uncover the importance of collaborative efforts to solve unique organizational issues
  • Learn how to unify teams with intentional communication practices

11:40 am-Noon | Closing Remarks & Adjourn

2022 Launch Event Speakers

Joe Micallef
Grow UP Sales Consulting LLC
Joe is an award-winning banker and sales expert with almost 30 years of banking and sales leadership experience in Australia, Canada and the USA. This valuable global experience has ideally positioned Joe to share insights on universal best practices for achieving career success and growing your Bank. As a bank leader, and now professional bank coach, Joe has consistently produced record annual results for financial institutions across the globe and developed exciting career opportunities for hundreds of finance professionals. He has been recognized throughout his career for his strategic, collaborative and charismatic approach to achieving exceptional results. In 2014 Insurance Business magazine named him one of Canada’s “Hottest Insurance Professionals” and in 2016 he won the Chicago Daily Herald Business Ledger’s award for “Outstanding Services to Entrepreneurs”. Joe is passionate about engaging, enlightening and energizing bankers to build an exciting career and achieve a better quality of life.

Esther Bogin
Atlantic Union Bank
Esther Bogin is the Senior Vice President/Director of the Enterprise Portfolio Management Office at Atlantic Union Bank providing oversight and hands-on management for the most complex and risky projects from end-to-end. She is responsible for maturing AUB’s practices, facilitating executive level project intake and prioritization and coaching a team of highly skilled Program, Project and Portfolio managers to deliver the company’s strategy.

Previously, Esther was Director, Project Management at Capital One where she developed and led the organizational change management effort to adopt project management and led the start-up of PMO’s across the organization. She was also an early adopter in the introduction of agile and scrum practices.

Esther will help you embrace a new mindset as to why projects fail at the start, not the end, and how to start a project on a positive trajectory for success. She will also help you understand why each project team member matters.

Nikki Dixon-Foley
FutureSYNC International
Nikki holds an M.S. in Organizational Leadership and has a powerful track record of building culture with intent. As a real- world “Culture Curator”, she was an integral part of a team distinguished by their thought-leadership and their commitment to defying conventional wisdom. Nikki and her team operated with an “impact over activity” strategy and the awards and accolades began to follow. Recognition such as:

  • “The Best Place to Work in Montana”
  • Award A 4-time Winner of The “Best for the World: Environment” within the B-Corp Organizations
  • FORBES 2016 “Top 40 Companies to Watch”

Nikki is admired for her keen operational mind-set when it comes to forward thinking organizational philosophies such as open-book management and “The Game of Business”. She is trained and certified neuroscience leadership coach and masterfully weaves the understanding of neuroscience principles into leadership execution. She is an author and creator of team and leadership excellence programs. Nikki lives in Bozeman, MT where she enjoys the blessings of family, friends, and the beauty of the Gallatin Valley.

Richard Harvey
R. Harvey Associates & Beneficial State Bank
Richard H. Harvey, Jr., is an experienced Executive level Compliance leader and a noted expert in developing and implementing risk-based Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering programs for traditional and non-traditional financial institutions.  Richard currently serves as Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Director of Compliance Risk for Beneficial State Bank.  He also serves as Principal of R Harvey Associates, LLC.  Prior to joining Beneficial, Richard served as the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for World Open Network.  He has also served as the Chief Compliance Officer for Colonial Savings, F.A., and General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at two start-up Financial Technology companies – Omney, Inc., and Skrill USA.

Richard is a graduate of the Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law. He served as an Enforcement and Litigation attorney with the Office of Thrift Supervision from 1986 to 1993. Richard joined Chevy Chase Bank in 1995 and served as the Bank’s Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Privacy Officer until 2002. In 2002, he joined E*Trade Bank as Director, Chief Compliance Officer. In 2003, Richard joined Washington Mutual Bank and served as First Vice President, Regulatory Analysis Manager. In 2004, he joined Silicon Valley Bank serving as the Director of Compliance, CRA and Regulatory Relations. And, in 2006, Richard served as a Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer for Rabobank, NA.

During his career, Richard has held key roles in many areas of bank compliance. He has had responsibility for managing his institution’s Bank Secrecy Act, Privacy, Consumer Compliance, Safety and Soundness and Information Technology examinations. Additionally, Richard is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) and Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud Professional (CAFP). He currently serves as a faculty member for the American Bankers Association (ABA) School of Compliance Risk Management. Richard has also taught a course on Compliance management at the Stonier School of Banking.

In 2017, he was selected to serve on the Consumer Financial Protection Board Community Bank Advisory Council. In 2019, Richard was recognized for his service to the financial services industry with the ABA’s Distinguished Service Award.

Richard is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars on the topics of Compliance Risk Management, Privacy, BSA and Anti-Money Laundering and Fair Lending.  In 2001, Richard testified on behalf of the ABA before the House of Representatives Banking Committee concerning financial institution’s efforts to combat identity theft.

Dave Martin
Dave Martin is founder of bankmechanics, a retail banking consultancy. He has spoken in front of and consulted with several hundred banks in 46 states and Canada over the past 25+ years.

Dave is one of the most prolific writers in the banking industry. He has written the bi-weekly Advantage Letter for 25 years, read by tens of thousands of bankers and retailing professionals each month. Dave also writes the longest continually running opinion column in the history of the American Banker publication, the most read banking journal in the world.

Dave was previously EVP / Chief Development Officer with Financial Supermarkets, Inc., a leading provider of training, consulting, design, and construction for non-traditional branches. Prior to joining FSI, Dave was EVP/Chief Training Officer for NCBS, a SunTrust Bank subsidiary. His banking background includes serving as Director of In-Store Banking for First National Bank Texas, managing at that time the largest Wal-Mart in-store banking program in the United States. Dave’s banking career began as branch manager of an in-store branch in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Dave has a BS in Accounting and an MBA from Nicholls State University. He is a member of the guest faculty and Advisory Committee at the Southwest Graduate School of Banking at Southern Methodist University.

Laura Moore
March & McLennan
Laura Moore, CWPC serves as Health Management Consultant for Marsh & McLennan. In this role, Ms. Moore is responsible for partnering with clients and their respective account teams by evaluating available data to identify behaviors that influence or compromise employee’s health; identify factors that inspire learning or those that hinder or foster the client’s total population health through the process of health education and well-being programs.

Ms. Moore has 20 years of employee health and benefits experience.
This includes benefits and well-being management and working for Cigna Healthcare as a Senior Engagement Consultant in their Mid-Atlantic Region where she served as a health improvement subject matter expert. In her experience she collaborated with clients in analyzing their benefit plan(s) utilization data to address client specific well-being needs, creating strategic health improvement plans and spearheading customer engagement initiatives.

Bruce Whitehurst
Virginia Bankers Association
Following a 10-year career in retail and commercial banking, Bruce joined the Virginia Bankers Association in 1993, its 100th anniversary year. He has served as president and chief executive officer of the association since 2007 and was previously executive vice president. While at the VBA, Bruce has worked with member banks in a variety of areas, to include government relations, education and training, financial literacy, and partnering with banks in a number of innovative ways to help them enter new lines of business. He also speaks about and on behalf of the industry on a regular basis and is active at the national level through the American Bankers Association. Committed to serving his community, Bruce is a director of and has chaired United Methodist Family Services in Richmond, VA and the Virginia Council on Economic Education. He also serves on the Board of Trustees at Ferrum College. Bruce received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of William & Mary, his MBA from the University of Richmond and is a graduate of the Virginia Bankers School of Bank Management.

Hunter Young
Hifi Agency
Hunter founded HIFI Agency to help financial companies find clarity in a chaotic digital world. When not working with clients across the country on branding, websites, and digital media, he teaches marketing and leadership courses for a variety of associations and universities. He also hosts The Financial Experience Podcast, an interview-style podcast that tells the stories of the people and companies who are changing the financial world.

Before starting HIFI, Hunter’s career included leadership roles in banking, advertising agencies, and a mobile technology startup. It’s a collective experience that has led to a data-driven creativity in everything he does.

His banking career included time at BB&T (now Truist) where he led the Global Retail Web team responsible for millions of customers’ experiences online. He then developed and led the marketing and customer intelligence teams at one of the fastest growing community banks in the U.S., First Bank of North Carolina, which grew from $2 billion to nearly $6 billion in assets during his time there.

Hunter graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Spanish Language. He resides in Raleigh with his wife, daughter, rambunctious Golden Retriever and sleepy Basset Hound.

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