2021-2022 VBA Women’s Mentorship Program

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January Content Theme

Bank Financial Management Webinar: Part One

How to Tell the Story Your Bank’s Financials are Telling (Part One Slides)

Required Materials:
Please Source These Before You Watch Part One:

  • Your Bank’s Annual Report or Quarterly Financials
  • Comparative Years of Data
  • Audit Opinion

Action Items:
Read the letter to shareholders from your CEO and determine the following:

  • What is your Bank’s total assets? (balance sheet)
  • How much money did your Bank make last year? (income statement)
  • Will your Bank surpass that amount this year?
  • What percent are your loans growing?
  • What percent are your deposits growing?
Bank Financial Management Webinar: Part Two

How To Read the Story of Fed Policy, Economic Climate, and Politics (Part Two Slides)

Action Items:

  • Look Up the FOMC Meeting Dates for the upcoming year.
  • Predict the FOMC decision for its next meeting.
  • Ask your CFO what your bank’s budget assumption is for interest rates for the year.
  • Ask if you can attend a portion of an ALCO meeting to hear about the interest rate impacts.
Bank Financial Management Webinar: Part Three

How To Learn The Story of Your Bank…With Readings Typically Not On Your Nightstand (Part Three Slides)

Action Items:

  • Ask your Mentor for list of industry resources & reading materials
  • Ask admired co-workers for industry reading suggestions
  • Find out resources such as subscriptions to VBA, ABA publications, and others sources such as online newspapers, etc. (SeeVBA Mentorship Program Page)
General Resources

General Glossary of Financial Terms – Investopedia

TED Talks

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Mentor and Mentee Training

Agenda: VBA Women's Mentorship Program 2021-2022 Launch/Training Event

Setting the Stage - Mentor Version

Setting the Stage - Mentee Version

Kick-Off/Commitment Worksheet

McKinsey Women in the Workplace 2021 Study

Libby Dishner Mentor Training Recording

Setting the Stage Mentor Training Recording

Mentor Training Slides

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Libby Dishner Mentee Training Recording

Setting the Stage Mentee Training Recording

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Five Questions Mentors

Kim Snyder, KlariVis, Welcome Video

Slay Like a Mother

Slay Like a Mother Intro Webinar with Katherine Wintsch

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General Resources/ Recommendations (podcasts, books, etc)

Podcast: Taken for Granted: Indra Nooyi Wants Us to Reimagine the Return to Work

Podcast: Taken for Granted: Indra Nooyi Says It’s Time for Leaders to Care

Book Recommendations from Gill Hundley: 



VBA Executive Brief

ABA Newsbytes

ABA Banking Journal Podcast

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Nancy Eberhardt Session

Question form for March 15 Call 

Nancy Eberhardt Contact Information:

Nancy K. Eberhardt | CEO | Pathwise Partners | neberhardt@pathwisepartners.com | 703.629.4929