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Vining Sparks
Vining Sparks
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Vining Sparks is a fixed income firm focused on investment and balance sheet needs of financial institutions. It began as a securities dealer with an Asset/Liability Management focus 40 years ago and continues serving domestic and international institutional investors with the total balance sheet in mind. It is employee-owned with over $100mm in partners’ equity and annual trading volume averaging $150 billion. Vining Sparks ranks in the top 15 underwriters of new U.S. Agency debt.

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Monday, August 23, 2021

2:30 p.m. Check-in for ETHICS session (Separate Registration Required)

3:00 – 4:40 p.m.  Ethical Considerations in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) 
This course satisfies the annual two-hour Virginia Board of Accountancy (BOA) Ethics requirement.

5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Welcome  Cocktail Reception 
SPONSORED BY Piper Sandler & Co.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

7:30 a.m.   Registration | Continental Breakfast

Concurrent Sessions 8:30 – 9:30  

You Can’t Predict, But You Can Prepare – Interest Rate Swaps in Today’s Market​ | Scott Hildenbrand, Piper Sandler   (JAMES RIVER BALLROOM)

Join Scott Hildenbrand for a discussion of balance sheet strategies and tactics in the current environment. His comments will focus on understanding your A/L position and interest rate hedges while explaining how your institution can use derivatives to drive fee income, enhance NIM, and protect capital and earnings. He will cover loan/security hedging, back-to-back swaps, liability hedges, and other structures. He will also cover relevant accounting and market updates to contextualize the ideas and help management teams find value for their institutions.

Pricing & Structuring Loans for Profitability | David Kemp, Bankers Management, Inc. (POTOMAC ROOM) 

This presentation will focus on the necessity of pricing and structuring your loan portfolio to accurately reflect risk and meeting the bank’s profitability goals, especially in a post-pandemic world. Given the high level of competiveness in your markets, it is easy to slip into the assumption that the only way to close a deal is to be the lowest priced player. While it is true that our pricing must be competitive, we do not have to be the lowest priced player to do business. The focus should be on “value added banking” helping customers make better business decisions such as the impact of slower inventory turnover on cash flows of the business.

9:30 – 9:45 a.m. Networking Break

Concurrent Sessions 9:45 – 10:45  

SEC in 2021: New Disclosure Requirements and Best Practices, & Future Regulatory ChangesSeth Winter, Troutman Pepper  (SHENANDOAH ROOM)

This session will review key changes to SEC disclosures by public banks and holding companies and recommended disclosure best practices.  This session will also discuss topics on which we believe the SEC is likely to act during the Biden administration.

CECL Lessons Learned | Garver Moore, Abrigo           (POTOMAC ROOM) 

Abrigo’s Advisory team has worked with hundreds of financial institutions to successfully implement CECL. We will discuss important findings from these first implementors for the benefit of institutions beginning or progressing in their implementation.

The State of the Virginia Commercial Real Estate MarketMichael Cobb, Anne Purcell & Nicholas Mills | CoStar Group   (JAMES RIVER BALLROOM)

This session will cover both macro and micro trends that have, and are taking place within the five main property types, including office, retail, industrial, multifamily, and hospitality. In this presentation, we will start by taking a high-level look at the state of Virginia. From there, we’ll dive even further into some market-level trends taking place throughout the state. All the while, we’ll compare and contrast those trends and uncover the differences as to why performance may differ by geography. Finally, we’ll include sector-specific forecasts to provide insight on some trends to keep an eye on in the near future.

10:45 – 11:00 a.m. Networking Break 

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. The Collision of Artificially High Demand and Supply Chain Constraints | Craig Dismuke, Vining Sparks (JAMES RIVER BALLROOM)

After significant improvement in the pandemic situation and with a sixth round of fiscal stimulus, the U.S. economic recovery is accelerating at a rapid rate.  However, the surge in demand has collided with continued disruptions in the supply chain raising the already elevated fears of unhinged inflation.  Despite the growing concerns, the Fed has doubled down on its commitment to remain patient in its policy response.  In this presentation, we will discuss the confluence of tailwinds turbocharging economic activity, the implications for inflation, the Fed’s response, and the resulting implications for interest rates.

12:00 – 1:00 p.m.   Lunch

1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Top 10 Bank Hot Topics | Susan Sabo & Pam Hemstreet, CliftonLarsonAllen
This session will review the top 10 banking topics in the industry and with bank regulators providing new ideas or areas of focus for your bank. (JAMES RIVER BALLROOM)

2:00 – 2:15 p.m.  Networking Break

2:15 – 3:15 p.m.  ABA/VBA Fireside Chat | Bruce Whitehurst, VBA ; James Ballentine, ABA; Matt Bruning, VBA (JAMES RIVER BALLROOM)

3:15 – 3:30 p.m. Networking Break

Concurrent Sessions 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

C.Y.B.E.R: Can You Be Entirely Ready | Jon Biggs, Investor’s Title Insurance Company (POTOMAC ROOM) 

Five years ago, terms like wire fraud, ransomware, phishing, social engineering and cyber breach were not part of a real estate attorney’s vocabulary. Wire call-back procedures were not part of a real estate attorney’s daily ritual. Cyber fraud insurance was not part of a real estate attorney’s monthly expenses. Cybersecurity was never discussed in law school. Today, all of these things are a daily reality for everyone handling any part of a real estate closing – or even just using a computer or cell phone. Each attorney, together with their staff, is charged with the duty to understand these risks, to put effective policies and procedures in place, and to protect themselves and their clients from these risks. We will examine scenarios of how cyber fraud and wire fraud threaten you, your clients and your business. We will also examine how to protect yourself from these daily threats and what to do in the event that you are a victim of cyber fraud.

Managing Risks When Banking Marijuana Businesses | Andrew Bigart, Venable (SHENANDOAH ROOM)

In this session, the speaker will provide an overview of the current laws and government guidance for banking marijuana-related businesses, and discuss the risks consistent with regulatory expectations.

Panel Session: What Business Owners are Experiencing post-COVID
Moderator: Ben Horne | Carter Bank & Trust; Panelists: Melissa Ball | Ball Office Products; Jason Rose | Buchanan Pump Service & Supply Company; Steve Rosser | Gelati Celesti; Kevin Liu | The Jasper/Carytown Cupcakes/The Tin Pan  (JAMES RIVER BALLROOM)

Join us for an interactive panel discussion with business owners as they discuss the impact of the past year on their businesses and what they are seeing coming in the near future.

4:30 – 6:00 p.m.  Cocktail Reception

Dinner is on your own.  Enjoy your evening!       

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

8:00 a.m.  Continental Breakfast

8:30 a.m. Announcements | Sponsor Thank You & Drawings

8:40 – 9:10 a.m.  Industry Update | Matt Bruning, VBA (JAMES RIVER BALLROOM)

9:10 – 10:10 a.m.  Community Banks’ Rapid Evolution in an Unprecedented Year | Joel Pruis, Cornerstone Advisors (JAMES RIVER BALLROOM)

In the community banking sector, COVID-19 will go down as the great accelerator of long-term trends in financial technology. Joel Pruis, Senior Director at Cornerstone Advisors, shares lessons learned a year in, and what investments community FIs need to make to remain competitive with larger institutions in the years ahead.

10:10 – 10:20 a.m. Networking Break

10:20 – 11:20 a.m. Final Keynote: Leaning Into Risk |  Stinson Mundy, Envoy

The average person makes hundreds of decisions a day – personal decisions, business decisions, decisions that impact themselves and decisions that impact others. The decisions we make are guided by our personal motivations and tempered by our tolerance for risk. At its core, risk is defined as the possibility of loss or injury and all risk stems from fear – fear of the unknown, fear of other people’s actions (or inactions) and fear of making a mistake. Despite our best intentions, we cannot control the outcome of any decision we make, but we can learn to use our personal guard rails to lean into risk and make smarter decisions. In this talk, we examine how our personal motives and our personal risk tolerance impacts our decision making by identifying our fears and blind spots.  Personal and professional growth require taking a hard look at your natural risk biases and developing a strategy to move past them. Available as a talk or an interactive workshop, attendees leave with tangible resources and tools to understand what drives them, where they might be holding themselves back and how leaning into risk can drive growth.

11:20 – 11:30 a.m.  Break

11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Banker Roundtables (sessions for CFO and Lending/Credit)

Join your peers for a roundtable session to discuss issues you are currently facing.  We will have separate roundtables for CFO/Accounting attendees and Lending/Credit attendees.

12:30 p.m.  Conference Adjourns

Session Materials

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

You Can’t Predict, But You Can Prepare – Interest Rate Swaps in Today’s Market​ | Scott Hildenbrand, Piper Sandler Hildenbrand Handouts

Pricing & Structuring Loans for Profitability | David Kemp, Bankers Management, Inc. Kemp Handouts  

SEC in 2021: New Disclosure Requirements and Best Practices, & Future Regulatory ChangesSeth Winter, Troutman Pepper      Winter Handouts

CECL Lessons Learned | Garver Moore, Abrigo  Moore Handouts​  

The State of the Virginia Commercial Real Estate MarketMichael Cobb, Anne Purcell & Nicholas Mills | CoStar Group   CoStar Handouts

The Collision of Artificially High Demand and Supply Chain Constraints | Craig Dismuke, Vining Sparks Dismuke Handouts

Top 10 Bank Hot Topics | Susan Sabo & Pam Hemstreet, CliftonLarsonAllen Sabo & Hemstreet Handouts

ABA/VBA Fireside Chat | Bruce Whitehurst, VBA ; James Ballentine, ABA; Matt Bruning, VBA

C.Y.B.E.R: Can You Be Entirely Ready | Jon Biggs, Investor’s Title Insurance Company

Managing Risks When Banking Marijuana Businesses | Andrew Bigart, Venable Bigart Handouts

Panel Session: What Business Owners are Experiencing post-COVID
Moderator: Ben Horne | Carter Bank & Trust; Panelists: Melissa Ball | Ball Office Products; Mayur Patel | KMHotels; Jason Rose | Buchanan Pump Service & Supply Company; Steve Rosser | Gelati Celesti; Kevin Liu | The Jasper/Carytown Cupcakes/The Tin Pan                 

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Industry Update | Matt Bruning, VBA

Community Banks’ Rapid Evolution in an Unprecedented Year | Joel Pruis, Cornerstone Advisors Pruis Handouts

Leaning Into Risk |  Stinson Mundy, Envoy Mundy Handouts

Speaker Bios

​James Ballentine | American Bankers Association
James Ballentine is the executive vice president of Congressional relations and political affairs for the American Bankers Association (ABA). James, a 13 year veteran of ABA, leads the association’s Congressional Affairs and lobbying group and is responsible for managing and directing ABA’s political operations and grassroots initiatives. Prior to his current duties, James served as ABA’ s SVP for Grassroots and as Director of ABA’s Center for Community Development.  Prior to ABA, James served as the Associate Deputy Administrator at the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and as the Senior Advisor to SBA’s Deputy Administrator. Before SBA, James worked nine years on Capitol Hill as Chief of Staff and Legislative Director (1993-1998) to former House Banking Committee member Maryland Congressman Albert Wynn (D-NY) and as Legislative Director (1989-1992) to former New York Congressman Frank Horton (R-NY).

​Matt Bruning | Virginia Bankers Association
Matt joined the Virginia Bankers Association in December 2010 and currently serves as Senior Vice President for Government & Member Relations.  In that role, he represents the Virginia banking industry at the Virginia state and federal levels, oversees the VBA BankPAC and coordinates grassroots advocacy. He also coordinates VBA’s member relations efforts, including bank outreach and engagement as well as the endorsed provider program.  Prior to joining the VBA, Matt served as Legislative Liaison in the Policy Office of Virginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell.  He also worked as the Policy Director for Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William J. Howell.  He serves on the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Board of Directors where is a member of the Executive Committee and Chair of the Horticulture, Education and Engagement Committee. He is active at Trinity Lutheran Church in Henrico, including previously serving on the Church Council.  Matt received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Leadership Studies and Political Science from the University of Richmond in 2003. He is a graduate of the VBA’s Executive Leadership Institute and the VBA School of Bank Management at the University of Virginia.  He lives in Glen Allen, Virginia with his wife Jennifer and daughters Charlotte and Caroline.

Andrew Bigart | Venable, LLP
Andrew Bigart helps banks, payments companies, and fintechs work together to develop cutting edge financial services for consumers and businesses. Andrew’s broad experience in financial services, covering areas such as anti-money laundering and consumer protection, allows him to help banks, payment facilitators, digital wallets, small business lenders, and other financial services providers navigate the complex federal and state regulatory landscape. In connection with this work, Andrew advises numerous financial institutions that work with marijuana-related businesses, including on how to set up compliance programs to minimize risk consistent with federal guidance and other best practices.

Michael Cobb | CoStar Group
Mike Cobb is a Senior Market Analyst with the CoStar Group. In his role, he identifies analytical trends throughout the Richmond metro, authoring written market and submarket reports for the CoStar Market Analytics platform. Mike presents on market conditions to industry participants of all types, providing specific granular analysis down to the site level. He also works with local and regional news sources and has been quoted in publications throughout the country such as the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Dallas Morning News, and the Houston Chronicle. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware and has been with CoStar for six years.

Craig Dismuke | Vining Sparks
Craig Dismuke is Executive Vice President and Chief Economist for Vining Sparks, a fixed income broker/dealer serving institutional investors.  Craig is responsible for the projection of Vining Sparks’ economic and interest rate forecasts. He speaks often at industry conferences on the health of the U.S. economy and expectations for interest rates. Craig is a frequent guest on CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg TV as well as being quoted often in the financial news. Craig lives in Memphis, Tennessee with his wife, Ashley, and three children. He is actively involved with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

[Pam Hemstreet | CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
Pam has 25 years of financial institution experience. She has more than 10 years of public accounting experience providing financial statement opinion audits, outsourced internal audit services, consulting and other specialized accounting services to financial institutions ranging from $10 million to more than $5 billion in assets. Pam also spent 10 years as a controller for various financial institutions.

Scott Hildenbrand | Piper Sandler
Scott Hildenbrand is a managing director and the head of the financial strategies group at Piper Sandler. Previously, Scott was a principal and chief balance sheet strategist of Sandler O’Neill + Partners, L.P. He headed the balance sheet analysis and strategy group, working with financial institutions on balance sheet strategy development, which includes interest rate risk management, investment portfolio strategy, retail and wholesale funding management, capital planning, budgeting, and stress testing. Scott also worked closely with the firm’s investment banking group to identify and develop strategic opportunities for clients involved in mergers and acquisitions. Previously, he worked in Sandler O’Neill’s interest rate products group, focusing on developing and implementing structured wholesale funding strategies for financial institutions. He spent his first four years at the firm in the asset/liability management group. Prior to joining Sandler O’Neill in 2004, Scott  worked as a financial analyst in asset/liability management at Tower Federal Credit Union in Maryland.  In 2021, he was elected to the Financial Managers Society board of directors. Additionally, he serves as treasurer on the board of directors for Liam’s Room, a non-profit organization that focuses on pediatric palliative care, a specialized approach to medical care for children with serious illnesses. Scott holds a Master of Business Administration degree in finance from Loyola College in Maryland and a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in accounting and finance from Gettysburg College. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and seminars.

 David Kemp | Bankers Management, Inc.
David, the president of Bankers Management, Inc., has more than thirty years of management experience in consulting, training credit administration and new business development. Prior to forming BMI, he served as vice president, director of credit services for Cannon Lending Schools. Before joining Cannon, David was vice president corporate finance with Citicorp North America where he was responsible for marketing investment and commercial banking services throughout the southeast. In addition to his banking background, he served as a consultant to small businesses in the area of finance, operations, marketing and sales. He serves as a visiting professor and guest lecturer to many colleges and universities, is past chairman of the Downtown Development Authority and past president of the Atlanta Urban Bankers Association. 

Nicholas Mills | CoStar Group
Nicholas Mills is a Senior Market Analyst with the CoStar Group. In his role, he identifies analytical trends throughout the Washington, D.C. metro, authoring written market and submarket reports for the CoStar Market Analytics platform. Mills presents on market conditions to industry participants of all types, providing specific granular analysis down to the site level. Nick holds a bachelor’s degree from Towson University. 

[Garver Moore | Abrigo
Garver Moore brings a decade of enterprise software, analytic, and advisory experience to Abrigo’s advisory team. Prior to joining Abrigo, Garver was  a Technical Consultant with Accenture, and he later worked with C-suite executives on technology strategy and delivery as a Managing Partner of the Orange Advisory Group. Today, as the Managing Director of the Advisory Services Group, Garver collaborates with internal product specialists on our market offerings and helps clients develop strategies to better navigate federal regulations and optimize their institutions for growth. Garver earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from Duke University.

Stinson Mundy | Envoy
A negotiator, recovering litigator, mediator. Stinson’s days are spent investigating decision-making processes and bringing parties together to find mutual interests and paths forward. 
She advises and supports purpose-driven business, government, and non-profit leaders through negotiation, partnership building and the execution of market disruption strategies. Stinson focuses her work on women executives and business leaders who want to harness risk, drive growth and break boundaries. Stinson developed her skills following academic studies in the US and UK focused on the histories of social dynamics, before law school and clerking for the Supreme Court of Virginia.  As an attorney, she spent fifteen years guiding decision-makers to come to mutually beneficial resolutions through litigation, mediation and strategic negotiations.  Stinson’s weeks never look the same. They can range from bringing potential business partners together to discuss mutual interests, to interviewing decision-makers to understand what is driving their choices. She speaks regularly at conferences and leadership gatherings on disrupting professional service and women projecting influence in historically male-dominated environments.  In partnership with her team, she moderates scenario exercises for leadership teams to as part of their strategic planning, product innovation, or as part of negotiation preparations.  The team operates across North America, Europe, and Asia, and regularly hosts visiting leadership groups to their urban retreat centre, Canvas. Stinson resides in Richmond, Virginia with her husband and two kids. When they aren’t exploring the city or scheming up adventures, Stinson supports local non-profits focused on women’s issues through board service and volunteerism. 

Joel Pruis | Cornerstone Advisors
In the commercial and small business segments, Joel Pruis brings more than 30 years of experience delivering fundamental change in the origination and ongoing management of credit relationships. In his role as senior director in Cornerstone Advisors’ Strategy and Execution practice, Joel is focused on commercial credit performance improvement covering policy, process, roles and responsibilities for both loan origination and ongoing customer management. Prior to joining Cornerstone, Joel was a senior business consultant in Experian’s Global Consulting Practice where he delivered policy review, decision strategies and process redesign for commercial and small business credit clients. Over the course of his career, Joel has engaged with more than 200 financial institutions with assets under $20 billion. In addition to his consulting experience, Joel has more than 15 years of practical commercial credit experience in the financial industry in such roles as credit analyst, relationship manager and underwriting manager.

Anne Purcell | CoStar Group
Anne Purcell has more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry analyzing and evaluating market for hotel development.  She spent more than ten years with Marriott International evaluating lodging markets throughout the U.S. and Canada to determine the potential for new hotel development, franchise, and conversion opportunities for all Marriott brands. At Host Hotels she Influenced Host’s investment decision making process to ensure disciplined allocation of capital, completing the underwriting of potential acquisitions and major CAPEX projects.  Anne has her undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia, and a Master’s degree from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University.  Anne resides in Arlington, VA with her husband and two daughters.

Susan Sabo | CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
Susan Sabo is a principal in the firm’s Charlotte, North Carolina office and joined CLA in 2020 with more than 20 years of financial services experience. She began her career auditing financial institutions before moving into the financial services industry at small community banks and Fortune 500 companies. Susan has served in a variety of industry roles including controller, chief accounting officer, and business unit CFO. Susan has been involved in multiple mergers & acquisitions of sizes ranging from $150 million to $500 billion with engagement at all stages of the process. 

Bruce Whitehurst | Virginia Bankers Association
Following a 10-year career in retail and commercial banking, Bruce joined the Virginia Bankers Association in 1993, its 100th anniversary year. He has served as president and chief executive officer of the association since 2007 and was previously executive vice president. While at the VBA, Bruce has worked with member banks in a variety of areas, to include government relations, education and training, financial literacy, and partnering with banks in a number of innovative ways to help them enter new lines of business. He also speaks about and on behalf of the industry on a regular basis. As a banking industry advocate, Bruce is active at the  national level. He served on the American Bankers Association’s Regulatory Reform Task Force during the 2008-2009 financial crisis and served as an ABA Board member during the 2008- 2009 financial crisis and served as an ABA Board member and chairman of the Alliance of State Bankers Associations in 2012-2013. He has also served on the ABA Community Bankers Council and the ABA Government Relations Council. Committed to serving his community, Bruce is a director of and has chaired United Methodist Family Services in Richmond, VA and the Virginia Council on Economic Education. He also serves on the Board of Trustees at Ferrum College. Bruce received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of William & Mary, his MBA from the University of Richmond and is a graduate of the Virginia Bankers School of Bank Management.

Seth Winter | Troutman Pepper 
Seth Winter is a Partner in the Corporate group at Troutman Pepper.  Seth represents publicly traded companies and financial institutions, including banks and bank holding companies, nonbank lenders ,and other fintech and financial services companies, on regulatory, compliance, strategic, corporate law, securities law, and disclosure matters. Seth regularly represents financial institutions in mergers and acquisitions, including bank mergers and acquisitions of non-bank institutions. State and nationally chartered community banks, and their boards of directors and executive officers, rely on him to handle a variety of regulatory, compliance, and corporate governance issues, and Seth advises boards of directors on legal issues and fiduciary duties in the context of complex strategic transactions. He also represents financial institutions in connection with applications to federal and state regulatory agencies, including applications related to organic and M&A growth, new lines of business, and entry into new geographic markets. Seth has significant experience advising clients on periodic and current public disclosure obligations, corporate governance issues, annual and special meetings of shareholders, securities exchange listing and compliance issues, and equity and debt offerings.

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Abrigo enables U.S. financial institutions to support their communities through technology that fights financial crime, grows loans and deposits, and optimizes risk. Abrigo’s platform centralizes the institution’s data, creates a digital user experience, ensures compliance, and delivers efficiency for scale and profitable growth. Make Big Things Happen.  Get started at
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The College Ave Student Loans Referral Program allows Virginia Bankers Association’s member banks to refer customers with private student loan needs to College Ave for origination and servicing. In return, the bank will receive an attractive referral fee. College Ave provides a better student loan experience by offering products that are simple, clear, and personalized for each borrower. 


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Compliance Alliance
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An expertly-staffed hotline, federal regulatory tools, policies and procedures, and unlimited reviews for small-to-medium community banks across the U.S. — the only all-inclusive banking compliance advisory. C/A’s nearly 1700 products and tools support 48 separate bank compliance areas –an unlimited-access Bank Compliance Library – conforms to the most recently published federal banking rules and regulations. Whether you are building institutional exam-readiness or a bank compliance program, C/A has all the resources, access, and availability for one membership subscription. Co-owned by the Virginia Bankers Association and 28 other state bankers associations across the country. To learn more about C/A’s new Virtual Compliance Officer service, call (833) 683-0701.


Crowe LLP 
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Crowe LLP is a public accounting, consulting, and technology firm that combines deep industry and specialized expertise with innovation. By listening to their clients, they learn about their businesses and the challenges they face. Their dedicated teams strive to deliver exceptional client service while upholding their core values and strong professional standards. They invest in tomorrow because they know smart decisions build lasting value for their clients, people, and profession. Crowe LLP’s services include Audit, Tax, Advisory, Risk and Performance Consulting.


D.A. Davidson
D.A. Davidson
Peter Losty, Vice President
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D.A. Davidson is an employee-owned financial services firm offering a range of financial services and advice to individuals, corporations, institutions, and municipalities nationwide. Founded in 1935 and headquartered in Great Falls, MT, the company has approximately 1,400 employees and offices in 28 states across the country, including one in Harrisonburg, VA. D.A. Davidson’s Investment Banking division is a leading full-service investment bank that offers comprehensive financial advisory and capital markets expertise. The group has extensive experience service middle market clients worldwide across four industry verticals: consumer, diversified industrials, financial institutions, and technology.


DCMI Mid-Atlantic Inc.
DCMI Mid-Atlantic Inc.
Val Riccardi, Principal
Email | (540) 253-2060
DCMI Mid-Atlantic Inc. is a real estate due diligence consulting firm specializing in the comprehensive assessment of existing real estate and new construction. Their products include property condition surveys, environmental assessments, detailed cost analysis and progress monitoring inspections on commercial, multi-family, single-family residential and land development projects.  Established in 2011, they are proud to be WBENC certified and a Virginia Women’s Owned Business that has grown to serve national lenders and community banks throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.


DDI Technology and IAA Company
DDI Technology an IAA Company
Luke Jumper, Account Executive
Email | (803) 638-1229
DDI Technology is the provider of the Premier eTitleLien© product, a leading web-based computer program, which enables banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions to efficiently participate in a state’s motor vehicle administration’s Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) program. DDI’s Premier Title Solution enables your Loan Operations team to streamline processes, improve reporting and manage exceptions within a simple, user-friendly application. Additional system features include tracking and auditing reports, extensive workflow and communication channels, user level customization and loan platform integration.  DDI Technology can assist your institution in all 50 states from title application to lien release while providing exceptional customer service.


Elliott Davis
Elliott Davis
Josh White, Shareholder
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Elliott Davis is a business solutions firm providing services to over 300 financial institutions across the United States, including 200 regional and community banks. Their team of over 100 professionals dedicated to the banking industry serves both public and private banks with audit, tax, advisory, and consulting services. Those consulting and advisory services, include internal audit, compliance reviews, BSA/AML, information technology/cyber security, SOX/FDICIA assistance, credit services, model validations, due diligence, process improvement assessments and plans, organizational consulting, and SOC reporting, among others. 


Equifax Sales Agent - RA Business Solutions
Equifax Sales Agent – RA Business Solutions
Matt Boyer, VP Credit Services
Email | (757) 455-9326
Retail Alliance was founded in 1903 as the sole credit bureau in Hampton Roads, Virginia. It has been RA’s mission to serve businesses in the Mid-Atlantic region as trusted advisors. The RA team provides lift by leveraging unparalleled Equifax data to power targeted solutions to mitigate risk, grow loans/deposits, and assist with ever changing compliance needs (CECL etc.).


FHLBank Atlanta
FHLBank Atlanta
Dan Brenton, Senior Relationship Manager
Email | (404) 888-8547
FHLBank Atlanta offers competitively-priced financing, community development grants, and other banking services to help member financial institutions make affordable home mortgages and provide economic development credit to neighborhoods and communities. The Bank’s members—its shareholders and customers—are commercial banks, credit unions, savings institutions, community development financial institutions, and insurance companies located in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. FHLBank Atlanta is one of 11 district banks in the Federal Home Loan Bank System. Since 1990, the FHLBanks have awarded approximately $7 billion in Affordable Housing Program funds, assisting more than 990,000 households.


Genesys Technology Group, LLC
Genesys Technology Group
David Saylor, President|Founder
Email | (770) 729-4139
Genesys was founded in 2007 to help community banks negotiate their core vendor contracts. The Fintech landscape is evolving rapidly, and their team understands this shifting landscape. They help your bank control existing technology expenses, evaluate Fintech partnerships, and maximize non-interest income through debit card optimization.  They also offer turn-key project management for all of your strategic technology initiatives.
Genesys is a VBA Endorsed Provider


Harland Clarke a Vericast Business
Harland Clarke
Billy Hicks, Account Executive/Key Markets Division
Email | (540) 315-0087
Harland Clarke is a leading provider of customer engagement solutions that help connect businesses and people how, when, and where it matters. The company offers payment tools such as checks and cards; and marketing services such as deposit and loan acquisition programs, digital marketing, performance analytics and promotional products for businesses. It deploys these solutions holistically, across print, phone, and digital channels, ensuring that the customers of its world-class client base enjoy a consistently superior experience. Harland Clarke is a Vericast business ( For more information, visit or follow Harland Clarke on LinkedIn and on Twitter @HarlandClarke. Click here for more information about Harland Clarke’s solution portfolio.
Harland Clarke is a VBA Endorsed Provider


IntraFi Network
IntraFi Network
Patrick Kealey, Regional Director-Mid-Atlantic
Email | (866) 776-6426 ex 3468
Promontory Interfinancial Network is now IntraFi NetworkSM. Having built the largest bank network of its kind, we’re a trusted ally to community banks that never competes with banks for their customers and that helps them to attract and maintain valuable customer relationships, grow reciprocal deposits, manage liquidity and generate fee income, diversify funding, and reduce collateralization. Work with the market leader to grow profitability and increase franchise value.
IntraFi Network is a VBA Endorsed Provider


Investors Title Insurance Company
VBA Multi-Bank Title Agencies
Investors Title Insurance Company & VBA Title Agencies
Norma Carroll, VP-Multi-State Marketing
Email | (865)384-7846
Investors Title Insurance Company underwrites and supports the issuance of title insurance for owners and mortgagees through a network of agencies throughout the United States. The Virginia Bankers Association partnered with Investors Title for more than 25 years to develop a profitable bank-owned title insurance agency program in Virginia and West Virginia. Through this partnership, owners of title agencies in Virginia and West Virginia have generated over $66 million in non-interest income.

Virginia Title Center, LLC
(800) 468-5811
Bankers Title Shenandoah, LLC
(888) 437-9560
Bankers Title, LLC
(800) 830-1414
West Virginia Bankers Title, LLC
(877)4 39-4910
VBA Management Services, Inc. provides management for 4 multi-bank owned title insurance agencies. Member banks earn income in the form of dividends based on their share of ownership. Over $66 million has been distributed to owner banks since 1993. The VBA works closely with Investors Title Insurance Company in Chapel Hill, NC, a company committed to the distribution of title insurance through agencies owned by financial institutions. Their dedication to banks and their superior financial ratings have earned the confidence and trust of the VBA and many of its members. With over 28 years experience, the VBA has helped more than 150 banks and six state banker associations become involved in the sale of title insurance.
Investors Title Insurance Company is a VBA Endorsed Provider


Gil Johnson, Regional Director
Email | (336) 682-6587
JMFA is one of the most trusted names in the industry. Whether it’s increasing revenue without raising fees, guaranteeing 100% compliance certainty, delivering better service through a fully-transparent overdraft program or uncovering new savings with vendor contract negotiations—JMFA offers comprehensive consulting to help you deliver measurable results.


Kimberly B. Snyder, CPA, CEO & Founder
Email | (540) 685-2559
KlariVis® is a unique and proprietary cloud-based data analytics solution that integrates with core and ancillary systems to transform banks’ data into easy-to-use interactive dashboards. KlariVis provides insight into key performance metrics such as deposit account growth, fee income, loan growth and trends, customer engagement levels, credit quality trends, financial results and more. KlariVis delivers this data seamlessly allowing banks to quickly digest the information and focus attention on strategic decision making that will increase customer engagement and drive revenue.
KlariVis is a VBA Endorsed Provider


Motleys Asset Disposition
Motleys Asset Disposition Group/Fortis Trustee Foreclosure/Richmond Auto Auction
Mark Motley, President/CEO
Email | (804) 822-3125
Motleys Asset Disposition Group offers capital recovery for clients nationwide. Motleys specializes in commercial and residential real estate, including foreclosures, as well as the liquidation of surplus industrial assets. Richmond Auto Auction holds an auto auction every week featuring 500+ vehicles. With a team of certified appraisers, the company assists clients with tailored programs and products that include cash buyouts and guarantees, accelerated sales, auctions and liquidation, and brokerage services.

Stephen Hoy, Major Market Sales Executive I Virginia
Email | (757) 618-3422
You may not have the budget you’d like, and you don’t have limitless time, but you still have big plans. Like everyone, you want to attract top talent. You want to get smarter about creating strategic benefit packages. And you want to use data to predict the future needs of your business. Paycor can help. With the right technology and expertise every step of the way, they can help you get to the next level.
Paycor is a VBA Endorsed Provider


Chris Carlton, Account Executive, Business Development
Email | (804) 302-8510 (O); (804) 346-7915 (C)
Paymerang provides streamlined invoice and payment automation solutions that bring Accounts Payable (AP) departments into the modern age. Paymerang’s solutions save AP departments hundreds of hours annually, enhance visibility, increase accuracy, improve efficiency, and earn rebates while reducing paper, fraud risks, and operating costs. 


Dennis Falk, SVP, MidAtlantic Regional Manager
Email | (804) 356-2048
Dedicated to serving the needs of community-based financial institutions since1997, PCBB’s comprehensive and robust set of products and services include correspondent and commercial services, hedging, and international. PCBB also offers a variety of consulting services ranging from asset liability management, relationship profitability, stress testing, and loan reserve analysis, including CECL. Their services are designed to help you compete more effectively, but they never compete against you for your own customers.


Piper Sandler
Piper Sandler
Scott Hildenbrand, Chief Balance Sheet Strategist
Email | (212) 466-7865
Avi J. Barak, Managing Director
Email | (212) 466-7908
Scott Clark, Principal, Investment Banking
Email | (212) 466-7965
Frank Blanco, Managing Director
Email | (212) 466-7881
Bill Boyan, Managing Director
Email | (212) 466-7720
John Burke, Associate Director
Email | (212)466-7823
Piper Sandler Companies (NYSE: PIPR) is a leading investment bank driven to help clients Realize the Power of Partnership®. In the financial services space, Piper Sandler Companies (formerly Sandler O’Neill + Partners, L.P.) is a full-service investment banking firm dedicated to providing comprehensive, innovative advisory and transaction execution services. The firm specializes in strategic business planning, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, mutual to stock conversions, investment portfolio and interest rate risk management, fixed income securities transactions, and mortgage finance restructurings. Piper Sandler Companies is also a market maker in hundreds of financial stocks and publishes equity research focused on selected banks and thrifts, insurance companies, investment banks, asset managers, specialty finance companies, e-finance companies, real estate investment trusts, and financial technology companies.


PNC Bank
PNC Bank
Richard Ferry, SVP/Managing Director, Financial Institutions Group
Email | (412) 672-9256
As one of the nation’s largest diversified financial services organizations, PNC delivers a comprehensive range of Capital Markets, Advisory and Banking solutions to help your financial institution solve today’s challenges and pursue tomorrow’s opportunities. PNC’s Financial Institutions Group understands today’s banking environment and will deliver the right financial resources tailored to your unique needs.


Reich & Tang
Reich & Tang
Ward Rice, Managing Director, Banking and Trust Services
Email | (212) 830-5307 (O); (404) 433-7886 (C)
R&T provides flexible balance sheet management and funding solutions to banks and enables trust managers to offer multi-million dollar FDIC insured cash programs as smart alternatives to money funds.


SouthState Bank Correspondent Division
SouthState Bank Correspondent Division
Charlie Winborne, First Vice President
Email | (704) 607-4737 (C); (704) 496-2612 (O)  
SouthState Bank, NA has over $40 Billion in assets in the southeast,  based in Winter Haven, Florida.  Its Correspondent Division was created in 2008 and is based in Atlanta with over eighty-five professionals across the country dedicated to correspondent services.  The Team manages over 700 relationships in 45 states, and as their customers and their communities expand and grow, SouthState is committed to delivering innovative products and services.  In addition to Atlanta, Correspondent offices are located in Birmingham, AL; San Francisco, CA; and Winston-Salem, NC.  Additional Business Development offices are located in Dallas, TX; Charlotte, NC; Chicago, IL; and New York, NY.  To find out more about loan hedging, international services and their fixed income offerings please contact Charlie Winborne in Charlotte.


Spotts Fain
Spotts Fain
Robert H. Chappell, III, Shareholder and Director
Email | (804) 697-2000
Spotts Fain is a full-service business law firm conveniently located in downtown Richmond. Businesses throughout Virginia and beyond have turned to Spotts Fain for legal representation and advice since 1988. The firm offers a range of legal services for banks and other financial institutions, including lender representation at closings, bankruptcy representation, commercial foreclosure, commercial litigation, loan workouts, collections, commercial loan transactions, secured transactions, counseling of management in employee matters, intellectual property protection and litigation, and private placements.


Strategic Resource Management (SRM)
Strategic Resource Management, Inc. (SRM)
Dana Davis, Senior Vice President
Email | (704) 906-0440
SRM helps financial institutions add value to their bottom line in areas such as payments, digital transformation, core processing, artificial intelligence, and operational efficiency. SRM’s decades of experience have lowered costs, enhanced revenues, increased productivity, and provided a competitive edge for clients in an environment of constant and accelerating change.


Strategic Risk Associates (SRA)
Strategic Risk Association (SRA)
Rob Mitchell, Partner
Email | (804) 366-1584
Strategic Risk Associates (SRA) is a technology solution provider and risk management consulting practice serving the Financial Services industry. Our national firm has worked with many VBA members and has the credentials and experience to help solve your issues and build value for your banking franchise. Our team consists of former bankers and bank examiners who have held senior level positions in community, regional and national banks and/or regulatory agencies. SRA provides fast, efficient, and practical consulting and advisory services, specializing in merger and acquisition due diligence, loan reviews, stress tests, enterprise risk management, regulatory issues, and fractional support. We blend experience and technology to help you address your issues in real-time and manage risk through today’s challenging economic climate. SRA is currently offering free 90 day trials of the ERM credit module.


Eric Gray, Regional Sales Executive
Email | (872) 246-6224
Syntellis Performance Solutions, previously Kaufman Hall Software, provides powerful budgeting and planning, profitability, incentive compensation, and reporting and analytics software to help institutions elevate organizational performance and transform vision into reality. Hundreds of leading banks use Axiom to manage over $1 trillion in assets; combined with BPM Partners top satisfaction rankings for 9 consecutive years, their proven industry expertise helps financial institutions acquire insights, accelerate decisions and advance their business plans.


Tranzon Fox
Tranzon Fox

Bill Londrey, Partner
Email | (804) 355-2251 (O); (804) 513-0544 (C)
Northern Virginia/Metro DC:
Jeff Stein, Partner
Email | (703) 539-8111 (O); (703) 626-7404
Hampton Roads:
Seth White, Auction Association
Email | (757) 650-6424
Tranzon Fox is a full-service auction company providing real estate auction and accelerated marketing services, as well as liquidations of businesses and other financial assets for financial institutions, trustees, corporations, individuals, and estates. Tranzon Fox is a member of Tranzon, LLC, an elite group of experienced and highly respected auction companies located throughout the United States. Together, member companies comprise one of the leading real estate auction organizations in the nation, with more than 30 offices from coast to coast. Tranzon has conducted auctions in 47 states and the District of Columbia, and has collectively sold more than $1.5 Billion in assets.


Christin Armacost, Director of Equity Funds
Email | (804) 297-3005
As the only Virginia-based tax credit equity fund, their impact-making investments have had exceptional performance, with a history of every managed tax credit fund exceeding the targeted after tax rate of return. They have invested more than $688 million to help finance more than 9,650 affordable housing units in over 235 different communities in Virginia and its adjoining states. Talk with VCDC about how you can invest in vibrant communities, together!
VCDC is a VBA Endorsed Provider


Vining Sparks
Vining Sparks
McNeill Wells, Senior Vice President
Email | (877) 786-0955
Vining Sparks is a fixed income firm focused on investment and balance sheet needs of financial institutions. It began as a securities dealer with an Asset/Liability Management focus 40 years ago and continues serving domestic and international institutional investors with the total balance sheet in mind. It is employee-owned with over $100mm in partners’ equity and annual trading volume averaging $150 billion. Vining Sparks ranks in the top 15 underwriters of new U.S. Agency debt.


YHB CPAs & Consultants
(540) 662-3417
Justin Crowder, Principal 
Curtis Thompson, Principal
Tom Milburn, Principal
Jesse Meadows, Principal
Drew Throckmorton, Principal
Brandon Driver, Principal
David Henning, Principal
Bryan Newlin, Principal
Luke Gore, Principal
The YHB Financial Institutions Team takes a holistic approach to assisting community banks with growing, managing, and protecting their hard work. With over 200 professionals across 9 locations, they partner with many of the region’s most trailblazing leaders and banks. They are passionate about making sure your bank has the tools and support it needs to thrive.


Zurich Insurance
Zurich Insurance
Mark DeLawter, CIC, AFSB, Assistant Vice President – Financial Institutions
Email | (704) 516-7442
Jeff Michinok, Underwriting Manager, Zurich Middle Markets
Email | (215) 861-6757
Zurich’s products, services and team of experts can help banks prosper in a risk-filled world.  With more than 130 years of experience insuring community banks, we help community banks address specialized risks and preserve capital.  Available coverages include Financial Institution Bond, D&O Liability, Professional Liability, Cyber Security & Privacy Liability, Property, General Liability, Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto, Umbrella, Mortgagee Protection Insurance, REO/Force Placed Property, and more.
Zurich is a VBA Endorsed Provider