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Committees are one of the most productive tools for the VBA. Whether you are chairing a committee or are a committee member, you have the opportunity to get involved in the work the committee was formed to accomplish.

Your contribution and your participation on the committee will determine its success or failure.  If you participate, get involved and encourage others on the committee to do so, the committee will be successful.  Enthusiasm is contagious!  The contributions of a committee can have a direct impact on the decisions made by the VBA, as well as those made during our strategic planning process.

This webpage presents guidelines that should make your term on the committee more productive. Thank you for getting involved in committee work and for all you do for your association.

Antitrust Policy: It is the policy of the Virginia Bankers Association to comply with all antitrust laws. In furtherance thereof, bankers should refrain from discussing the pricing of banking services or controlling banking markets.

VBA Committees/Mission Statements

CFO Committee

Mission StatementProvide a venue for collaboration and sharing of ideas for senior finance managers of VBA member banks to facilitate professional growth.

Compliance Committee

Mission Statement: Dedicated to providing a valuable service to the VBA’s member banks on matters of regulatory compliance risk, issues, and best practices in a timely manner.  The committee will recommend and coordinate affordable, yet quality, compliance education through the use of schools, seminars and networking.

Emerging Bank Leaders Steering Committee

Mission Statement: To ensure a continuum of leadership for the future of Virginia banking.

Government Relations Committee

Mission Statement: To protect and defend the interests of Virginia’s banking industry through active support of the VBA’s political and legislative efforts.

Human Resources Committee

Mission Statement: To enhance Virginia bankers’ ability to succeed by providing human resources leadership that inspires individual growth and commitment. The committee serves as a valuable resource on human resource initiatives and to promote professional development.

Legal Affairs Committee

Mission Statement: To enhance the ability of the association and its member banks to respond to legal challenges affecting banking in Virginia.  To this end, the committee shall identify and review legal issues of concern; assist in developing legislative, regulatory, and judicial initiatives; and otherwise serve as a forum for the dissemination of information concerning legal developments impacting banks in Virginia.

Legislative Executives Committee

Mission Statement: To organize legislative representation for larger financial institutions.

Lending Executives Committee

Mission Statement: Offers a learning environment for senior-level lending officers within the Virginia banking community and provides input and feedback to the VBA on key legislative issues and lending opportunities that impact Virginia banks.

Marketing Committee

Mission Statement: Provides a venue for idea sharing, collaboration and problem solving on bank marketing and public relations issues.

Operations & Technology Committee

Mission Statement: Provide a venue for peer networking and discussion on best practices for operations and technology professionals within the VBA member banks.

Retail Executives Committee

Mission Statement: Fostering a robust retail banking environment in the Commonwealth of Virginia whereby customers prosper by way of enhanced products, services and delivery options; senior retail executives grow professionally through peer exchange and education; banks profit from enhanced retail strategies; and the VBA promotes and safeguards retail banking against threats within the financial system with the support of state legislative officials.

Security & Enterprise Risk Management Committee

Mission Statement: Promote the sharing of security and enterprise risk management best practices within the Virginia Banking community.  Provide peer networking opportunities, industry insights and expertise to assist members in remaining at the forefront of security and enterprise risk management advancements.

Training Committee

Mission Statement: To provide a forum for peer networking and discussion on best practices and innovation in bank training.

Trust & Wealth Management Committee 

Mission Statement: To provide a venue for collaboration and sharing of ideas to foster a robust trust and wealth management environment in the Commonwealth of Virginia so that clients benefit by way of expanded competitive services and delivery options; trust and wealth management executives grow professionally through peer exchange and education; banks benefit from developing ways to offer trust and wealth management services as part of comprehensive relationships with clients; and the VBA promotes, represents and enhances the bank trust and wealth management industry with the support of state legislative and regulatory officials.

Committee Purpose & Operational Guidelines


The VBA has numerous standing committees which represent many areas of banking. The general sharing of time and talent by bankers contributes to a stronger banking community in the Commonwealth.  Specifically, committees are asked to:

  • Provide input to the VBA on matters affecting the banking industry and the committee’s functional area of banking
  • Identify possible legislative and/or regulatory issues 
  • Provide input on education and training needs
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and for networking that will benefit committee members and their banks

Operational Guidelines

  • The VBA Chair appoints all committee chairs.
  • Committee members serve a one-year term from January 1 – December 31 and may be able to serve future terms.
  • Committee members serve by virtue of being employed by VBA member banks and having the support of their banks.
  • If, for any reason, a committee member is unable to fulfill their one-year service commitment, they may resign by notifying the committee liaison and chair.  
  • Meeting dates are established for the entire program year and are generally once a quarter.  The meeting venue, if in-person, is usually at the VBA office in Glen Allen, VA.  
  • There is no reimbursement of expenses incurred by any committee member for attending committee meetings or programs.
  • Committee members should avoid all conflicts of interest and must maintain the confidentiality of all discussions relating to services, products, projects and planning of the VBA.
  • Committee meetings are for committee members only, and to maintain the integrity of the committee as a group of peers, substitutes are not allowed. On the occasion that a committee member would like a guest to attend a meeting with them, the committee member should coordinate in advance with the VBA staff committee liaison.
  • All committee members are expected to refrain from discussions or activities that may violate antitrust laws.
  • Committee chairmen and members are not empowered to represent the association with the media unless cleared with the VBA president & CEO.

Expectations of Committee Chairs

The role of the chair is to facilitate meetings and ensure the committee achieves its goals. General responsibilities include:

  • Makes contact with the VBA staff liaison to prepare for the next meeting
  • Gives input as to appropriate agenda items for meetings
  • Assures the meeting starts and stops on time
  • Remains impartial
  • Makes sure everyone has a voice and no one person dominates the proceedings
  • Controls staying the course of the agenda
  • If appropriate, receives motions; calls for seconds, discussion and vote, if needed
  • Summarizes discussions/decisions coming out of the meeting
  • Assigns tasks as necessary
  • In conjunction with the VBA staff liaison, sets the meeting schedule
  • Maintains contact with committee members on any issues requiring attention
  • Gives VBA staff liaison input on future meetings and direction of the committee

Most committees may appoint a member to serve as vice-chair during the current year whose role is to:

  • Assist the chair as needed
  • Facilitate meetings in the absence of the chair

Expectations of Committee Members

The role of each committee member is vital to the total success of the committee. Active input and participation are key in obtaining committee objectives and keeping the committee to its mission. Members are expected to:

  • With the approval and support of your CEO, commit to serving and actively participating in the work of the committee for the full term
  • Be prepared to lead and participate in discussions throughout the year
  • Review any relevant material before committee meetings in preparation for contributing and voicing opinions concerning committee issues
  • Attend meetings and committee-sponsored events/symposiums, when appropriate
  • Carry out any committee assignments made by the committee chair
  • Share any market information and experiences which will help the committee make informed decisions
  • If, for any reason, a committee member is unable to fulfill the one-year service commitment, the member may resign by notifying the committee liaison and committee chair.  

Expectations of VBA Staff Liaisons

Acting as a link between the VBA and committee members, the designated staff liaison is expected to:

  • With the committee chair, prepare a schedule of dates for the meetings
  • Send out meeting notifications
  • In concert with the chair and others, prepare and distribute an agenda before the meeting
  • With the chair, decide on the meeting venue  
  • Be prepared to report on any VBA initiatives affecting the committee
  • Ask for input in formulating VBA programs/events/education
  • Keep committee members apprised of any pertinent issues
  • Maintain committee members’ contact information
  • Distribute materials, articles, and reports germane to the committee members’ bank function when appropriate
  • Together with the VBA staff, coordinate the planning of committee-sponsored events, when appropriate

Preparing for a Committee Meeting

Preparation is key to success. Committee meetings are no exception. Good communication about meeting expectations between the chair and staff liaison before meetings and events lays the groundwork for a successful meeting. With input from the chair and other committee members when necessary, the staff liaison prepares the agenda, which should include all topics to be discussed, as well as any supporting materials.  The agenda will be distributed to committee members before the meeting. Meeting starting and ending times, as well as date and venue, will be communicated well in advance to optimize attendance and participation.

Meeting Structure

A typical meeting would include:

  • A call to order and welcome by the chair
  • Roll call or acknowledgment of who is in attendance by the chair
  • Introduction of any guests
  • Discussion and resolution of agenda items, led by the chair
  • Report by the staff liaison on any VBA-related issues or initiatives
  • Offer of any new business or discussion items from committee members
  • Assignments, if any, distributed to committee members
  • Review of the next meeting date
  • Adjournment

Guidelines for Committee Events

A significant ingredient in the professional development efforts at the VBA is the many events sponsored annually by our committees. It is important to maximize the coordination of efforts among the VBA staff, committee staff liaison, and committee members to ensure the success of each event. To that end, the following guidelines should be followed for event planning:


  • Discuss and recommend topics (the event should be an agenda item for all meetings)
  • Suggest speakers and sponsors, subject to VBA approval
  • Attend the event and help market the event among bankers’ peers and within their banks
  • Chair should emcee the event

Staff Liaison

  • Participate in discussion and monitor topic relevance
  • Work closely with the VBA Education & Training and Member Relations departments in securing sponsors, when necessary
  • Attend the event and actively host those attending

VBA Education & Training Team

  • Attend committee meetings as necessary to participate in event planning
  • Suggest/secure speakers and update the committee on the progress
  • Select and secure venue, including lodging for attendees and necessary food service
  • Market the program on a timely basis through available media (VBA website, e-mails, social media, and direct mailings)
  • Secure vendor sponsors, when necessary, in a team approach with the appropriate VBA staff members
  • Assemble and prepare materials to be used in presentations
  • Provide necessary on-site management for the entire event
  • Provide effective communication during the event between VBA staff and venue management and among vendors, sponsors, VBA staff, and committee members/attendees
  • Review event results with committee members after the event

While the planning process may vary slightly depending on the event, it is important to start the process as early as possible for optimum success.

2024 Committee Sponsored Events

For a complete list of virtual and in-person events, please visit our event calendar where you can filter by type of event and function area.

VBA Committees Resource Webpage

The VBA Committees Resource webpage houses the information you’ll need to know for the current committee year, including committees’ meeting schedules, rosters of current committee members, committee chair and VBA staff liaison information, FAQs and more. Please bookmark this page for easy access during the year.