VBA/ABA Washington Summit
Advance the Policy Discussion and Hear from Key Policymakers

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The annual VBA/ABA Washington Summit brings together bankers from Virginia and across the country for an opportunity to be the first to hear perspectives from key policymakers; updates on financial inclusion and other industry hot topics; and the policy outlook and priorities for Congress from ABA’s experts.

All of us are obligated to provide our real world expertise, perspective and assistance where needed. Your participation can have a direct impact on public policy discussions that affect our industry, customers and communities. A strong banking industry is central to our nation’s economic recovery. Let’s deliver a unified and amplified voice when it matters most.

Summit attendees will hear from lawmakers and regulators. Details for the 2023 Washington Summit will be announced later this year.

Registration Information

The 2022 Summit took place March 7-9 in Washington, D.C. Registration information for the 2023 Summit will be available later this year.