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VBA Careers in Banking Toolkit

On this page, you’ll find resources to share with students and anyone interested in a career in banking.

Resources: Watch & Present

Careers in Banking Video Series

Presenters: Nathalia Artus, Atlantic Union Bank; Ryan Eisenberg, TowneBank; Jamie Johnson, Farmers Bank; Nicole Martin, Benchmark Community Bank; Amy Mellinger, Powell Valley National Bank; and Marcus Wade, Bank of Botetourt

In this series of videos, you will learn about different careers in banking and what personality traits, skills and courses support each of the job functions at a bank.

Careers in Banking Presentations

  • ABA Bankers and Banking - What's in It For You? PowerPoint
  • ABA Bankers and Banking - What's in It For You? Presentation Guide
    During this presentation, you’ll introduce students to the importance of developing a relationship with a bank and explain some of the services banks offer young people. Students will consider a variety of scenarios in which teens like themselves are in need of help. At the end, students will identify their own personal banking needs.
  • ABA Becoming a Banker - PowerPoint
  • ABA Becoming a Banker - Presentation Guide
  • ABA Becoming a Banker PowerPoint - PDF
    During this presentation, you will introduce students to the many careers in the banking sector, talking with them about six distinct career paths. Students will learn: why each job is important, challenges of the job, how careers within the banking industry call upon a variety of skills beyond just an affinity for finance, and will be able to relate these opportunities back to their own interests. At the end, students will have the opportunity to formulate interview questions.
  • Careers in Banking Presentation Template
    During this presentation, you will introduce students to the variety of careers in banking, with the opportunity to share the presenter’s story of how they became a banker. This presentation includes customizable slides to information about the banker’s background, their experience in banking, and information about the bank as well as slides on the perks of being a banker.

community engagement panel

Panelists: Terry Parker, TowneBank; Dale Schuurman, Blue Ridge Bank; and Sherry Williams, Chesapeake Bank

In this video, Terry, Dale and Sherry discuss the variety of ways banks across Virginia support the communities they serve. They discuss the industry’s role in financial education, diversity, equity and inclusion, and other partnerships with community organizations. 

View their discussion here.

other video resources

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