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Congratulations on your election as a class officer of the Virginia Bankers School of Bank Management.  Please use this site as a planning resource for class events, gifts, communication and more.  Please also use each other as a resource - upperclassmen are always willing to assist.  On the VBA side, please contact Kristen Reid with questions.

Class Officer Descriptions


  • As president, you will be responsible for organizing the team to accomplish tasks. You are also responsible for serving as the liaison between the VBA and your class while school is in session. During your weeks at school, you keep the class informed of upcoming events, changes in the schedule, etc.  For example, past presidents have had daily class meetings, newsletters, etc.  It is important to remember that you are the face of your class and they need to hear from you. In between sessions, the president maintains contact with the class with the assistance of the secretary. Past classes have utilized group chat apps and monthly newsletters as a means of staying in contact. Your overall goal is to keep the lines of communication open and the goals on track. See below for more class president specific roles and responsibilities. 

Vice President

  • The vice president serves as the catch-all.  With so many things going on at the same time, the vice president has to be ready to act in the capacity of class president in the event the president is either unable to do so or leaves the banking industry. In addition, the vice president assists in the coordination of the charity project, and assists in the coordination of the 3rd year party. Along with the president, the vice president works with volunteers who want to help with class initiatives. See below for more information about the 3rd year class party and charity event.


  • The secretary is responsible for maintaining the current student roster for your class in conjunction with the VBA, handling class correspondence, etc. Past secretaries have also created “get to know your classmates” interviews. See below for more information about class communications. 


  • The treasurer is responsible for collecting class dues and preparing, maintaining, and updating the class budget.  In addition, the treasurer is the primary contact for opening a checking account and keeping track of each receipt and disbursement and reporting this to the other class officers.  In the event your class has funds remaining after graduating, talk with the VBA staff.  In the past, classes have donated the money to a charity of their choice or to the VBA for financial literacy efforts through the VBA Education Foundation. See below for more information on class dues and setting up the class bank account.

General Information for All Class Officers

  • Setting Up a Class Bank Account & Collecting Class Dues. To help pay for the 3rd year party, class gifts, and charity expenses, class officers will charge annual class dues. Dues amounts cannot exceed $50/year. All expenses will need to be paid from the dues collected.  You are asked not to solicit your banks for additional contributions.  It is a good practice to invoice for all three years of dues in the first year so you know how much you have to work with over the next two years.

    • The class treasurer will need to setup a bank account in their name and also include another class officer’s name on the account as well. 
      • The treasurer will open an account at their bank under the Virginia Bankers Association name and EIN. The account address was also the VBA’s so statements go there.
      • Please connect with Suzanne Jenkins at the VBA before setting up your class account – she can provide you with the VBA EIN and will also want to make sure that the VBA receives a copy of the monthly statements. 
    • To collect dues, send an invoice (see sample below) to your class so people have something to submit through their bank’s accounts payable.
    • Checks and ACH payments can be accepted, but being able to identify who payments are from is the key. 
    • Class Dues Invoice Template
  • The Pouring. All class officers are invited to attend The Pouring on Thursday evening during Bank School at The Boar’s Head Resort.  Attire is summer dressy (sundresses for women and dress pants and a button down for men).  VBA staff members will provide the reception time and details each year.
    • The Pouring is an annual reception for the purposes of networking for Virginia Bankers School of Bank Management Trustees, school faculty, staff, local bank leadership and school class officers.  
  • Extra Class President Duties. 
    • Virginia Bankers School of Bank Management Trustees Meeting. The three class presidents will be invited to attend the fall Virginia Bankers School of Bank Management Trustees meeting.  This typically takes place in October or November in person with a remote option at the VBA Headquarters in Glen Allen, VA. You will receive a direct invitation from the VBA staff via email/Outlook.  At this meeting, the presidents will be asked to provide a brief 2-3 minute report on behalf of their class about their resident session experience.  Reports typically include general feedback on instructors, the social itinerary, class communication, and class dynamics and successes.  Attendance at this meeting also allows you to contribute your input on the discussion about next year’s program.  The meeting discussion is to be kept confidential.
    • Service on the VBA Emerging Bank Leaders (EBL) Steering Committee.  Class presidents, by way of their position, will serve on the VBA EBL Steering Committee through their third year.  This is the governing committee of the VBA Emerging Bank Leaders.  The group meets four times per year and hosts the VBA Leadership Conference in the fall.
  • Class Communications. The class officers will determine the best way for their class to communicate between resident sessions.  This could be a private Facebook page, a slack channel, a GroupMe messaging app, etc.).  The class secretary will communicate the plan with the rest of the class before the resident session ends their first year and get everyone setup/invited/connected.
  • Gifts. 
    • 1st Year Gifts. It is school tradition for the 2nd year class to provide welcome gifts for the first year students.  You will use class dues money to purchase these gifts.  In the past, gifts have included cups with the Bank School logo filled with school supplies like pens, highlighters, post-it notes, and candy or mints or drawstring backpacks with the Bank School logo and similar items inside.  The 2nd year class will place the gifts on the desks of the first year class on Sunday so they are there when the 1st year students walk in on Monday morning.
    • 3rd Year Gifts.  When you are in your 3rd year, you will coordinate the selection and purchase of a gift item for each graduating member of the 3rd year class.  For the last several years, this gift has been a diploma frame.  Please see the vendor section below for a suggestion on where to purchase the frames.  Other classes have chosen to provide items with the Bank School logo to include padfolios, tailgate chairs, and windbreakers.
  • 3rd Year Events. 
    • ​3rd Year Party. There are two major events that the 3rd year class will be responsible for planning. The 3rd year party is the largest, most expensive event. In the months leading into the 3rd year resident session, the 3rd year class officers will be responsible for working with the rest of their class and potentially a social committee of their peers to plan and host a 3rd year party for all Bank School students.  Work with your entire class on deciding whether you want a theme, decorations, party favors, musical entertainment, food and beverage, and more.  Coordinating the location, set-up, and clean-up are all part of your to-do list and you will work with the VBA to make sure they are in the loop. 
      • It is very helpful to delegate some of this responsibility by organizing a social committee. This committee can assist with most aspects of the party. The dues and donations (please do not solicit your bank for donations) are used to cover this expense because there is no cover charge for the party. 
    • 3rd Year Class Charity/Community Service Event. The second major event is the 3rd year class charity/community service event. The 3rd year started selecting a local Charlottesville organization to support back in the early 2000s as a way to give back to the community that provides so much support to our program.  Each year the 3rd year class officers, with input from their classmates, choose a local organization to support through financially or through the contribution of donated items.  In the past, classes have stuffed bookbags with school supplies for the local YMCA, others have organized bowling tournaments for all Bank School students to raise money for a financial contribution to the cause, and others have asked for donations of certain items on the organization’s wish list. It is completely up to your class how you structure any fundraising or donation requests and which organization you choose to support.  

First Year Items of Note/Responsibilities 

  • Attend the Pouring
  • Determine Communications Channel/Strategy
  • Make a Plan for Collecting Class Dues and Setup the Class Bank Account
  • Communicate Throughout the Year with Your Class
  • Class President Will be Asked to Send a Monthly Communication to the Class (Template will be Provided by the VBA)

Second Year Items of Note/Responsibilities 

  • Attend the Pouring
  • Purchase Gifts for the 1st Year Class
  • Choose your Charity
  • Begin Talking about the Charity Event and 3rd Year Party
  • Class President Will be Asked to Send a Monthly Communication to the Class (Template will be Provided by the VBA)
  • Class President May be Asked to Speak at Orientation

Third Year Items of Note/Responsibilities 

  • See the 3rd Year Events Section Above Under the “General Information for All Class Officers” dropdown for more information on the 3rd year class party and charity/community service event.
  • Attend the Pouring
  • Plan and Host Charity Event
  • Plan and Host Third Year Party
  • Purchase a Parting Gift for the Third Year Class
  • Class President May be Asked to Speak at Orientation
  • Class President Required to Speak at Graduation
  • Class President Will be Asked to Send a Monthly Communication to the Class (Template will be Provided by the VBA)

Class of 2024 and 2025 Class Officer Contact Information

Class of 2024

Danielle Atwood -
Carter Bank & Trust

Vice President
Julie Lineberry -

Chris Biby -
United Bank

Jennifer Grant -

Class of 2025

Ashley Mizelle -

Vice President
Maggie Andrea -
United Bank

Rosa Coffey -
Bank of Botetourt

Eboni Lee –
Benchmark Community Bank

Class Email Lists

An Excel spreadsheet can be accessed here (each class has a tab with the current email list).

Vendor Suggestions 

Diploma Frames:

Church Hill Classics

Class of 2021 Invoice for Pricing Info

Diploma Frame Example

DJ Greg G804-400-6148;

Kardinal Hall: Chrissy Hunt; 434-989-1017;

Random Row: Private Inquiry form here.

Budget Template

Bank School Budget to Actual EXAMPLE

Bank School Graphics 

Use the Bank School seal graphic below when you are ordering any Bank School logo gift items. If you need a different format of the logo other than the JPEG below, please email Monica McDearmon.

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