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Managing Remote Employees
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You don’t master the art of leading and managing through luck; you master it with training, experience, self-learning, and applying best practices. As a supervisor, you must have the attitude, aptitude, skill-set, confidence, persistence, and commitment to excel in this multi-tasking, challenging role. This training will help take your expertise to a new level as you learn how to collaborate and coach your employees to excel on the job.

Whether new or seasoned supervisors, attendees find this in-person experiential supervisor training invigorating, motivating and applicable to managing and supervising others. You will learn how to manage crucial conversations and challenging situations. You will practice a coaching approach that encourages your staff to be engaged and accountable.

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Program Highlights

Excelling at Leading, Supervising & Coaching

  • Understanding yourself and others
  • Handling those difficult conversations with employees
  • Address difficult or uninspired team members
  • Ask the right questions using the WDEP system
  • Benefits of a behavior change plan
  • Communicating with positive confrontation
  • Employee one-on-one meetings
  • Practice conversations
  • Skills in giving and receiving feedback
  • Assessing your Supervisor effectiveness

Equip yourself to build a productive team

  • Learn how to develop and utilize teamwork in your workplace
  • Ideas to empower and motivate within the workplace
  • A dive into employee engagement
  • Best practices in all facets of leading and managing people
  • Managing the generational gaps
  • The Ideal Team Player
  • Vulnerability & Trust

Creating a collaborating work environment – group discussion

  • Recruiting & Hiring – best practices
  • Training & onboarding – strategies to develop your people
  • Setting performance standards
  • Performance reviews – No surprises

Other topics suggested by participants will also be covered throughout the session.


Karen Butcher says her vast career experience prepared her for the roles of Head Coach and Pivotal People Trainer at InterAction Training. Her work diversity includes: High School Home Economics Teacher, 4-H Youth Agent, Mary Kay Sales Director, Training Manager at the Kentucky League of Cities and Director of Training at Whitaker Bank Corporation of Kentucky. She considers earning the Certified Bank Training Professional credential in 2016, one of her top career achievements.

From her time in the trenches, she has seen the need for a new leadership philosophy where leaders hold themselves and their teams accountable and let go of outdated practices

Karen is a faith-filled woman who is courageous, resilient, and compassionate. She and her husband Gene are parents to five sons, two daughters-in-love, and grandparents to three-year-old Teddy. They live in Stamping Ground, KY where they raise sheep, chickens, and vegetables.

Registration Fees & Hotel Information

The registration fees for this program are:
VBA Members:  $525
Non-Members:  $1025

You can register for both Bank Manager School-Lead Intentionally AND Managing Remote Employees  (see details below) for $725 (VBA Members) and $1225 (Non-Members).  If you would like to register for both programs, contact Gail Queen for registration assistance.

Hotel Information

Hyatt Place Richmond/Innsbrook
4100 Cox Road
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060
(804) 747-9644

The VBA has negotiated a room rate of $98+tax.  Reservations will be made directly by individuals through the below link.  Rooms must be reserved by October 14, 2022.

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VIRTUAL ADD-ON OPTION - Managing Remote Employees

Managing Remote Employees will be held May 3, 2022 from 9:30am to 12:30pm.

Managing remote employees is still a hot topic for most leaders when considering their top challenges.  (So if you’ve been wondering if you’re “doing it right,” you’re not alone.)  

This session will help managers of all levels feel more comfortable leading virtually, whether their teams are 100% remote or a dynamic combination.  Participants will gain insights into common challenges, established best practices, and creative solutions in remote employee management.  Each attendee will be able to identify multiple practices they can implement quickly, including options for fostering resilience and avoiding burnout, engaging trainees, utilizing simple communication techniques and leadership tips to balance human connection and productivity needs, mastering time management habits, clarifying expectations and shaping team norms, and more!

The following topics will be covered:

Managing Remote Employees

  1.  Productivity Regardless of Location
  • How to support your team’s best productivity
  • How to support your own best productivity
  • Multi-tasking myth-busting
  • Time-management best practices
  • Work location Tips/best practices (ensuring there’s a specific place to work, working hours, breaks, etc.)

2.  Resilience & Stress Management

  • Strategies for coping with stress and anxiety
  • Recognizing what team members need to thrive
  • Tips for managing, leading, coaching, mentoring, inspiring, motivating and when to use various approaches

3.  Engaging Remote Teams

  • Similarities and differences of in-person and remote
  • How do I know if they’re working? (Or slacking, or burning out?)
  • Establishing office hours, routines, and communication protocols.
  • Ideas to try today: Tips from the trenches – case studies on what’s worked pre and post pandemic.

4.  Virtual Training FAQs

  • Do I need to customize to learning styles or is that passe?
  • What size group is ideal for virtual sessions?
  • What if I can’t require cameras on?
  • How do I know they are paying attention?
  • How do I know if I need a moderator?
  • What tech works on a budget? 
  • Platform review, hybrid case studies, assessing audience needs and preferences with a survey


Heather Legge is a senior training specialist for InterAction training. Heather is also a certified executive coach, founder of Envision Success Inc, and author of Lead With Moxie.

Since starting her consulting career in 2006, Heather has worked with hundreds of leaders in all sizes of organization (including First National Bank, Salvation Army, Mass Mutual, Metro FCU, Cresa, Wells Fargo, CSG, State Farm, Keller Williams, Fidelity, Farmers Insurance, YMCS, Centris FCU, WIFS)

Previously, she earned her master’s in business administration and spent over 15 years in multiple industries transforming organizational performance through business analysis, project management, training and employee development.

Heather is also a recovering perfectionist, data nerd, occasional runner, red wine lover, and scuba diver. She lives in Omaha, NE with her husband, Doug, and their “fur baby”, Jetta, a female black lab. She enjoys food, fitness, wine, and travel, and especially when they all happen together!

Registration Fees

The registration fees for this program are:

VBA Members:  $265
Non-Members:  $765 

You can register for both Bank Manager School-Lead Intentionally AND Managing Remote Employees  for $725 (VBA Members) and $1225 (Non-Members).  If you would like to register for both programs, contact Gail Queen for registration assistance.

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VBA Event Policies

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All cancellations will be charged a $25.00 administrative fee. Cancellations received less than 72 business hours before the program will be charged a $75.00 administrative fee plus any additional fees associated with the training. Substitutions are allowed prior to the beginning of the conference.


If you have special needs that may affect your participation in this event, please contact Gail Queen to discuss accommodations.