Webinar Series: Mastering the Art Of Client Development

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Could you use a deeper understanding of human nature to attract, acquire, retain, and grow client relationships, while being your authentic self—without being salesy? Join Bill Gager in this 4-Part Webinar series to learn how to better develop stronger client relationships.

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Course Information & Instructor

You get the 4 1-Hour Sessions Plus 1 Week of Video Replay Access for each session.

This course is for client facing professionals in:

  • Private Banking
  • Trust
  • Wealth Management
  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • Small Business Banking
  • Commercial Lending

What you’ll be able to do after this course:

  • Use a deeper understanding of human nature to attract, acquire, retain, and grow client relationships, while being your authentic self— without being “salesy
  • Engage more potential clients into first meetings
  • Awaken the needs and motivation in your clients necessary to take the actions that are in their best interest
  • Make the emotional connection necessary to maximize every client relationship
  • Turn your presentations into conversations that persuade your clients you have the best solution
  • Build the commitment necessary to eliminate the tendency for clients to resist taking action
  • Develop stronger and deeper relationships with your clients

Why is this course different?

All your client’s decisions are made emotionally.

To effectively connect with an emotional decision, you must use approaches that are responsive to the human nature and underlying psychology involved in all decisions to buy and change.

This course takes the deepest dive available into providing you an understanding of buying psychology and approaches that work consistently with that psychology.

These approaches are based on the workings of human nature, not the professional’s personality.

Bill Gager graduated college into one of the toughest job markets. Reluctantly, he took a job in full commission sales.  He quickly realized he couldn’t sell his way out of a wet paper bag. Bill was determined to overcome his lack of natural sales ability.

As he worked hard to figure out how to be successful in sales, he began to notice something that both baffled and frustrated him.  He would uncover a prospect’s needs, get the prospect to agree he had the best solutions for those needs, and the prospect wouldn’t buy.

This set Bill on a journey of now over 30 years of striving to understand human nature. Why we do what we do, and why we don’t do what we know we should.  He began by searching for answers in books on sales. While there was some good info, he didn’t find the answers he was seeking. Bill began to read books on psychology, human nature, and how we make decisions. He took what he learned and tried different approaches to see if he could better communicate with others; to influence them to make the changes they desired and needed.

Through trial and error, Bill has taken this deeper understanding and created a way to help Reps and sales leaders to take a deeper understanding of human nature, and use that understanding to communicate in ways that tell the story necessary to others make the changes they want and need.  Changes that result in higher sales and faster achievement of desired business results.  Changes that his clients tell him help them be more successful professionally and most gratifyingly evolve personally.



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Through February 20, 2020 $395


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Through February 20, 2020 $495