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Thank you for subscribing to the VBA Performance Excellence Podcast, a monthly podcast series created in partnership with Dave Martin, bankmechanics, designed to be utilized to engage, inform and motivate your teams.  Dave uses humor, storytelling and authenticity to address topics like motivation, employee engagement, business development, culture and performance excellence. 

As a subscriber, you will receive:

  • A new podcast that will be released each month via email to all subscribers with the archives accessible on this VBA Performance Excellence Podcast Series subscriber website. 
  • Access and internal distribution rights to archived issues of Dave Martin’s Advantage Letter, one of the longest-running newsletters in the banking industry.  Like the Podcast, the Advantage Letter Archive can be used by branch managers and employee development teams for content in team meetings, coaching sessions, etc. Banks will be given a bank-specific password allowing personnel to access 12 years (and growing) of material. 
  • An invitation to participate in a quarterly live virtual event with Dave Martin, during which Dave will present to the group and then entertain a Q&A session on topics discussed on previous podcast episodes and other performance excellence topics.
  • The ability to request podcast topics for future episodes.


Podcast: Change and Uncertainty


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