Creating a Culture of Health

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The ICU Program is an awareness campaign made especially for the workplace, designed to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and foster a workplace culture that supports emotional health. 

Kickoff Event 

Meeting Recording

Understanding the ICU Program and Securing Buy-In

VBA Mental Health Benefits and Resources

VBA ICU Leadership Presenation

Launching the ICU Program

Preparing to Launch Presentation

ICU Pre-Implementation Survey Questionnaire

VBABC Customized ICU Flyer

VBABC ICU Email Template

Meeting Recording

Sustaining the Message and Culture

Meeting Recording

Sustaining the Message and Culture

ICU-Post Implementation Survey

Recap of 2021 Initiative

Implement Mental Health Policy and Incorporate Training and Development Programs

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Mental Health Calendar

myStrength Flyer

Anthem QR Code

VBA EAP ebrochure flier

Mental Health Awareness Month

Lincoln Financial EAP Flyer

Anthem EAP Training and Seminar Catalog

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Youth Mental Health First Aid Training Flyer

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