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Bank School Class Schedule, Course Descriptions & Lunch Menu

Please note that for the third year students, classes will take place at UVA’s Darden School of Business in classroom 140 from Monday-Friday. 

bankexec simulation

BankExec was developed to provide bankers with an understanding of financial management challenges in banks. Except for senior management, few individuals in a bank have the opportunity to be exposed to the wide range of operating decisions that will be presented in this exercise. As a participant, you will be a member of a management team responsible for the operation of a $500 million bank. During the simulation, students will develop and implement policies in the areas of loans, securities investment, deposits, funding sources and capital. Students will face competition from other financial institutions operating in the same community and will be subject to a changing economic environment. A major purpose of the exercise is to develop an understanding of the complexities of managing banks in a dynamic economy and of the need for an integrated, consistent set of policies to maintain the growth, profitability and survival of the banking institution.

The simulation operates on the basis of quarterly decisions and reports. Students will receive reports at the end of each calendar quarter that describe the financial results of their bank and conditions in the economy. Virginia bank executives will be on hand to assist participants in making these important financial decisions.

camels ratings

During this session, students will review the CAMELS Rating System used to assess the Safety and Soundness of all banks and outline the common risk trends most prevalent today in the financial services industry. Additionally, students will participate in a conversation comparing and contrasting common performance metrics for community banks in Virginia, the 5th District and the nation.

asset/liability management

This course introduces students to the risk to the bank’s income statement and balance sheet when interest rates change. The concepts of rate sensitive assets and rate sensitive liabilities will be studied. In addition, the course investigates the possibility of earning losses that can result from interest rate changes. Finally, students will study policies and procedures that may be able to reduce the danger of earnings losses in a volatile interest rate environment.

Convocation Recording & PowerPoint

Convocation PowerPoint

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Third Year Class Materials 

All PDF presentations below are password protected.  The password for each of the presentations is BankSchool2023 (case sensitive/no spaces).

notes page template

Feel free to download and save as many copies of the below template for note taking purposes in your classes!

camels ratings

asset/liability management

current stAte of the banking industry through the lens of silicon valley bank

Bank School Pyramid

The Bank School Pyramid shows students the progression for each year’s class.  The first year classes set the Foundation of a student’s Bank School experience and will provide the base knowledge needed to be successful the following two years.

In year two, students embark on more exploration of different areas of the Bank and gain a better understanding how the different function areas work together.

In year three, students move towards applying what they have learned during years one and two during the BankExec simulation and also participate in classes focused on current thought leadership topics.

Bank School Parking Information

Friday Carpool List

Click the link below for the Friday carpool list for your class.  By noon on Thursday, email Kristen Reid who the driver of the group from John Paul Jones Arena to Darden will be and the car’s license plate.  

3rd Year Class - Friday Carpool List

parking at darden

  • Sunday, July 16th: All 1st and 3rd year students will park in the parking garage at Darden. 
  • Monday, July 17th-Thursday, July 20th: All students will park in the West lot next to the John Paul Jones Arena (at the corner of Massie and Copeley Roads). A map of the parking garages and directions to JPJ can be found here. Shuttle buses will run each morning and each afternoon between the lot and Darden. The shuttle times are noted on your curriculum schedule each day. Please note – you may have a few minute wait as buses transport people, but they will be running on a continuous loop.
  • Friday, July 21st: Students will park in the same lot you have parked all week at John Paul Jones Arena and will be assigned to carpool groups (max 4 people) to ride together to Darden. Each group of four will need to give the license plate of the car that will be driven to Darden and parked in the garage and that car will be given a parking pass. Please note – cars that have not been submitted to Darden (with the license plate) may be subject to being ticketed. The driver of the carpool group will bring everyone to Darden for classes that morning.

parking at hotels

  • The Graduate: For students staying at The Graduate Hotel, you will be emailed a code the week before Bank School. The hotel is typically valet only, but we have arranged for anyone who has a reservation in the VBA room block to have self-parking access with this code. There is a $10/night charge that will be added to your final room bill (and is tied to your code).
  • Omni Hotel Charlottesville: For students staying at The Omni, you will have self-parking below the hotel that is complimentary. You will use your room key to get in and out of the parking garage.
  • Residence Inn: For students staying at the Residence Inn, you will have self-parking in the lot outside the hotel and in the garage below the hotel. You will need to display a parking pass on your dash/mirror at the hotel – this will be given to you at check-in.

social event parking

We have two evening social events at The Graduate on Sunday (a Welcome and Information Reception) and Thursday (the 3rd Year Class Party). For students staying at the Graduate, you will access the parking as normal with your code. For students who are either staying at another hotel or are commuting, you can park at the 14th Street Garage (104 14th St NW Garage) that is close to The Graduate. Or if you prefer The Graduate is less than a mile from the Omni and the Residence Inn and is a nice walk.  

Bank School Newsletters

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BankExec Information

BankExec Team Formation Zoom Call

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