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You will find all 2023 VBA Internship Program materials and resources on this page for use throughout the summer. Please contact Monica McDearmon at 804-363-9347 with questions.

Intern Orientation – 5/31/2023

VBA President & CEO Bruce Whitehurst’s contact information:

Twitter: @BruceTW
Office: 804-819-4701 | Mobile: 804-241-3223

VBA Certificate of Completion Requirements Overview

Interns participating in the VBA Internship Program will be eligible to receive the Certificate of Completion if they meet the following requirements. Mentors will send all necessary documentation to the VBA no later than August 31st.

2023 Certificate of Completion Checklist

  • Complete an American Bankers Association (ABA) online training course OR equivalent online banking industry training. See below for more information on the ABA course options.
  • Complete a capstone project and presentation.
  • Participate in at least one of the in-person events (Intern Orientation or Mid-Summer Meet Up) and at least three of the virtual VBA events.
  • Complete four of the eight VTOP Career Readiness Modules.
  • Involvement in a community support or volunteer opportunity (banks will determine specifics of this based on opportunities throughout the summer).
  • Complete the VBA Internship Program self-evaluation.

ABA Online Course Information

Interns are required to complete an American Bankers Association (ABA) online course OR equivalent online banking industry training (must be approved by the VBA) to earn the VBA Certificate of Completion.

2023 ABA Online Training Course Options

ABA Login information

For interns completing an ABA online course, the VBA will send login information to the interns after their start date with the bank.

Your login credentials are below.  Upon logging in the first time, you will see a message stating that your password has expired and you will be required to select a new password of your choosing. If you ever forget your password, you can use the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.  Notice that your username is your bank email address followed by “.vaba”.    See below for an example:

Login Page: https://aba.csod.com  

Sample Username: msmith@usabank.com.vba

Temporary Password: Password1234567

Once You have logged in and changed your password, you will be taken to your welcome page.  To view your transcript and access your assigned training, select “Learning” from the menu and click “View Your Transcript.”  Your transcript contains your assigned training.  Click on the action button (open curriculum, launch, etc.) to the right of the course title to access the training.

Access a tour of the ABA online training platform here!

Capstone Project & Presentation

Throughout the summer, interns will complete a capstone project and presentation on a banking industry topic. This project will be due by a date agreed upon by the bank and intern, no later than August 4, 2023. Interns can either research one of the topic options listed below or a topic selected by the bank. Mentors will complete the capstone project and presentation rubrics at the conclusion of the project.

capstone project topic resources

Option 1: Fintech: Disruptor or Partner?
Option 2: Ideal Location for a New Bank Branch
Option 3: Banks and Social Media: How to Use These Platforms to Engage, Retain and Attract Customers
Option 4: Attracting the Next Generation as Customers and Employees
Option 5: Banks: The Cornerstone of the Community
Option 6: The Bank of the Future
Option 7: Serving the Underbanked and Unbanked
Option 8: Cryptocurrency/Digital Currency: Disruptor or Partner?
Option 9: New Financial Literacy Opportunities & Engagement Ideas

Mid-Summer Meet Up

Interns must attend at least one of the in-person meetings as part of their certificate requirements. The in-person Intern Orientation was held on May 31.

July 11th from 10a.m. – 3p.m. at the Virginia Housing Center, 4224 Cox Rd, Glen Allen, VA​

This one-day meeting will feature engagement with members of the VBA Emerging Bank Leaders Steering Committee.

Virtual Meetings

The VBA will hold Zoom meetings for all interns participating in the program throughout the summer. We hope this provides a platform for you to get to know one another, learn about the industry, and hear from banking professionals from across the Commonwealth.

These meetings will occur every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. starting June 7th. See below for Zoom meeting information – also included in the calendar invite. 

Meeting schedule & Guest speaker information

Meeting Date

All meetings will be held on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m.

Guest Speaker & Topic Meeting Materials/Recording Link
10-11:30 a.m.
Enneagram Workshop
Laura Shibut, StartUp Virginia (see below for more information)
6/14 Cryptocurrency 101: A Banker’s Perspective
Cary Ayers, Atlantic Union Bank and member of the VBA Emerging Bank Leaders
10-10:30 a.m.
Bonus Session: Trends in Fintech
DJ Seeterlin, Chesapeake Bank

View the recording here.
View DJ's slides here.

7/5 It’s Your Career – Grab the Wheel and Let’s Go Places!
Paul Carney, Carter Bank & Trust

View the recording here.
View Paul's slides here.

7/19 A Conversation on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Banking Industry
Panelists: Candace Davenport, First Bank, VA; Marcus Wade, Bank of Botetourt; and Denise Counce, TowneBank
Moderated by Leslie Schreiner, FHLBank Atlanta

View the recording here.

7/26 Capstone Project Discussions & Mini-Presentations

This will be a time for the interns to share their top takeaways from their capstone project research with the other interns.

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 880 2982 1813

Passcode: 781448

​Enneagram Workshop with Laura Shibut | June 7th, 10:00-11:30 a.m.

*This session will run from 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. and is designed for both the interns and their mentors.

During this session, interns and mentors will become familiar with the Enneagram to identify with one of the nine personality types so they can be aware of their own personality and use it in the best way possible while understanding the general characteristics of others’ personality types. During the session, we will discuss:

  • Take away an understanding of the Enneagram personality typing system and how it operates as a fluid and dynamic system
  • Know ways to develop more effective connections with others based on their Enneagram type
  • Become familiar with the general characteristics of the 9 types
  • Become familiar with how each of the 9 types responds to stress and security
  • Assignment for post-workshop learning experience

Enneagram Test Information

Before the session, mentors and interns may want to take a test to determine their Enneagram type. Below are test options:

  • Truity. This has great information about the 9 types. This test is free. https://www.truity.com/test/enneagram-personality-test
  • The RHETI from the Enneagram Institute. This test is one of the oldest in the market place and has been available for over 20 years.  This test comes with a comprehensive report and the website is robust and full of good information too.  The test is $12. www.enneagraminstitute.com
  • EnneaApp. The EnneaApp has good information about the 9 types and makes for a nice, quick reference.  Simply search “EnneaApp” in the App Store on your phone to download the free app.

Virginia Talent + Opportunity Partnership Modules & Resources


The Virginia Talent + Opportunity Partnership (VTOP) connects Virginia businesses that have work-based learning opportunities to Virginia students looking for them, with Virginia’s higher ed institutions serving as the main catalyst.

You can learn more about VTOP’s regional resources here.


Interns will be required to complete four of the eight VTOP Career Readiness modules. Modules cover the following topics:

  • Overview and career self-development
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Technology
Accessing the modules:
  1. Visit this website: https://virginiacoursecatalog.atomiclms.com/#/courses/3
  2. Enter their email in the “Free Enrollment” box.
  3. Follow the prompts to register for free.
  4. Check your email to set up a password and complete the registration process (will come from Virginia Canvas).
  5. Once you have completed the registration process and logged in, you will click on the “Courses” button on the left side of the screen. This will allow you to select from the eight available modules.


Alisha Bazemore
Assistant Director for Innovative Work-Based Learning Initiatives
State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV)

Intern Self-Evaluation

Interns need to complete this self-evaluation before submitting certificate of completion checklist to your mentor/supervisor. As a reminder, a copy of your responses will be shared with your host bank and VBA staff. 

Additional Learning Opportunities

the fed field trip

Please RSVP for The Fed Field Trip by June 16th to Monica McDearmon.

Virginia Bankers school of bank management Shadow Day

The 2023 session of the Virginia Bankers School of Bank Management (Bank School) will be held in Charlottesville the week of July 16-21. On Tuesday, July 18th, interns will have the opportunity to visit and shadow the first and second year classes. 

View the Bank School Schedule Here!

Please RSVP for the Bank School Shadow Day by June 16th to Monica McDearmon.

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