2020 Virtual Bank School – Faculty

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2020 Bank School Pyramid

2020 Bank School Schedule

If at all possible, please connect via computer audio (computer speaker/microphone, earbuds or other headphones plugged into your laptop) rather than dialing in by phone. If you must dial in, you can access the toll free number and session info in the following links:

Bank School Planning Timeline

Class Outline June 30
Design Elements or Add-Ons
(Breakouts, Polls, Pre-Recorded Lectures, Videos, Readings, Pre-Work, Between Work)
July 10
Call with VBA Liaison (VBA staff member will set-up) July 13-15
Production Guide Created by VBA Liaison July 17
Materials sent to VBA Liaison July 17
Dry Run July 20-23
Bank School July 27-31

Managing Your Classroom

Bank School Classroom Norms

Faculty Norms

Engaging Your Class – Starter Questions

Bank School Office Hours

Staff Liaison

Each faculty member will be assigned a staff liaison who will be in your classes and able to help with any technical issues as well as support you in managing your classroom (ex. monitoring the chat feature, setting up breakout rooms, etc).  During your call with your liaison, you will discuss what you will need from them and how they can best support you during Bank School.  The liaisons are as follows:

Courtney Fleming:

  • Erin Black
  • Brad Schwartz

Walt Lyons:

  • BankExec Support
  • Dr. Ed Seifried (Wednesday Class)

Monica McDearmon:

  • Jimmy Sawyers
  • Mark Faircloth
  • AJ Duke
  • Elena Loutskina

Kristen Reid:

  • General Sessions (Sauley, Seifried, Scalin)
  • Richard Coughlan
  • Dr. Ed Seifried (1st Year Class)
  • Gary Higgins

Gabby Verdelotti

  • Bank Exec

Hannah Hedden (VBA Intern)

  • General Bank School Support

Faculty and Staff Contact Information

Student Information

1st Year Class Roster

2nd Year Class Roster

3rd Year Class Roster

Student Profiles

Faculty Information

Faculty and Staff Contact Information

Faculty Profiles

Faculty Intro Videos

VBA Staff Information

Faculty and Staff Contact Information

Staff Profiles

Bank School Swag

These will be shared with the students to encourage engagement and relationship building even without being together in Charlottesville!

  • Digital Photo Props (1st Day of Virtual Bank School | Bank School Graduate | Proud to be a Bank School Student | I Love Bank School)
  • Graphics for Zoom backgrounds for each class 
  • Digital Bank School Bingo Card
  • Spotify Playlist with Instructors’ Favorite Songs
  • Cocktail | Mocktail Recipes


Bank School Suggested Technology

Creating Your Intro Video

Since you won’t be meeting the students in-person, we wanted to create an opportunity for them to get to know a little about you.  We are asking each faculty member to create a short video with the following information…

  • Introduce yourself
  • Background (professional and personal)
  • Your history with the VBA Bank School
  • About your class
  • How your class fits into the entire curriculum (VBA will cover the pyramid)
  • Your individual class norms
  • Anything else you want to share….

Be enthusiastic & have fun!  The VBA is so fortunate that we have such an incredible faculty at Bank School and we want the students to see the value and expertise each of you bring to the table.  

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