Sales and Marketing School
Offered by the VBA in partnership with the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Bank marketing has undergone radical changes in the past several decades and the financial services sales process has experienced a similar transformation. Both have been influenced by one thing more than any other—the customer’s behavior. Because the customer is more knowledgeable, has more tools at their disposal and is in greater control, marketing and sales must collaborate more effectively than ever before if the bank expects to sustain long term growth and profitability.

There are schools and conferences focused on marketing. Others target sales. GSB’s innovative School of Sales and Marketing integrates these two vital disciplines into one practical, dynamic week. Designed by bankers and those with in depth knowledge of our industry, this program pinpoints key marketing and sales activities from the customer experience and branding to prospecting, sales management and the ROI of marketing and sales action plans.

Students experience a blend of lecture, small group discussions and breakout sessions. The Sales and Marketing School also accomplishes what no others can. Marketing associates leave with a Marketing Planning Template for the coming year. Sales colleagues create an individualized Sales Plan that combines high level strategies and key tactics to generate record results. These plans are created with the help of faculty mentors who work in the evening with small groups of students to integrate what has been learned that day. This learning to life approach burns in knowledge and helps the student retain competencies for the long haul.

The faculty is comprised of best in class bankers and consultants – experts who bring time tested ideas to the table implemented by community banks, regional players and money center organizations. Networking with other bankers from around the world creates a lifetime of new relationships and the information exchanged from both faculty and students is second to none.

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Who Should Attend

Veteran marketing/sales officers as well as those newly promoted or new to banking will benefit from this powerful program. Community bank CEOs, regional sales managers, retail managers and business banking professionals also gain a better understanding of the marketing and sales synergies needed to be competitive in 2020 and beyond. Read a letter from Aleesha Webb of Village Bank in Minnesota about why she believes CEOs should attend with their marketing teams.

What You’ll Gain

  • An overview of the business of banking and how sound sales and marketing strategies directly impact the bank’s bottom line
  • A clear understanding of how marketing and sales can synergize for the benefit of the bank, the customer and the marketplace
  • An objective view of sales and marketing technologies and how they enable success
  • How social, digital, mobile integrate through the sales and marketing process
  • Making delivery channels such as the branch, the call center and the RM more efficient and effective
  • Why team selling and account-based marketing are no longer luxuries
  • A greater sense of content marketing, big data and analytics combine to help the bank target the right opportunities
  • Key ways to find and touch prospects without cold calling
  • How marketing can partner with business banking through tailored collateral, sponsorships, seminars, webinars and speed networking
  • Leading the sales process through tools, routines and accountabilities


School fees include lodging at the Fluno Executive Education Center or at a business hotel within a short walk. GSB will reserve a room on your behalf upon receipt of your acceptance into the program; lodging will be based on space availability and application date.