solutions through unified effort

  • Grounded in the latest neuroscience, Blue Ocean Brain provides innovative, cloud-based micro-learning solutions designed to elevate employee performance - 365 days a year.  Blue Ocean Brain is an engaging, critical-thinking subscription service used in the workplace to drive employee performance and collaboration with a unique learning application that trains problem-solving skills, promotes daily learning and builds high-performance work habits.  

    Blue Ocean Brain has a proven track record in working with companies around the globe, including Fortune 500 companies in over 50 countries.  Clients like Gap, Rutgers University, AstraZeneca, Transamerica, MedStar Health, US Department of Education, BDP, Allianz Global, Panasonic and more deliver interactive and customized learning solutions through Blue Ocean Brain.

    In just 10 minutes a day, Blue Ocean Brain transforms your people into big picture thinkers, who learn key performance skills and challenge their minds to think better so companies can perform better.  Better thinking. Better results. Good for business.

    Laura Howard, VP, Business Development
    Phone: (804) 920-1039
    Email: [email protected]

*For more information on VBA offerings, please contact Amy Binns at 804.819.4726.