ABA Facilitated: Basic Administrative Duties of a Trustee
5 weeks

Webinar Walt Lyons

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Basic Administrative Duties of a Trustee is one of two courses devoted to the basic skills and knowledge for understanding subject matter important to a trust professional.

Learning Objectives

  • This course develops knowledge pertaining to:
  • Wills and the probate process
  • The groundwork of personal trusts
  • The personal trust document
  • Basic trust administration


Those employees who have recently joined the trust department in support positions, non-trust personnel within the bank who work with trust officers and trust clients, as well as employees of service providers to trust companies who want to develop a better understanding of their clients’ business needs.

Recommended Prerequisite: Introduction to Trust Products and Services

Course Credits

  • ABA Professional Certifications: 12.0 CTFA, 12.0 CSOP