Management Development Program

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The VBA Management Development Program (MDP) is a three-month, comprehensive training designed for employees who have developed a passion for banking, want to enhance their knowledge of the business of banking, and are motivated to excel in their career and reach their full potential.

MDP sessions will provide information to make your employees better bankers, to ensure that they move beyond the transaction and truly understand the industry in which they work, to instill the notion that strategy and goals are imperative to drive the bank forward, and to empower them to present themselves as leaders as they move forward in their career.

The facilitators for this program are some of the very best from inside and outside the banking industry. We have chosen these professionals specifically because they understand the banking industry and they are experts in the development of outstanding bank employees.

We are very excited to bring this annual in-depth program to bankers either at the beginning of their career or those who are looking to further develop their skills in this great industry.

Program Testimonials from Alumni and Bank CEO’s

MDP not only helped prepare me for a role in management but also broadened my overall banking knowledge. The program did a great job in introducing the participants to a variety of topics with a host of experienced instructors who have a variety of backgrounds. This, along with the diverse group of participants, helped me to have a much broader view of community banking as a whole. The lessons learned and connections made have allowed me to have better conversations with my clients, fellow bankers, and other professionals as well as helped prepare me for the Virginia Bankers School of Bank Management.
Darian Fisher, Southern Bank and Trust Company, MDP Class of  2019


Participating in MDP provided me with a change in perspective regarding how the bank runs as a whole. Through this program, I gained an appreciation for the financial side of the bank, strengthened my leadership and management abilities, and received an introduction into strategic planning and execution. I am thankful that F&M Bank took the time to invest in my development and sharpen my banking acumen that will prepare me for future steps in my career.
Mary Pavlovskaya, F&M Bank, MDP Class of  2020


MDP helped me to understand more about myself, where I want my career to go, along with how important both mentorship and giving back to our community is. I think this is a great program to also make connections with other bankers and executives, as most of the teachers are top bankers from around the Commonwealth.
Chrissy Peele, TowneBank, MDP Class of  2021


My MDP experience was a rewarding and eye opening experience! I learned to self-reflect and focus on my strengths as a leader/manager in the banking industry. I learned that everyday is an opportunity for growth! The program opened my eyes to the many diversified groups of people that make up a TEAM and in order to further succeed in my career I have to change my mindset from a “task minded” individual to a “relationship mindset” individual. I learned how important it is for me to be an “ambassador” in everything I do, whether it’s personal or business I am the “face” and “influence” to those I interact with on a daily basis. I discovered that I was not aware how very important asset/liability management is to the success of any business, especially banking. This topic helped me understand the figures contained within the banks “interim income statement” and how these figures impact the bank’s current and future success! This program has been a very important part of my career and it has helped me to listen, think, and then react on a daily basis. Last but not least I met an awesome group of people!
Anabelle Rodriquez-Thurston, Farmers Bank of Appomattox, MDP Class of 2018


My time in MDP was both rewarding and inspiring, to say the least.  I gained a renewed sense of self and realized the potential that I have combined with hard work, is exponential.  I saw in my peer group the importance of collaboration as well as being open to new ideas, new experiences, and new ways of thinking.  It’s nice to know that there are other professionals in the banking industry that want to succeed, but also want to see their teams and peers do well too.  Since completing this program I have shared much of the information and lessons taught to our team and I believe us to  better for it.  I was very fortunate that not too long after MDP ended I was promoted to Assistant Manager of our Commercial/Consumer Loan Department, and about 6 months later I was promoted to Manager.  I have this program to thank, most assuredly.
Ashley Sulick, Chesapeake Bank, MDP Class of  2021


We have sent employees to all five years of MDP and it has been a great investment for them personally as well as us corporately. The curriculum is well designed and delivered. The collaborative approach builds great statewide relationships.
Jeff Szyperski, Chairman, President & CEO, Chesapeake Bank

Session Information

Specific MDP session information will be available in 2024!

Faculty & Speakers

Specific MDP speaker and faculty information will be available in 2024!

Participation Criteria

You must be:

  • A new hire or have up to five years of banking experience or equivalent financial industry experience
  • Nominated by a member of the bank’s senior management team
  • A current member of the Virginia Bankers Association through your bank’s membership

2024 Application & Tuition Information

Tuition for the 2024 Management Development Program is $3,095. Tuition covers all sessions, materials, instructor fees, continental breakfast, lunch and refreshments. Tuition does not cover overnight accommodations, if applicable, or dinners.  Your registration is a full-tuition commitment.  Information for on overnight accommodations will be sent directly to enrolled students.

  • Applications for the 2024 program will open next year.
  • The VBA Management Development Program application requires a letter of recommendation from a senior officer from your bank.  

The deadline to submit applications and letters of recommendation will be August 16, 2024.