Marketing Committee Q&A

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Question (1/19/21): Does anyone have a joint marketing agreement that they use with partners they would care to share? ​

  • No marketing agreement.  Contracts come from the vendor and are negotiated from there.

Question (1/19/21): Who everyone is using for the their customer email program. Constant Contact? MailChimp? Something else?And has anyone had any issues with customers raising concerns about the emails they receive because the links shown in the rollover do not look like the bank’s URL?  We are using Constant Contact and they add unique coding to the hyperlinks to use for tracking purposes and a customer became suspicious that it was a Phishing email.  Just wondering if this a common issue or if there are other options out there that don’t create this concern.

  • GetResponse.  There are pros and cons. The price is great but there are limitations. I am hoping to add Pardot marketing automation onto our instance of Salesforce and start pushing out email campaigns through that 
  • Salesforce and are working on the integration with our new core – FIS Horizon, and plan to use Pardot as well. It should be fully integrated.  I don’t know if there will be an issue with the URLs.
  • Constant Contact – Issue with delivery – so many emails don’t reach the recipient even with a valid email.  It doesn’t support the ability to send informational and marketing emails with no opt out capability.  
  • Constant Contact with no complaints from customers about the links. A new CRM that is core integrated will eliminate the need for Constant Contact.
  • Constant Contact for one off emails and moving to SendGrid for automatic emails.  There is automation with the core to auto send emails based on certain user “triggers”.  SendGrid is good for automation, Constant Contact good for design.  We put UTM codes in all links for tracking purposes.
  • Use KASASA. In addition to KASASA pushing out emails, we use Constant Contact and have been pleased with our email campaign performance. To date there have not been any complaints about coded urls.

Question (1/25/21): What are you doing with your Annual Report this year?  Are you printing it or creating a digital annual report instead? 

  • We will still print our annual report this year but each year we reduce the quantity and post a digital copy on our investor relations website. This year (and last year) we removed the marketing piece—less stories, text and photos and focus on the financials.
  • We are still producing a printed Annual Report however we printed significantly less last year so I feel that will apply for this year as well.  We have added the pdf version of our annual report to our website for the past few years.
  • In 2017, we cut our Annual Report marketing piece down to 1 page (front and back), which includes a letter from our chairman and financial highlights. We print a small run and also post it on our investor relations website. Last year, we bound the marketing piece and 10-k together with a nice color cover. There is continued debate on how many we should mail out to shareholders, but last year we were forced by the pandemic to provide it digitally to everyone except for those who contacted our transfer agent to request a printed copy.​
  • For the second year in a row, we will be producing an Annual Report that will be distributed digitally.
  • We are both producing a print version and a digital version (which lives on our website) – we did this last year and it worked well.  We’ll reduce the numbers being printed but not significantly.
  • For the past several years we have posted a pdf on our website, as well as printed hard copies. Our shareholders and customers like the full-on version we develop each year, so we’ll continue with the format. We had great success distributing our 2021 calendar through the drive-ups. If our lobbies are still unavailable to walk-in traffic when the report publishes, we will probably do the same with the hard copies we have for customers and guests. We also distribute through the welcome centers in our markets and take a few copies to Chambers of Commerce and hospital waiting rooms. They’re a great introduction to the bank. We may not print as many this year, but we will print them.
  • Both – it has a marketing element and we print it as well as make it available digitally, but have significantly reduced the extra quantities.
  • In the past we have created the traditional printed piece featuring our clients and lines of business and included a pocket in the back for the financials.  I usually overprint to keep 300 on hand for business development and other community outreach and another 300 are mailed to our shareholders in advance of the annual meeting.  Even before 2020, its usage in print had gone down and I found we had too many extras that were thrown away.   With COVID and the shift towards much more digital access, we decided this year to create the report as an interactive micro site linking to content throughout our website, expanding on existing customer stories as it relates to the support needed through PPP, as well as highlighting our digital capabilities from our core conversion last year.  We will print a small quantity for the shareholders’ mailing and for marketing purposes, provide links to the micro site in our communications.

Question (1/25/21): Are you using a scheduling tool or partner to manage the branch appointment process? 

  • No, we currently aren’t using a scheduling tool however I have shared with our teams the availability for us to do this via Facebook and Google My Business.  Has anyone considered those two options?
  • We just kicked off this project with Kronos, so we plan to have an online appointment scheduling tool soon. Their solution also includes a component called Lobby Tracker which helps monitor the execution of appointments and streamline the overall process.​
  • We do not use a scheduling tool at this time.  The branch sets the appointments. 
  • We are not using a scheduling tool or partner – we do have links to forms on our website where folks can request appointments with various specialists.  Our branches are open so no official appointments are needed for regular entry.
  • Up to now, we’ve encouraged customers to call their branch direct. However, we are looking into incorporating a scheduling tool on the website. 
  • Yes, we launched Kronos a couple weeks ago and its going great. We haven’t promoted it but customers have found it via the link on our website.
  • We are not using a scheduling tool.  All of our branch lobbies are open for walk-in assistance.

​​Question (2/1/21) : February is Black History Month. I would love to see what other banks do for this celebration. Do you run any ads, special social media posts, or any other type of marketing efforts?

  • The past two years, FNB has had Black History month spotlights throughout February on our Facebook page, and those have been some of the most highly viewed posts we’ve had for our social media presence, full stop.  I initially kept the posts focused on figures local to our region, like Anne and Chauncey Spencer and Dr. Robert Johnson (in order: a renowned poet, the founder of the Tuskegee Airmen, and the coach of Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson), as well as Maggie Lena Walker (banking pioneer). The second year, I focused on the Harlem Hellfighters, HBCUs, and Katherine Johnson, NASA legend. For Anne and her son Chauncey, I actually interviewed Shaun Spencer, Chauncey’s daughter. She gave me a copy of some of her grandmother’s poems, as well as family photos to share on our page. I also interviewed Dr. Johnson’s surviving daughter for some firsthand insight. For the second year, in addition to the spotlights, I shared local museums and tours tied into Black History. This year, I’m thinking of Barbara Johns, since this is the 70th anniversary of the historic protest she led working towards integrating schools, and that gives way to Ruby Bridges, my second spotlight. That’s my very long-winded way of saying yes, we do.
  • We are planning a some social media posts to highlight Black History Month.
  • We have social media posts highlighting notables during Black History Month. With Barbara Johns being from Farmville and some of her family still very much present, as well as my Marketing Officer being on the Board at the R.R. Moton Museum, we have opportunities to add the local interest we believe are important to include. We replicate some of these individuals on our in-branch video monitors, as well.

Question (2/4/21): Does your bank offer contactless debit cards?  Can you tell me if you did a mass re-issue of all cards?  Or issued contactless cards just as the old card expired?  If you do offer them, can you share your reasons or thought process for why you decided to offer them? 

  • We do not have any current plans to offer contactless debit cards.  This is due to a lack of customer interest, low number of merchants taking contactless and the higher cost of plastic.  Also, we prefer to focus on digital wallets as a form of contactless payments.
  • We are not offering contactless payment except through the digital wallet.  We’ve had pretty good success with that for now. 
  • We just started offering contactless debit cards and have decided to switch cards over as they expire instead of a mass re-issue. The goal was to offer our customers more contactless payment options (in addition to mobile wallets) given the pandemic circumstances. In our area we are seeing increasing demand for this option, but not quite enough for us to justify the cost of a mass reissue.
  • We began issuing them as part of our system to FIS/Horizon – shows we can offer similar services larger banks do.  Not knowing a pandemic was looming when we established the scope of services in the conversion, we knew it was newer technology and this was a good time to introduce.  We only have promoted them softly on our website and in other materials that list our services. We did not do a mass reissuance; customers will receive the new card upon expiration.  We are working on instant issue too, and those cards will also be contactless. However, our ATMs are not yet programmed for our customers to use.  Working on that this year. I think our customers need a tutorial on the functionality so I plan to do more direct promotion using our email marketing (whenever I can get it up and going).
  • We would like to offer contactless, but I believe JHA does not have things ready for us to be able to offer it with our debit cards but as soon as they do, we’ll be adopting.
  • We are offering contactless payment via mobile wallet and have been promoting at least once a month.  So far I have not heard of us moving to update our debit cards to contactless to date. I do know our credit cards are issuing contactless for new cards.

Question (3/17/21): Do you post job openings to your social media? If so, how successful have you been with finding good candidates?

  • We post a generic “we’re hiring” advertisement and direct them to our website. It has provided positive results for us as our employees start to share it as well.
  • We use LinkedIn but not Facebook
  • We do not post openings on social media, but we have found great success in boosting our Indeed job postings. We do anywhere from $5 – $50 a day depending on the urgency and have seen an upward of 250 applications daily. We do encourage questions to filter down applicants, as when you boost the job postings you will get a lot of responses.
  • We post our job openings on LinkedIn only.
  • We post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In. We’ve heard from HR anecdotal stories that some have learned about positions that way.
  • Currently we only post on Indeed.  I have been lobbying my HR team to post positions on our website so we can link from LinkedIn.  I would think on social it would help drive more traffic to the website.
  • We post on Facebook & LinkedIn (as a news feed post & job posting).  We have seen an increase in applicants and have hired employees that have seen the job(s) on social.  For us, it’s helpful when employees share it, so people in the community or circles of influence see it & may point someone in our direction.
  • We post on FB and get lots of applications. Also, Indeed and on our website.
  • We tried posting job openings on all our social media feeds (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) briefly but the candidate quality wasn’t quite what we were looking for. Now we only use LinkedIn for job postings.
  • We do post to our social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and our applicant system automatically posts to some free FB job site. We’ve seen no results from there.  We get almost all our candidates from Indeed – another source that our applicant system posts to.
  • We have posted a few job openings on LinkedIn however I am not sure if any applicants from that channel were hired.
  • We post positions as “Come work with us” or “We’re Hiring” on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as job listings on Indeed.  Like some of you, the social media posts are liked and shared by our employees and followers who share with their friends. Our HR Director tells me our referral fee for employees is our most successful recruiting tool. 
  • We post job both general we’re hiring posts and specific job listing posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s been effective and also encourages our employees share it and help with recruiting.

Question (4/7/21): What are your bank’s plans for Juneteenth this year especially since the holiday falls on a Saturday?

  • We will be posting a few things on our social channels leading up to the day, and then a post on Juneteenth itself. There’s lots of great resources (for teachers, but still) here:
  • We will be closing our branches on that Saturday.​
  • We will be closing our branches that Saturday.  We added it to our calendar in January and the teams were very happy to see we are observing the holiday.  We will also plan to run some social media posts.  And looking forward to hearing what others are planning.
  • There are several holidays observed in our communities that the bank does not formally celebrate since they are not federal holidays. Juneteenth is one of those. While we don’t formally celebrate Juneteenth, because of its significance to a segment of our employees and the importance for all of us to be aware, our president will send out a bank wide awareness email informing our employees of the day’s origin and encouraging our employees to be mindful of its significance.