2018 Women in Banking Conference in Review


Thank you to everyone who attended the 2018 Women in Banking Conference at The Hermitage Country Club!

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Thoughts from the speakers

 “When you get involved in your human doings you forget your human being” – Elizabeth Bentley, Verge

“Dare to be wrong at least three times a week. If you’re not willing to be wrong, you’re not taking any risks. I want you to do something that gets push back. Being wrong becomes a big deal when we make it a big deal.” -Donna Highfill, PowerUp

“When people say ‘people can’t change’, I don’t believe that. [My set-backs] helped fundamentally prepare me for who I am today.” -Oscarlyn Elder, SunTrust Bank

“Be passionate to take a more prominent role at your institution. To excel, you have to absolutely love what you do and be willing to give it your all. -Lynn Murray, Skyline National Bank

“It is important to prioritize what’s right for you in that time of your life. I have thrown the “work-life balance” term out the window. It’s not a real thing. In your day to day, prioritize what needs to be done that day. – Lynne Clary, Citizens Bank & Trust

“Be bold, seize the moment. Find your voice – your authentic voice.” -Christy Coleman, American Civil War Museum at Historic Tredegar

“I honestly believe anyone can step into a place of power and contribute great things to the world. But you will not serve anyone unless you take care of yourself.” – Yedda

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2018 Women in Banking Conference in Review