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This page is dedicated to resources for CEOs and/or BankPAC Coordinators to use in their banks during their BankPAC campaigns. Need more information or want customized materials for your bank? Contact Matt Bruning

Solicitation Authorization Form

BankPAC Solicitation Authorization Form

Before utilizing and reviewing these resources, please make sure your bank has completed the authorization form above. You can access the PDF version of this form here.

Please note that according to FEC guidelines, you can only solicit individuals employed by a corporation who are paid on a salary rather than hourly basis and who have policymaking, managerial, professional, or supervisory responsibilities.  

If you have already authorized for another entity or intend to solicit those outside the individuals listed above, your bank can still support VBA BankPAC. Please contact Matt to learn how.

Contribution Forms 


*Please instruct those who fill out the online forms to forward their confirmation email to the bank’s Grassroots Coordinator for tracking purposes. Heather Derflinger with the VBA will reach out to each Grassroots Coordinator on a regular basis throughout the campaign with a report of who has filled out the online form. Please reach out to Matt Bruning for any questions or concerns.


Steps For Starting Your BankPAC Campaign

  • Step 1: Complete the Solicitation Authorization Form. See above for more information.
  • Step 2: Assign a Grassroots Coordinator. Each bank should have an engaged individual designated as the bank’s Grassroots Coordinator and empowered by the CEO to coordinate your bank’s campaign.
  • Step 3: Note the Dates of the Campaign. Contributions will be accepted at any time, but the solicitation should be concentrated from March 1st -June 12th. All contributions must be submitted by June 12th.​
  • Step 4: Get Started Early and Set Goals. Setting internal goals and communicating progress on your bank’s campaign is a great way to support and encourage participation. If appropriate, a letter from bank leadership emphasizing the importance of advocacy efforts can help make your campaign a success. Distribute PAC information to those whom you wish to solicit, including information on VBA advocacy efforts.
  • Step 5: Encourage Your Employees to Fill Out the Online Contribution Forms. These forms will make tracking BankPAC contributions easier and includes access to the online payment system for credit card contributions (see above for links to these forms). PDF versions of these forms are available as well.
  • Step 6: Begin Collecting and Tracking Contributions. Have individual checks returned to the Grassroots Coordinator to be mailed along with other contribution information to the VBA Office. Make sure that all checks have been made payable to “Virginia BankPAC”.  Keep a list of who is contributing by check, payroll or credit card.
  • Step 7: Contact the VBA to Schedule a Virtual BankPAC Presentation. The VBA Government Relations team would be happy to speak to your board or other various employee groups throughout the bank. Email Matt Bruning if your bank is interested in scheduling a presentation.
  • Step 8: Think Outside of the Box! Make your BankPAC campaign fun! Ideas other banks have explored to encourage BankPAC participation include:
    • Casual or jeans day
    • Friendly fundraising competitions between employee groups or departments
    • Offering a giveaway
    • Matching BankPAC contributions to the charity of the participant’s choice

Tips For Managing BankPAC Contributions

  • Have Individual Checks Returned to the Grassroots Coordinator. Coordinators will mail the checks and other contribution information to the VBA Office. Make sure that all checks have been made payable to “Virginia BankPAC”. 
  • Find Out if Your Bank Offers Payroll Deduction. Contributions can be made through payroll deduction if your bank has the systems available to do so, which can make contributing much easier. If you have any questions on how to implement payroll deduction for BankPAC, please contact the VBA.
  • Do Not Wait to Send Your Contributions All at One Time. If you collect checks or credit card information from contributors over a number of months, please send them to the VBA on a regular basis versus waiting to send them at the end of your campaign. Waiting to send contributions can cause issues processing payments or with bounced checks. Contributors expect their check will be cashed soon after it is written or their card will be processed soon after they submit their form.

Explore Additional Resources For Running Your Campaign

BankPAC Education Videos

Show your staff these videos to teach them about what BankPAC is and why it’s important to the banking industry. 

VBA BankPAC Campaign ResourcesVBA BankPAC Campaign Resources