2021 Chesapeake Bank Book Club
Slay Like a Mother

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July Meeting

For Your July Meeting, Read Part 1 and Part 2 through Chapter 5 (pages 1 – 104).  Use the Questions Listed Below and the Exercise Guide Linked Below for Your Group Discussion.

July Facilitator Discussion Guide

July Workbook Book Club Exercises

  • Chapter 1 – Fighting and Winning My Own Battle
  • Chapter 2 – Meet your Dragon
    • What could have knowingly or unknowingly could have stripped you of your self-confidence and/or self-esteem?  P. 33
    • EXERCISE:  How to Spot a Dragon Checklist – p. 35.  Applies to all even though this is in context of motherhood.  Please complete.  How many indicators did you select and which ones cause the most suffering in your life?
    • If you’re living with a dragon of self-doubt, are you able to identify when/how it was initially born?  How old were you?
  • Chapter 3 – The Fine Line between Struggling and Suffering
    • What is the difference between struggling and suffering? P. 44.  Do these two forces currently show up in your life, if so, how?
    • What can you do to stop struggling from turning to suffering? P. 51-52
    • EXERCISE:  Look at factors that are hard in your life and identify how you might be making them harder than they have to be (crossing line from struggling to suffering). P. 55
      • Step 1:  What’s hard in your life right now?
      • Step 2:  How are you making those challenges harder than they have to be?
      • Step 3:  How can you make these situations easier?
      • The answers to these steps should contain clues….is there a theme behind your suffering?
  • Chapter 4 – You Set Superhero Expectations in a Mortal’s World

    • EXERCISE:  What are your expectations for yourself?  Are they realistic? P 75
    • What obstacles are you experiencing right now in your life – home, work, marriage, friends, kids, passions?
    • What are realistic expectations for yourself?  How can you change unrealistic to those that will provide relief instead of suffering?  P. 81
  • Chapter 5 – You Quietly Yell at Yourself – All Day, Every Day
    • How do you talk to yourself?  Exercise 1 and Exercise 2 (p. 96-98)

August Meeting

  • For your August meeting, Read Part 2, Chapter 6 through Chapter 10 (pages 105 – 212

August Book Club Discussion Guide

August Book Club Workbook Exercises

September Meeting (Optional)

If you would like to meet one more time as a group before the closing session, please feel free to host a group Zoom meeting.  For this gathering, you will want to have read Part 3, Chapter 11 and 12 (pages 213 – 256)

September Book Club Discussion Guide

September Book Club Workbook Exercises

September Closing Session

The closing session will be live and in person with Slay Like a Mother author, Katherine Wintsch on September 23rd.  Please make sure you have made it through Part 3, Chapters 13 and 14, Epilogue before the 23rd.

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