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You will find all 2020 VBA Internship Program materials and resources on this page for use throughout the summer. Please contact Monica McDearmon at 804-363-9347 with questions.

Virtual Intern Orientation – 6/18/2020

VBA Certificate of Completion Requirements Overview

Interns participating in the VBA Internship Program will be eligible to receive the Certificate of Completion if they meet the following requirements. Mentors will send all necessary documentation to the VBA no later than August 31st.

Certificate Checklist - Fillable

Certificate Checklist

  • Complete an ABA online training course (see below)
  • Participate in at least two of the virtual VBA events (Intern Orientation and at least one of the weekly Zoom meetings OR at least two of the weekly Zoom meetings)
  • Complete five out of nine Realworld modules (see below)
  • Involvement in a community support or volunteer opportunity (banks will determine specifics of this based on opportunities throughout the summer)
  • Complete the VBA Internship Program self-evaluation – click here to complete the online self-evaluation. Survey responses will be shared with the host bank.

ABA Course Information

Interns are required to complete an ABA online course to earn the VBA Certificate of Completion. The VBA will send login information to the interns after their start date with the bank.

ABA Course Options

Banking Fundamentals – The banking industry

Login information

Your login credentials are below.  Upon logging in the first time, you will see a message stating that your password has expired and you will be required to select a new password of your choosing. If you ever forget your password, you can use the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.  Notice that your username is your bank email address followed by “.vaba”.    See below for an example:

Login Page: https://aba.csod.com  

Sample Username: msmith@usabank.com.vaba

Temporary Password: Password1

Once You have logged in and changed your password, you will be taken to your welcome page.  To view your transcript and access your assigned training, select “View Your Transcript” from the frequently used items on the left-hand navigation. Your transcript contains your assigned training.  Click on the action button (open curriculum, launch, etc.) to the right of the course title to access the training.


Interns are required to complete five out of the nine Realworld modules to earn the VBA Certificate of Completion.

About realworld

Realworld login instructions

  1. Visit https://ready.realworldplaybook.com/p/real-world-ready-bundle (please note that the Realworld platform is not supported by Internet Explorer)
  2. Click “Enroll Now” 
  3. Where it says “Add Coupon”, insert VBA20
  4. Register for the program and enjoy access through August 15! 

Weekly Zoom Calls

The VBA will hold weekly Zoom meetings for all interns participating in the program. We hope this provides a platform for you to get to know one another, learn about the industry, and hear from banking professionals from across the Commonwealth.

These meetings will occur every Thursday at 11:00 a.m. starting June 25th and ending August 6th. There will not be a meeting on Thursday July 30th due to Bank School scheduling (there will be six meetings). 

Meeting schedule & Guest speaker information

Additional Learning Opportunities

Capstone Project and/or presentation

As an optional assignment, banks may have interns complete a capstone project and/or presentation. This project will be completed by the intern throughout the summer and due by a date agreed upon by the bank and intern. Below are sample guidelines and topic options. Your mentor will discuss this project with you in more detail in the coming weeks. For those interns who do complete a capstone project and/or presentation, we’ll plan to discuss and share findings during our last weekly Zoom meeting on August 6th.

Virginia Bankers school of bank management

Due to the pandemic, the 2020 session of the Virginia Bankers School of Bank Management (Bank School) will be completely virtual the week of July 27-31. During the week, interns will have access to the virtual morning general sessions and also the opportunity to pick one virtual class to attend throughout the week. 

Interns are asked to notify the VBA of their plans by Friday, July 17th by completing the form below.

Bank School Options - Fillable

Resources: Read, Listen, Watch

Be sure to follow the vba on social media!

VBA Social Media

Resources: Read

As a part of the VBA Internship Program, you will receive the bi-weekly VBA Executive Brief, the monthly Virginia Banking eNewsletter, and Volume 3 of Virginia Banking magazine

Resources: Listen

10 Banking Podcasts to Try

Resources: Watch

Intern Contact Information

2020 Intern Contact Information