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Agencies Decline to Fix Volcker TruPS CDO Treatment

In response to industry and congressional concerns over the Volcker Rule’s treatment of trust preferred securities held in collateralized debt obligations, federal agencies on Thursday released a frequently asked questions document attempting to provide bankers with further clarity. However, the agencies did not satisfactorily address bankers’ questions. ... More

Fed Study: Consumer Electronic Payments Continue to Rise

About 20.8 billion more electronic payments were made in 2012 than in 2009, an 8.3 percent annual increase, according to the Federal Reserve’s triennial noncash payments study released Thursday. In contrast, the number of paper checks paid fell by about 6.2 billion or 9.2 percent over the same 2009-2012 survey period. ... More

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Endorsed Vendor Spotlight: TransFirst

Merchant Card Processing is specifically designed for banks that currently have merchant credit card and debit card processing and to offer a turnkey program for those banks interested in entering this field.  

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