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        WolfPAC is a secure, web-based Enterprise Risk Management solution with over 20 application tools used to automate the identification of risks, threats, and control gaps. The Vendor Management Module provides institutions with a one stop solution suite to manage third party relations beginning with due diligence and ending with robust monitoring program. The Business Continuity Solution suite helps institutions create and manage a disaster recovery and business continuity plan that is aligned and linked with impact analysis and risk assessment of locations, business functions, technologies, and non-technology vendors. In addition, the WolfPAC suite includes a comprehensive risk assessment platform that allows institutions to embrace and adopt an Enterprise Risk Management program. Quarterly methodology updates are designed to align with changing business environments and emerging compliance and examination standards. A robust suite of reports allows management to analyze their control gaps and benchmark risk profiles against peers. WolfPAC keeps institutions safe and sound, and maximizes the outcome of strategic objectives.

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