VBA Women’s Mentorship Pilot Program
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As part of our overall diversity and inclusion efforts, the VBA has created the Women’s Mentorship Pilot Program to assist our member banks with preparing the talented women within your banks for future senior leadership positions.

Our research shows that women often don’t recognize their own talent and need someone to identify the potential for future success in leadership.

In this program, mentor/mentee pairs will participate in a 10-month experience involving one-on-one interaction and discussion combined with training and regional networking opportunities.

This program is designed to help:

  • Motivate women to explore their potential and focus on their development within the bank
  • Enhance their knowledge of bank management and their role in the success of the organization
  • Empower women to set goals and develop a path for achievement
  • Connect with peers in the industry

The Women’s Mentorship Program pilot kicked off in December 2019. 

We hope that you will embrace this very important initiative for Virginia banks as we work to demonstrate that banking is gender diverse and inclusive in attracting and retaining talented women.

Program Components: What the VBA Provides

  • Formal Mentor and Mentee Training In-Person at the VBA
  • Bi-Monthly Industry and Development Focus Themes
    • One-Hour Topical Webinars Presented by Industry Experts
    • Bi-Monthly Emails to Mentors and Mentees with:
      • Discussion Guides
      • Resources and Templates
      • Suggested Readings
  • Regional Networking Opportunities
  • Opening and Closing Events
  • Discounted Registration Fee for VBA Women in Banking Conference
  • Ticket to the VBA/VA Chamber Financial Forecast – Seated with Mentor and Other Program Participants

Identifying Mentors/Mentees:

  • Banks will identify Mentor/Mentee partners within the organization and will register them together for the program.
  • Mentors can be men or women.
  • Mentees will be women.
  • The Mentor/Mentee partners will attend the opening and closing events together and will meet separately and one-on-one back at the bank on a mutually agreed upon schedule over the course of 10 months from January through October.
  • Mentors/Mentees should be:
    • Ready to learn from each other
    • Supportive of the idea of building a network of women in banking
    • Committed to learning and applying lessons from this experience for the benefit of the organization and each other
    • Driven with a focus on growth, both personally and professionally
    • Prepared to spend time as a team before, during and after each one-on-one meeting

Important Program Dates:

December 4, 2019: (In-Person)
Program Launch with Mentor and Mentee Training

December 5, 2019: (In-Person)
Women in Banking Conference

January 6, 2020: (Virtual)
Bank Financial Management Theme Launch

January 9, 2020: (In-Person)
Financial Forecast

March 2, 2020: (Virtual)
Career Planning/Development Theme Launch

May 4, 2020: (Virtual)
Understanding Bank Management Theme Launch

May 2020: (In-Person)
Regional Networking Meetups

July 6, 2020: (Virtual)
Coaching/Conflict Resolution Theme Launch

September 7, 2020: (Virtual)
Confidence/Motivation Theme Launch

October 22, 2020: (In-Person)
Closing Event

Program Pricing:

$550 Per Mentor/Mentee Partnership ($275 Per Mentor and $275 Per Mentee)
*Pricing includes one ticket per person to the VBA/VA Chamber Financial Forecast.
Participants will also receive discounted pricing for the VBA Women in Banking Conference.