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health and welfare

The VBA Benefits Corporation offers the following Health and Welfare Benefit Programs:

Medical Coverage

• Self-funded arrangement with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
• Multiple options including copay plans, HMO, and consumer driven health care (high deductible) plans 
• Larger groups have an alternative funding arrangement; their actual claims experience impact healthcare renewals

Dental Coverage

• Self-insured through Delta Dental of Virginia
• Three options: Basic, Comprehensive and Indemnity 
• Employers choose which plans to offer employees; must fund the premium for the least expensive plan at the employee only coverage level 

Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

• Insured by Minnesota Life, rated A+ by A.M. Best; 5th largest life insurance carrier in the U.S. based on group life insurance in force. 
• Banks choose level of employer-provided insurance: one to eight times salary, guaranteed issue to $500,000
• Supplemental, dependent and spouse coverage options available with employees paying 100% of the cost 

Disability Plans

• Insured by Liberty Mutual, rated A+ by A.M. Best  
• Long-term disability replacing 60% or 70% of earnings
• Short-term disability plans that can be fully -insured or self-funded (ASO)

Vision Care

• Two voluntary programs with no participation requirements
• Insured by VSP

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

• Healthcare spending accounts, up to an annual limit of $2,500
• Dependent care spending accounts, up to an annual limit of $5,000
• Administered by LD & B

Cafeteria Plans

• All benefits above are available through a Cafeteria Plan with individual plan selection and pre-tax contributions.

Communications and Education

You can find forms, past issues of the For Your Benefit newsletter, flyers and brochures, and webinars here.

Plan Summaries

You can find Medical & RX, dental, vision, life insurance and disability plan summaries and booklets here.



You can find articles on getting fit, information on the EAP, tools for Future Moms, and information on preventative screenings and the Wellness Counts program here.

Health and Welfare Compliance

Health and Wellness plan disclosure requirements can be found here.