Fall Bank Manager School (Virtual)

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You don’t master the art of leading and managing through luck; you master it with training, experience, self-learning, and applying best practices. As a supervisor, you must have the attitude, aptitude, skill-set, confidence, persistence, and commitment to excel in this multi-tasking, challenging role. This training will help take your expertise to a new level as you learn how to collaborate and coach your employees to excel on the job.

Whether you are new or seasoned supervisors, attendees find this experiential supervisor training invigorating, motivating and applicable to managing and supervising others. You will learn how to manage crucial conversations and challenging situations. You will practice a coaching approach that encourages your staff to be engaged and accountable and walk away with a toolbox for immediate use back in your workplace!

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Program Highlights

Excelling at Leading, Supervising & Coaching

  • Understanding yourself and others
  • Handling those difficult conversations with employees
  • Address difficult or uninspired team members
  • Ask the right questions using the WDEP system
  • Benefits of a behavior change plan
  • Communicating with positive confrontation
  • Employee one-on-one meetings
  • Practice conversations
  • Skills in giving and receiving feedback
  • Assessing your Supervisor effectiveness

Equip yourself to build a productive team

  • Learn how to develop and utilize teamwork in your workplace
  • Ideas to empower and motivate within the workplace
  • A dive into employee engagement
  • Best practices in all facets of leading and managing people
  • Managing the generational gaps
  • The Ideal Team Player
  • Vulnerability & Trust

Creating a collaborating work environment – group discussion

  • Recruiting & Hiring – best practices
  • Training & onboarding – strategies to develop your people
  • Setting performance standards
  • Performance reviews – No surprises

Other topics suggested by participants will also be covered throughout the session


Vicki Kraai is owner/founder of VK Solutions, a community bank consulting company that provides guidance to community banks to grow their people and profitability by delivering improved customer service and employee engagement tools, and other services ranging from managing regulatory enforcement actions to facilitating customized planning and employee training sessions. Vicki has a comprehensive background in community banking and has a passion for developing people for success in the financial services industry. She is respected as a people-oriented facilitator and leader and is able to build consensus, shape organizations and produce results. She is a customer focused strategy expert and grew up in the financial services industry from teller duties to bank president/CEO/owner. Vicki is also a senior training consultant for InterAction Training, known nationally for training and development of bankers working directly with financial institutions and state banking associations. Vicki also serves on the faculty of the Graduate School of Banking – Wisconsin and Kansas/Nebraska Schools of Banking. Vicki currently serves on the board of directors of West Gate Bank in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Registration Fees

$525 for Members & Non-Members

cancellation Policy

All cancellations will be charged a $25.00 administrative fee. Cancellations received less than 72 business hours before the program will be charged a $75.00 administrative fee plus any additional fees associated with the training. Substitutions are allowed prior to the beginning of course.