solutions through unified effort

Bank Manager 2-Day School

February 19-20, 2019

VBA Training Center
4490 Cox Road
Glen Allen, VA 23060


Are you a seasoned veteran of supervising others? Are you new to management? This is your opportunity to fine-tune and polish your managerial skills. Get the latest management tools. Learn the best practices. Build a productive team through effective planning, coaching, and decision making. Succeed at managing and leading others.

Do you dread performance evaluations? Bank Manager School will teach you to conduct meaningful performance evaluations. You will learn to establish routine sessions with your employees throughout the year. You will see the value of teaching your staff to become self-managed and self-reporting.

Bank Manager School offers a blend of critical management topics and targeted professional development tactics. You will strengthen your ability to lead others!

9 Reasons You'll Enjoy Bank Manager School

  1. Strengthen your communication and crucial conversation skills
  2. Coach, empower and delegate effectively
  3. Recognize and develop your own unique management style
  4. Build standards of service quality, consistent with the expectations of internal and external customers
  5. Role model and teach the “give and take” you need to build a unified team
  6. Help with initiatives that result in buy-in and acceptance from your team
  7. Respond decisively and consistently to sticky situations
  8. Manage relationships that move a team of people in a desired direction.
  9. Work with your team to collaborate on a case study and present your solution
Bank Manager School will make you eager to get back to the bank and put to work what you've learned.

Who Should Attend

Those in the bank with responsibilities to supervise, manage, and lead others.

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