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  • WolfPAC Integrated Risk Management is a secure, hosted enterprise risk management solution used to automate the identification of risks, threats, and control gaps.  Developed by the financial and risk management professionals of Wolf & Company, P.C. in 2004, WolfPAC provides tools to review and monitor information technology, privacy, vendor, regulatory compliance and other enterprise-wide risk assessments and programs.  Quarterly methodology updates are designed to align with changing business environments and emerging compliance and examination standards.  A robust suite of reports allows management to analyze their control gaps and benchmark risk profiles against peers.  WolfPAC is used by hundreds of organizations throughout the country keeping institutions safe and sound, and maximizing the outcome of strategic objectives.

    Wumi Raw, WolfPAC Regional Sales Manager
    Wolf & Company, P.C.
    99 High Street, Boston, MA 02110
    Phone:  (571) 435-7429  
    Email:  [email protected]

*For more information on VBA offerings, please contact Amy Binns at 804.819.4726.