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Optimizing Talent - Bridging the Boomer/Millennial Gap - Sp18

Optimizing Talent - Bridging the Boomer/Millennial Gap - Sp18



Time: 3:00 pm EST

Description: Leadership development and succession planning place a high priority on any company’s ability to develop talent within their organization. We continue to hear stories from managers about the gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials. The Baby Boomers are managing based on performance practices that helped them achieve results. They then apply those practices to the next generation of employees. After all, the Boomers produced success with those activities. The challenge is, Millennials may not see the benefits of adopting practices the Boomers found helpful. So, how do we build a work environment that is attractive to younger employees and productive for seasoned managers? This presentation focuses attention on three important ingredients to bridging the Boomer-Millennial gap…communication, engagement and rewards. And the best solutions for your organization might be the ones you haven’t tried yet.