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Preparing for the First Call on a Prospect - Sp18

Preparing for the First Call on a Prospect - Sp18



Time: 11:00 am EST


What is the best way to prepare for the initial call on a business prospect?  In this webinar you’ll receive practical information on how to plan for an effective first meeting, one that’s going to help you build momentum and secure a second meeting.


Topics covered include:

  • The 5 mistakes that bankers can’t afford to make in preparing for a prospect call
  • Establishing objectives for the first call
  • Thinking through your value proposition
  • Tools you can use to learn more about the prospect’s industry
  • Why you need to leverage LinkedIn in researching your prospect
  • How to develop questions to uncover your prospect's needs
  • The benefits of joint calling
  • Positioning your capabilities
  • Typical objections in the initial meeting
  • Strategizing about where you want to end the first call